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abase - Dictionary definition and meaning for word abase

(verb) cause to feel shame; hurt the pride of
Synonyms : chagrin , humble , humiliate , mortify
Example Sentence
  • He humiliated his colleague by criticising him in front of the boss

Memory aid to help you memorize this

abase-abe(a slang used to degrade acvv person)+shhh(se)usually an attempt to degrade a person's opinion..ovral goes to humiliate a person....
350        51
Abase > to bring someone down back to A BASE level.
202        9
a= no, negative, less & base = base, position, grade.. combinedly lessen the position/grade
39        5
A baseball player tripped over A BASE marker thus humiliating himself.
33        28
abase = a + base; without a base; Imagine you shifted to a new house whose base is not very strong (without base) and hence it may fall down anytime and can abase you in front of your neighbours.
32        4
abase=BASEti karna(beizzzati)
20        3
abase.....means without base n one will b fall down without base nd become lower hence lower in rank
6        0
bring to the base the lowest level
5        1
one addressing u as 'abe' 'sale' in vidharbha......which means he is degrading u.....
3        1
Abash- bash can be drub, which is humiliating
3        4
Abase Abash Same Stash of Embarrassing (or Humiliating) Trash
2        3
A BASEment is always in the LOWer part of the house.
2        2
abode, b and d are symmetric, so abode = home and adobe = my company where I work.
1        1
Abasing someone in front of others is not a good practice.
1        1
Teachers,sometimes ask their student to sit at base(degrade them) when they have not complete their homework.
1        0
abash is ab bas matlab dimaag kharab ho gaya feeling embarrased
1        6
Nubile:adj.marriageble Newly(recently)able to be married.
1        2
No offense.... SAy someone who is very fat as a big TIRE(tyre)---- ridicule
0        2
ABASE can be termed as (ABE-YASH)suppose that in reality show gobinda called YASHRAJ ABE YASH means he abases him.
0        3
lower yourself to the base.
0        2
Juniors are often abased by their seniors.
0        0
a+bide, bide sounds like bind, a thing that makes you to bind yourself
0        0
0        0

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