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    apostate - Dictionary definition and meaning for word apostate

    (noun) a disloyal person who betrays or deserts his cause or religion or political party or friend etc. Definition
    (adj) not faithful to religion or party or cause
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for apostate

apostate can be thought of as 'opposite state'.. That is changing to the opposite state, and not loyal to his current state..

Apostles do not apostate

apostate ~ apo + state; Prefix 'apo' means away; so away from state : One who's away from his state or religion. (Abandonment of religious values)

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a-po-state:: a means no,generally as we kno. po- take this meaning in tamil,that means "go". state- this is a normal state,state in a country. so, no going to state..no going to his state,or one who abandons his state..(im sorry,if it is silly)

Judas the apostle became an apostate when he renounced Jesus.

apo(ape)+state. connect it with d life of ape,who wer not intrested in any religion..they were the hunters who kill thr animals n friends for food..

BJP's Apostate to hindutva after the elections

APOlogy to the STATE, bhai maaf kar do, bahut ho gaya.. and turns his back to previously held faith and beliefs.

APOSTATE<===> धर्म रहित (pr. \\dharm rahit \\ )[Noun] Example:He is an apostate.

apo state ippo no state. he changed his mind.

when someone is apostate, he is in an ape state (in a state like apes)

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