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(adj) radiating or as if radiating light
Example Sentence
  • the beaming sun
  • the effulgent daffodils
  • a radiant sunrise
  • a refulgent sunset
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for refulgent

refulgent sounds like detergent.. use detergent to make things shine

They selected Raful as agent becoz he is bright;(shiny):P

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RE-means again.FULL-means making full.so,make something full by re polishing


RE+FUL+GENT, GENTS RE-FUL(FUEL) the lantern so it shines brightly

using detergent dishes get s refulgent


(verb) make brighter and prettier
Synonyms : freshen up renovate
Example Sentence
  • we refurbished the guest wing
  • My wife wants us to renovate
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for refurbish

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by changing one character b to n we get REFURNISH. i.e. refurnishing something - renovate or make bright by furnishing again.

Sounds like Re-furnish or again developing something which refurbish means refurnish--making things brighter and prettier.

refurbished = make the bish pure again i.e make it highly pure.


(verb) overthrow by argument, evidence, or proof
Synonyms : rebut
Example Sentence
  • The speaker refuted his opponent's arguments
(verb) prove to be false or incorrect
Synonyms : controvert rebut
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for refute

refute rhymes with refuse, when you DISAPPROVE OF something, or if something is false or incorrect..you refute it or disapprove..

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Refute can be considered as REFusing something to have trUTh or prove to be false/incorrect

'are fut' - means to overthrow by argument


refute-flute means the musical instrument and because you have played the flute during the classroom you are proved to be wrong

refute sounds like again fuse i.e. again false.


(adj) belonging to or befitting a supreme ruler
Example Sentence
  • golden age of imperial splendor
  • purple tyrant
  • regal attire
  • treated with royal acclaim
  • the royal carriage of a stag's head
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for regal

sounds like legal i.e., laws made by a power.

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Chivas Regal(scotch whisky) is a "ROYAL" drink.

William Regal of WWE; his entrance is royal.

reg = king. same way. regent = king agent regicide = king killing

'regal' similar to 'royal'


(verb) provide with choice or abundant food or drink
Synonyms : treat
Example Sentence
  • Don't worry about the expensive wine--I'm treating
  • She treated her houseguests with good food every night
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for regale

re+gale(remember chris gayle )if he comes to bat again he always provides entertainment to audience

Regal is a famous movie theatre in Delhi & the U.S.,so REGAL+E(entertaintment)

re"gay"le refers to something joyous.

regale sounds like regal(royal)...if someone offers us regal belongings then we get delighted..

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consuming REGular pints of ALE gets entertaining

REGAIN strength....when you are provided lavishly with food and drink, you regain your strength...

regale- remember Willam Reagle(WWE superstar) whose job is to entertain

Regal or the royal family love to entertain and give a feast!

Chris Gale regales us with his one handed sixes

Regale->West Indies batsman Gale bating entertain us

regale-my friend Roshan gale used to tell that he gets unusual pleasure from smoking when i tell him to quit

regale = re( again) + gale (chris ghayle); Chris ghayle has come another time to entertain everyone.


(noun) a meeting for boat races
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for regatta

re+gatta(sounds like katta )cheruvu katta where u find boats

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There's a boat race to win "atta" .lol

re + gati...speed ... race...

regatta~calcutta + satta ; There was a satta (challenge) between two groups to win a regatta in the bay of bengal in calcutta...and i am going to watch it !! :):)

In a boat race, the rowers have a boosting song / line ; which they keep singing again and again. Can remember as : Re (again) ; gatta (in hindi it means someone singing

For rowing boats we use oars but imagine like this..there was an amazing regatta using a LOTA(a small metal pot)

Boat daudao bhrata(in a boat race)

Reg = King, "Aata" sounds like.. comes.. hence king aata hai boats mai race dekhne ke liye

In regatta participants have to carry atta


(noun) someone who commits regicide; the killer of a king Definition
(noun) the act of killing a king
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for regicide

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regime refers to government. "cide" refers to killing (infanticide, genocide, suicide etc.,). So, regicide refers to killing the ruler.

raja+cide..cide seems like suicide....1st it seems as suicide but later discovered that "kind is murdered"

in context of above mnemonic by garrulous regi(or hindi RAJA)+cide== killing RAJA or killing of king

In AOE there is a game-play type called regicide and the objective is to kill the freaking king..

reg = king. same way. regent = king agent regicide = king killing

genocide is killing of a large no of people and regicide is killing of royals..ie king or queen


(noun) (medicine) a systematic plan for therapy (often including diet)
Synonyms : regime
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for regimen

regime refers to a set of rules (normally, government). Regimen is the set of rules for eating.

regi+menu kings menu that implies the habits and prescribed diet

sounds like regiment.. those who r a part of some regiment follow a strict diet

Regimen:Regime+E(eat) means rules for eating

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