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(verb) run away; usually includes taking something or somebody along
Example Sentence
  • The thief made off with our silver
  • the accountant absconded with the cash from the safe
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for abscond

Abscond – ab + scond. ‘Absent in a second’. When you will absent in a second? =when u STEAL OFF & HIDE, or when u DEPART secretly.

absCOND sounds like abs'KAND'..when you do KAND you run away, depart secretly and hide :)

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focus on cond=condition if elders keep conditions to do this n that we will do it secretly or we will escape from that place secretly

ABSENT KAUN(who?) - whoever is absent in class has absconded

abscond treat it like james bond, hidinng from villain

ab-Abishek, scond-scoundral "Amithab scolded Abi as scoundral, and abishek ran off or hide secretly with fear

abscond - the con artist secretly depart from the town.

due to continuous absence in college,they detained him

kand karke abscond ho gaya

abs + cond (condition) : I should have six pack abs is an important condition before she can abscond with me.

Abs (Absent)+ cond(condition)


(adj) sparing in consumption of especially food and drink
Example Sentence
  • the pleasures of the table, never of much consequence to one naturally abstemious
(adj) marked by temperance in indulgence
Synonyms : light
Example Sentence
  • abstemious with the use of adverbs
  • a light eater
  • a light smoker
  • ate a light supper
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for abstemious

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focus on 'abs' part of this word. Abs...To build a six-pack abs, eat n drink carefully

ABstain from eating STEM

abs (abs) + stemious (stamina): To build stamina or six pack abs, you have to eat and drink carefully.

take abstemious as abs + tummy + ous that means ABStain from eating to have a flat tummy (stomach).

*ABS*temious , concentrate on ABS .. one who eats and drinks less/lightly will have abs ( of course with work out :) )

ABS+STEAM...I want to make my ABS as light as steam...what will I do???...I will have less amount of food.......

'ab'(away) + 'stemious'(stem of tree) not as thick as stem == refrains in eating(or suffering from marasmus)

Ab + stem + ious...imagine stomach abs and to make them stem like thin you try to eat and drink less

remember as ABS + STEM. If you want to build Abs then you hav to Stem (stop) eating junk food.

be abstemious to avoid conversion of abs into tummy


just focus on abs we get abs by eating food and its abstemious soo abs for u


(noun) the trait of abstaining (especially from alcohol)
Synonyms : abstention
(noun) act or practice of refraining from indulging an appetite
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for abstinence

ABS THIN ence. A person maintained abstinence when he restrained from pleasant things like food and drinks!!!

abstinence (sounds like absent) : like being absent from enjoying pleasant things

ab+stinence..(looks like STRINGENC(y)....MEANS sticking to the rules)...so your doctor has asked you to stick to the rule of eating only bread ,if you want to reduce your belly.

Ab is root which means away from something

Ab+ stin+ence: Absent from nonsense like alcohol

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Abstinence from ur beloved ones leads to alcohol consumption

abs are nonsense so there is no restaint for eatind and drinking(food lover is thinking lyk da assume)

soundslike abstinance came from abstain: non-participation in pleasant things


(adj) difficult to penetrate; incomprehensible to one of ordinary understanding or knowledge
Synonyms : deep recondite
Example Sentence
  • the professor's lectures were so abstruse that students tended to avoid them
  • a deep metaphysical theory
  • some recondite problem in historiography
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for abstruse

abstruse rhyme with CONFUSE,there is confusion when things are not clear

AB stress nahi doge or brain USE(last 2 alphabets) nahi karoge then you wont be able to understand anything.Difficult to understand.

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It contains "ab....use". ab generally stands for negative sense and so 'ab+ use' can be taken as difficult to use. A word will be difficult to use if it is difficult to understand.

Ab-abishek, truce-(T)om c(RUCE) "" for abishek it is DIFFICULT TO UNDERSTAND Tom cruse behavior""

Ab(s)+truce = someone with whom making truce is difficult coz he z difficult to understand

abstruse=>absurd..(remove se from the word)and arrange abstru to absurt.. or absurd.. which can be correlated to difficult to understand..


Ab-abishek, str-stra, use-use "for abishek it is difficult to understand how to use straa""

ABstract tRUTH

(ab+str+use)ab=now str use or v can say use str now.its difficult to use n that it means

relate it to ab'use..abuse.. and abusive language is always difficult to penetrate.

abstruce is rhyming to obtuse .. which comes under Geometry..difficult to underastand for many

abstruse=ab +screwed..now difficult to understad

(ab+str+use)ab=now str use or v can say use str now.its difficult to use n that it means

(ab+str+use)ab=now str use or v can say use str now.its difficult to use n that it means

Absolute Truth is abstruse, you can never learn it!

It sounds like "abs truth". When well exercised, abs can be hard, and truth is something you can/should understand.

concentrate on true and true always difficult to understand


ABS+TRUSS...its difficult to build abs as strong as truss

See the word Abs it is difficult to understand how to get six pack on the body. truce-true

abstruse link with abs+ true i.e. absolutely true people are difficult to understand

no use - this is hard to understand

The appearance (or pronunciation) of "abstruse" itself is...abstruse.


(adj) very great; limitless
Example Sentence
  • abysmal misery
  • abysmal stupidity
(adj) resembling an abyss in depth; so deep as to be unmeasurable
Synonyms : abyssal unfathomable
Example Sentence
  • the abyssal depths of the ocean
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for abysmal

a+bys(take dis as 20 i.e.bees in hindi)+mal(take it as mile).....ao a 20 mile deep pit in the ground looks like its bottomless

bys...sounds like base..a-base..no base...so bottomless

You might have seen "Aladdin"..in dat there was a negative character named as "Abysmaal"...i.e. "extremely bad" man...

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a- this, bys-bees(20), mal-mal(in hindi we call some substance as mal) "" salesman saying to women ' madam a bees ka mal hen isme bottom nahi ayega only top ayega(bottomless)""

if use rearrange the word abysmal u get "smalbays" which sounds lik "small base" which is approximately equal to no base ie bottom less..



Imagine some1 telling alphabetically ab-y is small infact its a vrey huge gap inturn dis pertains to d depth in d meaning

ab (negative sense, not) + y small. something which is not small, so big and hence limitless or bottomless.

topics should be understood from basic otherwise its abysmal


(noun) a tangible symbol signifying approval or distinction
Synonyms : award honor honour laurels
Example Sentence
  • an award for bravery
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for accolade

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it sounds like chocolate.. parents accolade if kids do home work properly

A+Cool+Aide is a praise for the effort by a Distinction Student

accolade ac=accept,take; col=>college;ade-->aid; College aid is given as an award of merit.

a+col+lade.. seems like "a college leader"..and if you are a college leader then you will get a strong praise and approval.

accolade sounds like: "act-of-laud" laud meaning praise.

let ac means not...colade means collision...a person prevented two buses from collision,so he was praised

to ACCOrd (bestow upon) the good LAD my Expression of praise.

a+col+lade : a col. leader got laid ,as an award.

accolade ~ a + COLA company has won several accolades for being a market leader in soft-drinks.

According to Leader(esp. in political space). i.e if you act according to the leader you will be honored and awarded other wise not.

Accolade sounds like A - Coal - Aide! A coal aide was given a merit for all his help!

ACC - aced. You got an A not a C or d on your test - give praise

the accomplished lad won an award of merit

acco+lade;According to me to get Laid is an ultimate award of merit in any relationship


(verb) speak to someone
Synonyms : address come up to
(verb) approach with an offer of sexual favors
Synonyms : hook solicit
Example Sentence
  • he was solicited by a prostitute
  • The young man was caught soliciting in the park
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for accost

Accost=Ac(Acclerating)+Cost=>When cost shoots up in a shop, we as a person speaks with the shopkeeper to reduce the cost.Hence we iniciate the talk

accost ~ sounds like at any cost. I will approach and speak to her at any cost.

There is A COST to pay for speaking to the woman of my dreams first !

accost = accooo ..remember hindi serial chandrakanta .. two aiyars used to report directly this guy before speaking to others

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A.ccost= Approach to the coast[seashore]


(noun) an increase by natural growth or addition
Synonyms : accumulation
(noun) something contributing to growth or increase
Example Sentence
  • he scraped away the accretions of paint
  • the central city surrounded by recent accretions
(noun) (astronomy) the formation of a celestial object by the effect of gravity pulling together surrounding objects and gases Definition
(noun) (biology) growth by addition as by the adhesion of parts or particles Definition
(noun) (geology) an increase in land resulting from alluvial deposits or waterborne sediment Definition
(noun) (law) an increase in a beneficiary's share in an estate (as when a co-beneficiary dies or fails to meet some condition or rejects the inheritance)
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for accretion

Accretion sounds like Errection,,, so u r dik grows in size during an errection

ACCRETION sounds like secretion which gives an idea of growth in size.

accretion ~ add + creation , this addition to creation leads to growth


University gets accreditation as it grows and improves

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Accleration.. which is GROWTH in velocity

ACCRETE:pronounce it somethinglike increse that implies naturally growth


Accretion -> no excretion , so accumulation

Accretion (a gradual increase of wealth by unfair means)

ac-accellerate ceration -sounds like creation....expand creation expand growth

Similar to ACCRUAL: (of sums of money or benefits) received by someone in regular or increasing amounts over time.

accretion: consider opp of excretion(to remove)..accretion - add and grow big

Accretion (sounds like) A+CONSTRUCTION --> building up

extra attention is necessary so it is needed to be increased

ac + erection - increase by natural growth


(verb) to agree or express agreement
Synonyms : accede assent
Example Sentence
  • The Maestro assented to the request for an encore
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for acquiesce

acQUIEsce..concentrate on the part quie. and remember quiet.. which means submissive.. or imagine some1 who is quiet will give in without any protest

acquiesce = A(Agree) + quie(Quietly) = Comply passivly

acquiesce ~ a+kiss : My girlfriend acquiesced when I tried to kiss her on her lips.

sounds some thing like quiet ac-quiesce agreeing something quietly

acquiesce : A-Queen-Says when a queen says something to you, even if you don't like it, you have to passively agree.

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acquiesce--aqua--water which is easly avaibale, acquiesce is easily tractable means compliant


(ac+qui+esce)means "accept(ac) quitely(qui)" or comply without protest

quiese sounds like quiz , i agree passively that i lost in quiz

it sound like: A quite YES! means complete agreement

Picture a QUIET pond (water is AQUA) now picture the horse BESIE drinking from the pond: AQUA BESSIE

aquiesce-rhymes with a wish ,imagine that you have ask for some wish with the gene and he agree and accept it

if everybody is quiet( everybody agrees), anything can be acquired with ease(acqui(acquire)+esce(ease))

if you are acquiesce , you always say Yes, Yes , Yes!

accused quite without protest mean agree his crime


(verb) put in motion or move to act
Example Sentence
  • trigger a reaction
  • actuate the circuits
(verb) give an incentive for action
Example Sentence
  • This moved me to sacrifice my career
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for actuate

The senior actor, performed and motivated his junior actor. act - to - motivate,,thus gives ,,cause to act and motivate as synonym.

actuate.. sounds like activate..we need motivation (or some incentives) to activate our thinkings..

sounds like accurate and when you presented ACCURATE sales figure to the BOARD,they motivated (gave incentives to) you for your honest work

actu + ate = moti(hindi for fat) + wait

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actuATE- motivATE

i ATE ACT 2(actu) popcorn which activated me

motors are also called as 'actuators'. Hence actuate means to perform an action.

act - u - ate to motivate the child to eat food (motivate)

actuate: act+uate..move to act...

way actually u ate made me motivate to eat less

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