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(adj) requiring secret or mysterious knowledge
Example Sentence
  • the arcane science of dowsing
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for arcane

improvising the first mnemonic.., Ar + Kane - Kane's face always remains secret, as he uses a mask.

Arcane=ar+cane(Kane).... this is for WWF watchers...Kane (undertaker brother) he has really mysterious behavior....as he many times fought with his brother also.

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To change a sugarCANE into ARC needs a mysterious knowledge.

CRANE(Bird) stands on one leg is a mysterious feature

sugARCANE.....sugarcane fields are always mysterious as you can find any couple doing romance....remember the hindi song Ganne ke khet mein

Cain's (cane) behavior in killing his brother Abel is a mystery - what drove him to do it? This type of behavior led God to build the ARC and start over.

hanging Crane in air is mysterious/secret knowledge

need Indiana Jone's (the ARCheologist) cane to find the secret treasure

arcane: arc+cane i have cut the cane from the form secretly using an arc(curve shaped weapon)


(noun) a feeling of strong eagerness (usually in favor of a person or cause)
Synonyms : ardour elan zeal
Example Sentence
  • they were imbued with a revolutionary ardor
  • he felt a kind of religious zeal
(noun) intense feeling of love
Synonyms : ardour
(noun) feelings of great warmth and intensity
Example Sentence
  • he spoke with great ardor
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for ardor

Our-"darr" is of falling in intense love!!

sounds like harder-while doing sex. A dat time ppl feel heat, passion.. srry for using --- words

ardor= arey zor sey means passion.

ardor-just focus on the word DOR (hindi movie) in which Gul Panag actress was very Passionate about finding the killer of her husband

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ardent supporter = enthusiastic supporter, hence ardent means with zeal, passion, enthusiasm etc. "ardor" is just the noun form of "ardent"

ardor and eager are rhythmic so it's easy to remember.

AXE deo spray has an Odor which initiates passion among gals..

Ador sounds like Adore. We show passion for anything we adore

normally one works (H)ARD if he is ARDENT about it

remember of a person who wants to say "order order" in a court;

ardent ardour and ardor all means the same great emotions. lets hypothetically consider ard as the root. (HIndi) jab dard hota hai then we show great emotions

sounds like ODOUR: which is due to sweat..when ur working hard,playing or heated up

ardor ~ our door; please close the door and windows, to prevent the heat from going outside.

we will adorn persons with ardor

sound like "order"-we will order biryan eagerly,with love

ardor- aur-daud(run),If you have HEAT, zeal like an athlete you can run....and run......aur daud


(adj) characterized by effort to the point of exhaustion; especially physical effort
Example Sentence
  • worked their arduous way up the mining valley
  • a grueling campaign
  • hard labor
  • heavy work
  • heavy going
  • spent many laborious hours on the project
  • set a punishing pace
(adj) taxing to the utmost; testing powers of endurance
Synonyms : straining strenuous
Example Sentence
  • his final, straining burst of speed
  • a strenuous task
  • your willingness after these six arduous days to remain here
(adj) difficult to accomplish; demanding considerable mental effort and skill
Example Sentence
  • the arduous work of preparing a dictionary
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for arduous

arduous = read it as: "hard to do for us"

(h)ard + u (you) + ous (we); This work is very difficult and required full of hard work from us and your side.

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aath(8)+dus(10):lot of hard work so v require 8 or ten ppl

It takes a large amount of effort to maintain a pregnancy, especially when the baby is DUE. It's very arDUous

Art's climb up the mountain was a duel. Art's climb up the mountain was 'Artduelous'


(noun) a characteristic language of a particular group (as among thieves)
Example Sentence
  • they don't speak our lingo
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for argot

argot - it is the j'ar'gon that we 'got' here that no other person understands

argot ~ ar + got (goat); when our goat says "meh...mheh...meh..." we cannot understand its lingo - only other goats can understand it. So, argot is a lingo only small group of people (here goats) can understand.

ar+got(goat).. if a few GOATs say 'arrr arrr' instad of the usual 'mheh mheh'. it will be a slang (argot) in their world..;)

goat:mehehehehe me:arr.. goat:mehehhe me:arr tu dusre goatsehi baat kar me: :P


(verb) call before a court to answer an indictment Definition
(verb) accuse of a wrong or an inadequacy
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for arraign

To rain charges on someone

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arraign= err+ again.u hv made an ERR again, so this time i will not excuse u,this time u will be CHARGED IN THE COURT.

arr(sounds like ERR means error)+ rain...when you are going to walk without an umbrella thats your error is charged to your parents.....

arraign ~ an error again; imagine you wrote some computer program which is giving you error again and again.. so you are called by your boss (kind of court) for punishment.

you first ARRANGE the suspects in front of the judge and start accusing them

AR(arrogantly)+REIGN(rule)...people who rule arrogantly and take law into their hands should be brought before a court.......

(ARRested+Rain) imagine a fellow arrested coz hes drenching in rain..how silly it is!!! thats y it is easy to remember..hope this might help u out..

your reign as the mob leader will end!

Concentrate on rain. Nowadays v accuse that rain s inadequate

police arrest, so court could arraign


(adj) devoid of intelligence
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for asinine

if u get NINE out of ASI(80) u r surely an ASININE(stupid)

Sounds like ASS+NINE = as FOOLISH as nine ASSES

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sounds like ASIN(gajini actress) + MINE ...if u tell ppl that asin is mine, they will call u stupid.


asinine:asin(south actress)is a stupid actress

A fool teaching a ASS how to speak NINE.

as(s)-i-nine. So if some one is 9 times ass(dunkey), surely he is stupid

no matter how much u tell an ASS 'IN IN' it ultimately understands an 'out' because it is an asinine.

Nine ball playing requires holes. So Ass+Nine =Ass+hole =Asshole

When you commit "a-sin" & you say you did "nine" of them, you surely are "stupid"

asiNINE-nine, thenumber that represents the nuetral gender.people with this gender generally act stupid..im sorry ,if it is stupid..hehehe

asinine means a +sin + nine.person who is doing sine again and again for nine times he is stupid.....


(adj) (used especially of glances) directed to one side with or as if with doubt or suspicion or envy
Example Sentence
  • her eyes with their misted askance look
  • sidelong glances
(adv) with suspicion or disapproval
Example Sentence
  • he looked askance at the offer
(adv) with a side or oblique glance
Example Sentence
  • did not quite turn all the way back but looked askance at me with her dark eyes
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for askance

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askance.. reminds u of the word GLANCE..so when u want to glance at someone , u look SIDEWAYS or give a INDIRECT LOOK..

When you want to take a girl out for a date and are very hesitant to ask her about it, then you make up your mind and ASK her with a glANCE..i.e not looking directly into her eyes...hence ASKANCE is looking sideways or indirectly.

ASKew + glANCE


ask+an(ANN)+ce(SE) ...if something happens..and u suspect ann....but since you are angry on her ,you dont want to talk and look at her ,so u take your friend help .you say him"ask ann se bhai" kahi usne to nahi kiya ye sab.

u r viewing her with suspicion

so here u are indirectly...looking at her or in other u are viewing

when u dont know an answer in exam u look here n der to ask someone...ASKance


(noun) something hard to endure
Example Sentence
  • the asperity of northern winters
(noun) harshness of manner
Synonyms : sharpness
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for asperity

Asperity can be thought of as A spear with severity. i.e Sharpness

asperity = austerity; meanings are also same.

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As+per+IT(software industry)is well known for their harshness in layoff

aspiri + ty : aspiriN; ASPIRIN - IS given when there is SEVERE pAIN OR headache;

ASPIRIN....aspirin is a drug taken to get rid of headache....hence when life brings ASPERITY(headache) in your life you take ASPIRIN....

as+per+it+y.. as per it is.. anyway it maybe, you have to endure it, even if it's too harsh

asPERIty- chk the word PERI,peri,take it as perinial.perinial ,means highest point,thats the tip.how is a tip? Ans-its sharp.

ASPerity has asp(venomous snake) in it. So features of asp i.e sharpness, roughness. If it bites we will have 'SEVERE' consequences

Remember in Dumb and Dumber the ASPERITY of the ride to ASPEN on the scooter when Lloyd peed on Harry and they had icecicles in their noses.

picture a woman beating someone over the head with ASPARAGUS.

asperity= (as) as (per) per (ity) duty, it can be read as AS PER DUTY,so anyone who is in duty is naturally goes by the rules,harsh,severe.

Have aspri(N) + with ty(TEA) after a rough day at work/school!

think about aspartic acid, PH is 4.0 midrange so is harsh,irritable

acid se relate karo

Harshly said -> "As per tea you are not invited".

As + per + ty(the) rules. It is a phrase which is generally said in a harsh or critical tone.

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