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(noun) a small narrow pointed missile that is thrown or shot Definition
(noun) a tapered tuck made in dressmaking Definition
(noun) a sudden quick movement
Synonyms : flit
(verb) move along rapidly and lightly; skim or dart
Synonyms : fleet flit flutter
Example Sentence
  • The hummingbird flitted among the branches
(verb) run or move very quickly or hastily
Synonyms : dash flash scoot scud shoot
Example Sentence
  • She dashed into the yard
(verb) move with sudden speed
Example Sentence
  • His forefinger darted in all directions as he spoke
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for dart

remember the game of darts where you throw the pointed needle-like darts quickly towards the board?

Remember 'Blue dart' filght services? known for its fast service of goods

i think we all lnow BLUE DART company.which is a courier company ..it might help you.

dart ~ d + art; distance + art; art of reducing distance - to run or move quickly.

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throwing knife on persons head is a Danger+ART


(noun) material used to daub walls Definition
(noun) a blemish made by dirt
Example Sentence
  • he had a smudge on his cheek
(noun) an unskillful painting Definition
(verb) coat with plaster
Synonyms : plaster
Example Sentence
  • daub the wall
(verb) apply to a surface
Example Sentence
  • daub paint onto the wall
(verb) cover (a surface) by smearing (a substance) over it
Synonyms : smear
Example Sentence
  • smear the wall with paint
  • daub the ceiling with plaster
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for daub

from DAUB, if you can remember DOBBY from the Harry Potter movies: he was always shabby and dirty, as if COVERED WITH MUD or SMEARED WITH PAINT

daub- this word resembles the word dhobi..person who cleans "daubed" clothes.

daag ache hai... or daub ache hai....

Dubbed movies are lame, not very artistic, daub is artless painting.

dry+hub->a house covers with straw clay or mud


(verb) cause to lose courage
Example Sentence
  • dashed by the refusal
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for daunt

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daunt = haunt = if you are frightened you will be discouraged to go into the haunted house.

this mnemonic is in hindi....daunt..sounds simillar to "daant"(scolding) aur jab bhi daant padti hai we easily get disheartened and frightened.

daunt sounds like DON'T,means som1 discouraging u

DAUNT sounds like "taunt".... When anyone taunts u u get dishartened

sounds like DAAT(to scold in hindi)....when you scold children frequently(DAAT), they become discouraged......

Daunt=aunt means ladies always frighten about their work mostly that what they are doing

determination haunt;due to frightening by haunting determination is decreased or lessened

danger+aunt->frighten, dishearten,dicourage

daunt ~ D (dog) + AUNT; My aunt was daunted by the dog in front of our house.

DAUNT = d + aunt; The aunt y always discourage about success.


(verb) take one's time; proceed slowly
Synonyms : linger
(verb) waste time
Synonyms : dally
Example Sentence
  • Get busy--don't dally!
(verb) hang (back) or fall (behind) in movement, progress, development, etc.
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for dawdle

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somewhat similar to idle

do dull ladke dawdle kar rahe hain.

In yahoo msngr,theres an environment called doodle which is meant for wasting time in yahoo and doodle is also a synonym of dawdle.

PAIDAL(walk on foot)..some guys are walking PAIDAL in order to DAWDLE.

dawdle - similar to "Doodle" .. we can recollect "yankee doodle went to town riding on a ..." i.e loitering around, hand around .."stuck a feather in his hat and called it macaroni .." wasting time around .. doing silly stuff

if u know what DOODLE is: it means drawing lines or something irrelevant while talking on phone or while sitting idle...so DODDLE which sounds like DAWDLE id wasting time

slowly dawdle(daw -> sighting in tamil) girls. Loiter, wasting time.


(noun) an acute insufficiency
Synonyms : famine shortage
(noun) an insufficient quantity or number
Synonyms : paucity
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for dearth

earth is big. de-earth.....(read as dearth) means small...small in quantity..or scarcity

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dearth sounds like death. high death rate can result in scarcity of man-power

Dearth - deers + earth. Deers in earth are getting insufficient in number

earth is full of things, dearth means lacking of things

dearth = death + r (reason) reason for death is scarcity(of food, shelter,health) thus dearth is scarcity

De-Earth means to dig...because of scarcity of water we started digging.....

earth is full of things, dearth means lacking of things

due to shortage of resources man started de-earthing(digging and looking under earth) for them...

For want of food, they were starving and tried eating DIRT.

death is a result of dearth (scarcity of food)

dead+earth food,water all are scarcity.

DEARTH = dead + earth; dead earth is always insufficient in quantity.

dearth leads to death!

dear+th ->dear ones are there far away scarcity to find such one


(noun) a sudden and violent collapse
Synonyms : fiasco
(noun) flooding caused by a tumultuous breakup of ice in a river during the spring or summer Definition
(noun) a sound defeat
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for debacle

belt..having bacle ..if we (de)remove bucle from belt,the pant will fall.. then comes the complete disaster

De-BUCKLE (BELT) ... As in Belt's buckle got removed on stage.. which was a complete disaster.

debacle sounds like the battle..any battle brings the sudden and violent collapses of people and wealth.

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'Debacle' is very close to 'Buckle'. Columns of a building collapse due to buckling.

debacle- split it as de + bac + le --> to take step backward in career==>downfall .. hope its clear :)

de+bacle= the battle in the movie 300 was a violent breakdown for xersis

Dibbe (train ke) accident me ghir gaye. That means disaster.

debacle sounds like OBSTACLE..which can cause complete disaster

DEBACLE= deb + ac + le; when deb comes he always takes the ac room it is digester for us in summer.

Buckle "fell down".


(verb) make weak
Synonyms : drain enfeeble
Example Sentence
  • Life in the camp drained him
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for debilitate

de + ablity = without ability, the person who doesnot have the ablity to do something is called weak.

Debilitate (Sounds like De Bill and Ate). You dont have enough money and the restaurant person is telling to "De Bill and Eat" means fist give bill and than eat. What will happen?? You will surely get weaken by Hunger !!!!

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if DE BELLY is TATE(tight), yu feel weakened

debil.+it+ate(eat).resembles to devil....so if a devil comes and eat your all your food, you will weaken because of hunger..

wen u eat ili(mouse) wen u are in heat and hunger ,u will get illness ,which reselts in weakness.

debilitate..de bellytate...(say)..belly is where the energy comes from...so de belly is weaken

bili do not ate anything and became Weak

DE(-ve)+Abilitate....to make someone disabled...hence debilitate means to enfeeble or enervate....

The opposite of build an estate is to DE BUILD THE ESTATE

wat you ate early got depleted..., so u r weak now.

De+ bili+ take= bili in kannada means white, you look bleached when you become weak.

debilitate sounds like de->(remove)ability = weaken

Debilitate -> De-habilitate.. Habilitate seems to be word for settling someone, making someone strong..

lit(little)+ate......he ate very little thats why he becomes weaken

ded ill so weak

debilitate-the word seems like devil , when you are caught by devil you are weaken

de+bil+it+ate-> eating less to reduce the bill, so prabu become weaken through hunger and ill

Devilitate=make bad,weak


(adj) having a sophisticated charm
Example Sentence
  • a debonair gentleman
(adj) having a cheerful, lively, and self-confident air
Synonyms : chipper debonaire jaunty
Example Sentence
  • looking chipper, like a man...diverted by his own wit
  • life that is gay, brisk, and debonair
  • walked with a jaunty step
  • a jaunty optimist
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for debonair

debonair sounds like debojeet of sa re ga ma pa who is very friendly wid judges so he get good comment and good votes

debonair ~ Deb + On +Air; Imagine a guy named ‘Deb’, who always travel by air (very rich).. and is a debonair gentleman.

have anyone downloaded erotic film from debonair blog.com?

debonair ~ De+born +Air;the one who born in air has immense cheerfulness.

DEBOnair : DEBO sounds like BEBO which is Kareena kapoor whose very charming ,sauve and urbane. Shes also very cheerful all the times

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debonair ==> its magazine http://www.debonairmag.com/

Debo(dev)+bon(born)+air.....so dev(god) borns in air are very friendly, charming and fashionably dressed

Once visit debonair web site you will remember the word rest of your life span..i can bet on it

Deb Nair-> charming, confident and carefully dressed man

DEV(god)+on+air....a god standing on air above you will always look charming

take the middle part of the word(bona) and relate it to the word (bona sera) which means good afternoon in Italian. some body who use such word in every day communication is perhaps a high class urbane person

Debonair diamonds are always friendly,charming and pleasing to women.

debonair=the(de)+boy(bo)+ nair friendly fashionably dressed,aiming to please your girlfriend.


(verb) cut the head of
Synonyms : behead decollate
Example Sentence
  • the French King was beheaded during the Revolution
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for decapitate

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capitate(capital)->say head of country->so decapitate means dehead or behead

de = down, cap = head => "decapitate" then means "cut that head down"

de+cap+tata; when do you say “tata” to cap, sorry but you don’t have a “head” you are “beheaded”

de-cap= behead... also it rhymes with decapacitate... which means to kill

DE CAP IT ATE had a BE(e's)HEAD in it(sry if it is too silly and wierd).

decapitate : lets make it like a vampire ne [the]de cap [rakhane ki jaga head] ,and it [cap][kha liya]ate

decapitate(the +cap+ate) the cap is ate with head by rhino ,so man is behead

decapitate-> take the head with the cap


(noun) propriety in manners and conduct
Synonyms : decorousness
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for decorum

"decor um"; decor them to make them more proper and correct

DECO (dekho) yaar, RUM pine ke baad, there is very little possibility that you will be in ORDERLINESS and GOOD MANNERS, CONDUCT.

decorum -- decoration . If something is decorated everything is in order and in good manner.

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Decoru....decorate....to decorate our house in Festivals is a DECORUM...

If you call someone a "dick-or-umm" at the dinner table then that is bad manners!

To be proper you must DECORATE the ballroom.

dec+or+rum he will be good in speech, behavior, dress, formal politeness, orderliness, seemliness, decency.

you have to be decorum in most of the forums otherwist you'll be thrown out.

decorum ~ accord ~ according to : approriateness of behavior

decorum(deco=decorated,rum=rum) the decorated rum looks in order and taste good

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