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(noun) a persistently annoying person
Synonyms : blighter cuss pest pesterer
(noun) any of various large flies that annoy livestock
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for gadfly

Think of it as a Badfly or a biting fly who IRRITATES.

In Hindi Gadha(Gad)+Fly

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gaddfi, the libian leader , who is most irritating to world

GAD (gand = GAnD) ie ass biting fly naturally ass of animal, and whichever fly bites us irritates us

Shoo fly, don't bother me!


(noun) a socially awkward or tactless act
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for gaffe

Disney character Goofy who was always making Blunders.

sounds like internet caffe....there always social blunders in internet caffe

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A giraffe is very gaffe since it is very uncoordinated and it's social behavior lacks coordination as well.

gaffe sounds like buffet (meal party) .... you should know the etiquette of eating in a buffet otherwise you might make a gaffe (Social blunder) !

Gaffe rhymes with Gape - open mouth in amazement. If U gape at someone's Galfrnd at party it is social blunder.

sounds like gadaffi..whose rule in libya is social blonder...


(verb) take exception to
Synonyms : challenge dispute
Example Sentence
  • She challenged his claims
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for gainsay

she has (Gain)ed weight but is not (say)ing it which means, she is denying the fact.

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GAINSAY~ GHANTE SEY...we say ghante sey when we want to deny sumthing..so GAINSAY=GHANTE SEY= DENY

to "GAIN"(say profit) you have to "SAY" something(challenge something)

Those opposed to dishonest GAIN SAY it is unethical.

u have something to gain by saying lies.

Gai(gay's) say (open speech) is disputed/challenged/not accepted in our society.

SAY a girl puts up or GAINS aa lot of weight.She will be DENIED to follow her usual heavy diet

if a GAY says some thing then it is contradicted by others.

when somebody (gain)s weight they [deny] (say)ing it obviously.

gainsay = a say need gain is always weak commenti.e contradictory.


(noun) an opening remark intended to secure an advantage for the speaker
Synonyms : ploy
(noun) a maneuver in a game or conversation
Synonyms : ploy stratagem
(noun) a chess move early in the game in which the player sacrifices minor pieces in order to obtain an advantageous position
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for gambit

gambit - remember GAMBIR who is the OPENING batsman... gambit is opening in chess

GAMBIT > In a GAMe you have to GAMBle a BIT to win!

Think of gautham GAMBHIR...he always takes risks and achieves an advantage

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he gambled for now for future advantage

Gambit="game"+"bit"(beat)==to beat someone in a game(chess) you need to find the openings

GAMBIT == GAMe BaIT -- Game Bait : Bait given in a game (sacrifice for future gain)

'Game''beat' means beating in game by gambit

Don't u remember King's Gambit in which a Bishop is sacrificed

Starting the "Game" a "Bit" weekly


(adj) lacking orderly continuity
Example Sentence
  • a confused set of instructions
  • a confused dream about the end of the world
  • disconnected fragments of a story
  • scattered thoughts
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for garbled

remember it wid hindi word GADBAD

garb (relate it to GARBAGE) AND IN GARBAGE all the spoiled and distorted materials are mixed up.

Relate it with GARGLE... so when our voice get distorted or mixed up voice comes out.. we do gargle... to make it rite....

Any Project with Confused or insequential instructions leads (LED) to GARBage output, hence GARB-LED

GARB(age) LE(a)Ds to distorted and mixed up things

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pronounce "g" in it as "j" and then u can see that it kinda sounds like "Jumbled" which almost means the same as "Garbled"

remember it with GARGLE. when you gargle water in your throat gets mixed up.


(adj) of great mass; huge and bulky
Synonyms : elephantine giant jumbo
Example Sentence
  • a jumbo jet
  • jumbo shrimp
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for gargantuan

GAN(R)G + ANT = ARMY OF ANTS which is quite huge.

ghar mein ants which are enormous.

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remember ORANGUTAN.. which is huge monkey

gargantuan: sounds like ghar ka ghanta; A 'ghanta' (BELL) is enormous compared to 'ghanti'

my frnd R**** GARG as compared to an ANT is very enormous..it will help u if u have a huge frnd named garg..:P

I have a friend named Yash GARG, he is huge and enormous in size :P , so try to imagine a friend named Garg too

sounds similar to "gigantic" which means huge and enormous.

Garg aunty is of gargantuan size.


(noun) a storehouse for threshed grain or animal feed
Synonyms : granary
(verb) acquire or deserve by one's efforts or actions
Synonyms : earn
(verb) store grain Definition
(verb) assemble or get together
Example Sentence
  • gather some stones
  • pull your thoughts together
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for garner

Sounds like a gardener who gathers fruits and vegetables from his/her garden.

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GARNER sounds like GARNIER face wash which GATHERS dust and cleans

Granary is to garner

gardner + garnier fructus - Sounds like a gardener who gathers fruits and vegetables from his/her garden. :)

GATHER grains


(adj) full of trivial conversation
Example Sentence
  • kept from her housework by gabby neighbors
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for garrulous

(garrulous can be related to girls when pronounced)and girls talk more than boys

"Girls, rule us!" They rule us in their ability to talk non-stop about nonsensical matter...

sounds like careless... means careless chatter

GARbage-like and unRULy non-stop chatter.

garrulous... think of a "gorilla".. and now think of a fat gorrila like person who chats a lot.!!!and sucks a lot

it can remembered as girls are less because they talk nonsense!!

gaer(unknown people) logo se baat karti hai, garrulous girl.


(adj) lacking social polish
Synonyms : graceless unpolished
Example Sentence
  • too gauche to leave the room when the conversation became intimate
  • their excellent manners always made me feel gauche
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for gauche


it is pronounced 'gosh' O my Gosh!!- she reacted to his gauche behaviour.

gauchy sounds like gochy(dothy weared by old people)in modern days wearing gochy is clumsy or awkward

South American GAUCHOS (cowboys) lack grace.

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Sound like Gosh.. somewon who eat GOSHT lacks social values

GAUCHE=GAAV+CHE. CHE, he is from GAAV, he is tactless/dont have the grace.

Tanya Gosh(gauche) is a clumsy girl who always spilt coffee over others while serving.

similar to gaucherie

gavache lok

gauche sound like douche(douchebag)..


(adj) very thin especially from disease or hunger or cold
Example Sentence
  • emaciated bony hands
  • a nightmare population of gaunt men and skeletal boys
  • eyes were haggard and cavernous
  • small pinched faces
  • kept life in his wasted frame only by grim concentration
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for gaunt

Gaunt = g + aunt Imagine you have an aunt and you know generally they are fat..now your aunt want to get slimmer...c likes to emaciate..

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G[rand] AUNT, or imagine as G[reat grand] AUNT... is generally lean and weak due to old age.

if someone haunts u , u become gaunt

relate it with "jaunt" which means a trip, after returning from trip u feel weak, emaciated

jaunty: playful,cheerful (remember Jonty Rhodes) gaunt: thin (jonty was thin and very fit)

sounds like haunt.. haunted bye voldemort memories harry face was gaunt

Enrique Iglesias has a gaunt face.

gaunt=ghanta=penis....its thin bony and angular....so got it??;)

relate it to "quant". If u r weak(emaciate) in quant it means u r gaunt

GAUN(gone) Thin

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