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(adj) difficult to penetrate; incomprehensible to one of ordinary understanding or knowledge
Synonyms : abstruse deep
Example Sentence
  • the professor's lectures were so abstruse that students tended to avoid them
  • a deep metaphysical theory
  • some recondite problem in historiography
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for recondite

read recondite as "re conduct". The professor re coducted(repeated) the topic as the students could not understand properly.

recon-dite:recon sounds like reckon which means guess...if a question is DIFFICULT TO UNDERSTAND u will GUESS the answer

RECKON + TRITE (repeated) = the word was DIFFICULT TO UNDERSTAND even after REPEATED attempts to RECKON its meaning.

REC + ON +DITE ==Obviously it it is very DIFFICULT to record while ur dite(eating)...

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re + condite(sounds like contact). It is DIFFICULT to contact a VIP again and again(Re).

recondite sounds like 'wreck on diet' meaning destruction while on a diet. This sounds very absurd and very difficult to understand whats going on !!

re (resist) + con (don -> don'T) + dite (diet) -> I DON'T understand (or it is difficult for me to understand) how people go on diet and RESIST their temptations!

RECONDITE=RECorded On NDtv ITshow..... That IT show recorded on NDTV was out of my ability to understand

Like "recon at night" or hard to see, hidden

Recondite=raw(re)+ corn(con)+diet(dite),is difficult to eat, so is recondite teachings are difficult to understand.

recondite.. concentrate on CON, sounds like concealed. so recondite means something hidden, concealed.

Recon(RECKON…..means TO THINK)+dite(DIET)… It’s very DIFFICULT/ABSTRUSE to THINK(RECKON) about the DIET… KAREENA KAPPOR would have taken for Zero Figure in Tashan……

Picture an auto accident on a dike: a WRECK ON the DIKE: How on earth did that happen? What are cars doing on the dike? It's hard to understand.

sounds like 'read cannot' -so abstract and difficult to understand

Your reckonings are so recondite.

It's very obscure for me, why gluttonous REC is ON DIeT ?

no one knows what to do for a klondike bar

Words with dite - Indite(write), Erudite(scholar) and Recondite .. What a scholar RECKONS to be a good read, it is abstruse(Recondite) for a laymen/laity.

re conduct it bcoz it is difficult to understand


(noun) the act of reconnoitring (especially to gain information about an enemy or potential enemy)
Example Sentence
  • an exchange of fire occurred on a reconnaissance mission
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for reconnaissance

reconnaissance means recognising an enemy while surveying your. territory,Recognisation of conman-(thief) by nice sons(of the country)--soldiers.

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RECONNAISSANCE...SOUNDS LIKE RECOGNIZANCE....so recognizance of the army persons to do their act....or ...binding them to spy over enemy's....... reconnaissance of an area by the army..

reconnaissance = (re)ye (con)kaun (nai)hai (sance)sons --> The old man asked his sons to get information about an unknown enemy and asked them "yeh kaun hai" ... weird but hope it helps you !

Reconnaissance- You inspect the number of s and n in this word...preliminary inspection of the enemy

recognize in essense the enemy troops position


(noun) an abject coward
Synonyms : craven poltroon
(noun) a disloyal person who betrays or deserts his cause or religion or political party or friend etc. Definition
(adj) having deserted a cause or principle
Synonyms : renegade
Example Sentence
  • some provinces had proved recreant
  • renegade supporters of the usurper
(adj) lacking even the rudiments of courage; abjectly fearful
Synonyms : craven
Example Sentence
  • the craven fellow turned and ran
  • a craven proposal to raise the white flag
  • this recreant knight
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for recreant

Re (again and again)+creant (create). So creating some excuses again and again not to go for a fight because you are a COWARD.

miscreant means without moral ethics. This is a characteristics of a recreant

recreate recent recreancies in the royal family.

ant = cheenti = slang for coward

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Recreant : Repeatedly crying Aunt because of a Recreant Uncle . ( Someone is disloyal) 2nd Synonym: Miscreant ( means a criminal ) will eventually become Recreant ( someone who will beg for Mercy of the Police) later.

miscreant, recreant. miscreant destroys and recreant says its ok to destroy, he will create again as he is scared of miscreant. recreant is coward.


(noun) mutual accusations
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for recrimination

re-crimina-tion: crimina relates to a crime. recrimination means: one accusing the other for a crime. The other "re" accused him of another crime.

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re CREAM pie..yu throw a pie on someones face and they throw yu back another CREAM pie again as a countercharge...we see this lot in movies..!!..This process is called reCREAMination

Reverse + Criminal + Accusations => Recrimination....Means saying each other criminal.

re-again, crimination-crime, accuse one another again and again of crimes, i.e counter-charge


(noun) righteousness as a consequence of being honorable and honest
Synonyms : uprightness
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for rectitude

rectitude -> rectified + attitude. If a attitude is rectified, it has to be correct.

rectitude is modified as your mom ate the fried chicken last night RECTIFY THE ATTITUDE.

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right attitude

sound like rect + itude...prefix sound like correct so nything that is moraaly correct is rectitude...

rectify your attitude in right directon

The home of a priest is called a RECTORY. Imagine that every time the high priest comes out of his RECTORY, a line of trumpeters plays TA TUDE: RECTORY TA TUDE.



(adj) lying down; in a position of comfort or rest
Synonyms : accumbent decumbent
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for recumbent

recum+bent => sounds similar like become+bent. you become bent while sitting means you lie down.

recumbent -> re (phir) + cum (kamar means back) + bent. Apni kamar phir se bent karo means lie down.

Ray only cums when he's bent over or re-cum-bent. (Apologise for the graphical nature of this mnemonic, but I'm sure you'll agree that you'll remember it now!)

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Can be derived from incumbent which means in office so one who is in office like a babu always lays back in the chair.

Sounds like recliner...one rests back in a recliner.

wind shinks the amount of money kept on the table


(verb) regain or make up for
Synonyms : recoup recover
Example Sentence
  • recuperate one's losses
(verb) regain a former condition after a financial loss
Synonyms : go back recover
Example Sentence
  • We expect the stocks to recover to $2.90
  • The company managed to recuperate
(verb) restore to good health or strength Definition
(verb) get over an illness or shock
Synonyms : convalesce recover
Example Sentence
  • The patient is recuperating
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for recuperate

the last part sounds like operate...so after the operation, patient recovers

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Recuperate = RECover from OPERATion. => return to health again.

recuperate sounds like cooperate. if the patient co-oparate to the doctor he can recover soon...



recuperate sounds like cooperate. if the patient co-oparate to the doctor he can recover soon...

recOVER + last part sounds like perade. So you can do perade after recovery


(adj) serving to bring to mind
Example Sentence
  • cannot forbear to close on this redolent literary note
  • a campaign redolent of machine politics
(adj) (used with `of' or `with') noticeably odorous
Synonyms : smelling
Example Sentence
  • the hall was redolent of floor wax
  • air redolent with the fumes of beer and whiskey
(adj) having a strong pleasant odor
Synonyms : aromatic
Example Sentence
  • the pine woods were more redolent
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for redolent

re-odo-lent: reminder of "odor".

red+(Rose)+olent; Red rose u lent has a pleasant smell

re - odolent--> concentrate on odolent , which sounds like ODONIL, we use odonil in bathrooms for fragrance..

r + ED + OL --> DE + tt + OL --> fragrant

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The smell of RED-ointment = redolent

This word is similar to rodent(rats)..how does a rodent smell!!

Break it as re (resemble)+ dol (Odonil) something which resemble odonil which is having pleasant odour

It also means to be strongly associated..hence a mnemonic for it would be "This red doll is redolent with my childhood"

re-DOLE-ent. Dole: the fruit company: fruits smell fruity(nice)

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