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commonplace - Dictionary definition and meaning for word commonplace

(noun) a trite or obvious remark
Synonyms : banality , bromide , cliche , platitude

(adj) completely ordinary and unremarkable
Example Sentence
  • air travel has now become commonplace
  • commonplace everyday activities

(adj) not challenging; dull and lacking excitement
Example Sentence
  • an unglamorous job greasing engines

(adj) repeated too often; overfamiliar through overuse
Example Sentence
  • bromidic sermons
  • his remarks were trite and commonplace
  • hackneyed phrases
  • a stock answer
  • repeating threadbare jokes
  • parroting some timeworn axiom
  • the trite metaphor `hard as nails'

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for commonplace

all the students dont get scholarship are in commonplace that means they are ordinary
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by sahmmed

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