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Short Definition :

(adj) shockingly repellent; inspiring horror
Synonyms : ghastly , grim , grisly , gruesome , sick
Example Sentence
  • ghastly wounds
  • the grim aftermath of the bombing
  • the grim task of burying the victims
  • a grisly murder
  • gruesome evidence of human sacrifice
  • macabre tales of war and plague in the Middle ages
  • macabre tortures conceived by madmen

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for macabre

sounds like hindi word makbara....and its made over the place where people are either buried or burnt.....and for me its a ghastly place..that I would never like to go to....
51       16

by aniruddha_chaudhari

Sounds like massacre..which means "excessive killing of many people"..and which also represents death
51       4

by garrulous

makbara :to move around makbara in night is a horrified act
1       8

by priyanshu.mittal

Sounds like Nakaab (Mask). So Imagine some one came in front of you wearing a frightening mask, then you will feel gruesome!
1       5

by sanchit

ma+cabre...watching cabre is horrible,gruesome and disgusting.
0       7

by sunny.agarwal

Maha + Kabre = Kabbars are gruesome Another mnemonic can be mocambo who gives horrifying deaths to innocents
0       2

by friendofafriend

MACABRE = Ma went to cabre for money this is a horifying situation abt poverty.
0       1

by shaktipada

look like ma + cabret. if you saw your mother doing cabret in old hindi move, it would be "horrifying" and would scar you for life :)
0       0

by tonymontana


Short Definition :

(verb) separate into constituents by soaking
(verb) become soft or separate and disintegrate as a result of excessive soaking
Example Sentence
  • the tissue macerated in the water

(verb) soften, usually by steeping in liquid, and cause to disintegrate as a result
Example Sentence
  • macerate peaches
  • the gizzards macerates the food in the digestive system

(verb) cause to grow thin or weak
Synonyms : emaciate , waste
Example Sentence
  • The treatment emaciated him

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for macerate

macerate sounds like marinate. Marinating chicken or paneer in spices and masala to make them tender. If you over do it , you will end up spoiling it !
22       10

by khushi5

MACERATE is like MASTICATE - we chew food, allow the glands (liquid) to soak the food.
12       4

by shwetarulzz

(Macerate = Mess + rate)Mess food is hard to eat, so mess owners are doing a tact. They are providing the soft food by keeping it in liquid that results in increase of mess rate.
10       1

by satish L

macerate means mice is soaked in liquid to soften and then sold at a very wasteful(waste away) prices
4       6

by shubhendravyas51

macerate badam and pista for making of kheer
3       51

by swapna327

when u beat with mace,u will be weakened.or cut into parts,which is done when soaked..
1       5

by Insane

MICE ka RATE ghatane ke liye soft paneer lagana padta hai trap mein - sookhi roti se kuch nhi hota !!
1       2

by achilles

mace(make) increase the making rate of rajma, chole we first soft these by soaking in water
0       2

by er.amit.1jan

mac + rates...........mac(apple laptop) are just SOAKING my pocket....and also the liquid of my body.
0       2

by simranjeet

0       0

by biotechlover


Short Definition :

(noun) an unaccompanied partsong for 2 or 3 voices; follows a strict poetic form
(verb) sing madrigals
Example Sentence
  • The group was madrigaling beautifully

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for madrigal

MADRIGAL rhymes with married a PASTORAL SONG was sung for the married girl.
35       4

by imajeeth

Mad girl's will sing a song in regal theater.
4       3

by erndgupta

all sisters singing for married girl
3       0

by arshnagpal

Madrid + gal (Skt) Gal refers to voice/throat. Madrid has a lot of population. So, Madrigal means many people singing together
2       10

by garrulous

1       2

by audipuff

Sounds like MARRIAGE GIRL....I wrote a short love poem to my girl and she became a marriage girl
1       3

by nileshdive

madrigal: ma + d + ri + ga are swaras in music. so it's related to singing. L stands for a LOT of people. so, its a lot of people singing.
0       1

by tonymontana

madrigal = madri (married) + gal (girl); The song sang at marriage of a girl.
0       0

by shaktipada


Short Definition :

(adj) not adroit
Example Sentence
  • a maladroit movement of his hand caused the car to swerve
  • a maladroit translation
  • maladroit propaganda

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for maladroit

mal(means bad at doing something)+adroit(it means skillful ).......and someone who is bad at skills in his known area ,considered a maladroit person
26       1

by preetisoni2411

maladroit== mal (bad) + adroit(skillful) therefore maladroit means person having no skill, he musta be clumsy.
8       2

by nasri

this mnemonic is in this word sound like..mala+ad(aaj)+roi+t........mala aaj roi thi because her boss scolded her for not working skillfully and carefully
5       5

by preetisoni2411

mala +droit( its a french word for right hand ...)and right hand people are considered as skillful and mala is droit girl.
1       1

by preetisoni2411

ADROIT means skilful but if a person is not skilled he is a MALADROIT.
1       0

by pushpa_edit

mal(means bad at doing something)+adroit(means skilled) = Not skilled.
1       0

by Born2GRE


Short Definition :

(noun) physical discomfort (as mild sickness or depression)
Synonyms : unease , uneasiness

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for malaise

mal(means bad, not good (of condition)+aise(sounds like ease)....and someone who is not at ease is one who is feeling ill
45       1

by preetisoni2411

Think of malaria
8       4

by gremadness

mal hai tu... always making me uneasy. Mal hai tu!!!
2       9

by rishib1988

I ate a jar of MAYONNAISE. Now I feel sick.
2       1

by Jackery

Malai - se; you go to a function and eat a lot of malai dar things and then u feel uneasiness and vague feeling of ill health!
0       0

by hithisisdhara

Malaise in mind when wearing maile(dirty) se clothes.
0       0


Malaise- AALAS aalas lagta hai means dull dul whn some one is feel ill. so malaise = uneasiness or vague feeling of ill health.
0       0

by nishant19


Short Definition :

(noun) the unintentional misuse of a word by confusion with one that sounds similar
Synonyms : malaprop

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for malapropism

mal (negative) + prop (proper usage) .. improper usage of words
47       1

by namaskar

Mrs Malaprop was a very famous character of an english play "The Rivals" where she misuses words, creating a comical effect.
0       5

by preetisoni2411

0       6

by amol84

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