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(adj) hasty and without attention to detail; not thorough
Synonyms : casual cursory passing
Example Sentence
  • a casual (or cursory) inspection failed to reveal the house's structural flaws
  • a passing glance
  • perfunctory courtesy
(adj) as a formality only
Synonyms : pro forma
Example Sentence
  • a one-candidate pro forma election
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for perfunctory

PARAI(other's)+FACTORY - if you are told to take care of somebody else's factory, you would casually care about it

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per+FUNC+tory .. FUNC stands for function i.e. job.. so if you are doing a job quickly just to finish it and not caring enough about it.. doing job superficially.. it is called a perfunctory act..

Perform+hurry....perform in a hurry....perfunctory....

perfunctory has FUNCTionARY who is an official, we all know how officials approach their work.. they lack care, enthusiasm or interest in their work and do it just for formality

Many people think that the PERFect, FUN job would be to make a lot of money but not have to put much effort into the work.

per+FUN+FACTORY so working in the factory is not fun or interesting as you do same thing again and again so LACK INTEREST,U START DOING THINGS SUPERFICIALLY AND U HAVE NO ENTHUSIASM FOR THE WORK.

p+er+funct+ory--- ER(error) in FUNCT(function)—if there is error in function or something, that means IT IS DONE CARELESSLY, DONE CASUALY

Picture a PERSON working a boring job on an assembly line in a FACTORY: a PERson FUNCKTORY

She thought "I'm perfect already, so why do I need to put any effort or care into this project?"

Simply doing the function.

har (hindi every) function in perfunctory manner in this office

per function if you have a specific time limit then you will do it superficially


(noun) a person who walks from place to place Definition
(noun) a follower of Aristotle or an adherent of Aristotelianism Definition
(adj) of or relating to Aristotle or his philosophy
Example Sentence
  • Aristotelean logic
(adj) traveling especially on foot
Synonyms : wayfaring
Example Sentence
  • peripatetic country preachers
  • a poor wayfaring stranger
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for peripatetic

peripatetic sounds like par pe tic tic....means wandering on legs.

peri+pat+etic--peri means around, + pat or path means road to walk on, therefore peripatetic means to walk around.

Pronounced as Peri- Pathetic : To Walk (peri) On path in a pathetic way => Keep walking and walking

(peri -> with foot) (patetic -> potato) when u kick a potato with foot it wanders here and there

PED is Latin for foot. It takes a PAIR OF PED to walk the PATH = PAIR OF PED PATH

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There used to be one program on NDTV "Walk the Talk". It was Peripatetic interview program

think of your periappa ...he travels from place to place


(noun) criminal offense of making false statements under oath
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for perjury

per(phir)+jury -> jury ke saamne saach batt sy phir jana

Perjury sounds like forgery which is a criminal offense.

jury ke saamne (galat) per (galat) (galat) per (galat) (galat) per (galat)

purge the correct jur(isdiction) by giving false testimony under oath

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abjure-> renounce adjure-> plead conjure-> conspire; magic related; perjure:lie in court

Perjury rhyms with: BADJURY==> BADJURY dare dorogh mige

Perjury sounds like forgery followed by jury -> bad + jury -> false testimony in front of jury or while under oath

POOR-JURY, feel bad for the jury because they were lied to

consider it as PER(person) + JURY . This person is giving wrong statements to jury under oath.

If u have watched GoalMal Returns >> Munni girl frnd of vasoli bhai commits perjury by giving false testymony I was the same girls who enjoyed tht nights with this boy's


(adj) exceedingly harmful
Synonyms : baneful deadly pestilent
(adj) working or spreading in a hidden and usually injurious way
Synonyms : insidious subtle
Example Sentence
  • glaucoma is an insidious disease
  • a subtle poison
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for pernicious

word can be divided like per+nicious..nicious when pronounced sounds like noxious...so noxious.. ..so something harmful.....

it has root nec/nox..in it....means to harm..so per(PERTAINING TO)+nIC/NEC..MEANS HARM..SOMETHING PERTAINING TO HARM U.

Pernicious sounds like vicious in the end which means very harmful

sounds like perish- something that is very destructive will make you perish

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Kitna samjhaya is ladke ko PER ye NI(nahi) CIOUS(serious) hota hai...Its harmful for him

pernicious:it sounds like punish us..means it punish us..so it is very harmful..

Something pern-icious is vi-cious and can do-you-harm...


<B>Pernicious anemia</B> is a form of anemia that was, for a long time, always extremely harmful and most of the time fatal.

[my GRE book defined this as "extremely harmful; potentially causing death" So my mnemonic is: PERhaps we should not picNIC next to PERN's noxIOUS thread. -- ref. to Anne McCathy's Dragon Series.

Ne +Sus :Negative Sauce,so negative sauce has a harmful effect on our health

PER NIC(nikki)thO US(our) friend hai.how can he b so harmful

pern rhymes with fern which is harmful and can cause death!


(noun) a flowery and highly rhetorical oration Definition
(noun) (rhetoric) the concluding section of an oration
Example Sentence
  • he summarized his main points in his peroration
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for peroration

Per+oration--Part after ORATION = PERORATION, that is the concluding section of an oration.

PER(periphery)+ORATION. It means periphery of an oration i.e edge/conclusion of the oration

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Oration per (par/upar/vishe) bolvu. You can speak on a certain oration only after you have heard it, so it has to be at an end of an oration.


(verb) perform an act, usually with a negative connotation
Synonyms : commit pull
Example Sentence
  • perpetrate a crime
  • pull a bank robbery
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for perpetrate

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per+pet+r+ate--person eating pet animal is doing wrong

divide it as per+pet+rate. Pets are to be loved and they should not be tortured by breeding them in puppy mills and selling them as "per pet rate is 5000" this is a crime.

per + pate + rate -> govt increased the per pate (stomach) rate increased, means rates of everything has been increased, it's a crime in the eyes of us which perpetrate.


(verb) be persistent, refuse to stop
Example Sentence
  • he persisted to call me every night
  • The child persisted and kept asking questions
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for persevere

persevere=persistent+severe,he is very severely persistent.

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per+severe.. sachin tendulkar was severely injured but he still CONTINUED to play the match.


(adj) acutely insightful and wise
Synonyms : sagacious sapient
Example Sentence
  • much too perspicacious to be taken in by such a spurious argument
  • observant and thoughtful, he was given to asking sagacious questions
  • a source of valuable insights and sapient advice to educators
(adj) mentally acute or penetratingly discerning
Example Sentence
  • too clear-eyed not to see what problems would follow
  • chaos could be prevented only by clear-sighted leadership
  • much too perspicacious to be taken in by so spurious an argument
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for perspicacious


sounds like perspective or perceptive which are related.

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per-speak-aces every time she spoke (so insightful that it was like she was serving) aces

per = completely.. and the 2nd part rhymes with inspect.. hence having an insight..

perspicacious: Perspi=precisely ; Cacious=cautious means quick in noticing.

PURSE-PICK-ASHES:the purse is filled with the ashes of wisdom: from the PURSE one PICKS ASHES of wisdom.

Having a spaCIOUS PERspective that includes fine attention to detail...

When you're curious try clear eyes (ben stein commercial)-WOW

PERSpiCACious: percipitattion+cactus. percipitation is related to water. CACTUS is "WISE" to live widout WATER in deserts

the Athenian Statesman PERICLES was one PERSPICACIOUS dude.

perspi =perspective cacious= cautious perspicacious = cautious in forming a perspective

Your head is a BOOKCASE full of books, and you are PERSPIRING because it is a lot of work carrying that around on your neck. Your head is a PERSPIRING CASE

PERSistent PICA(sso) CIOUS :-| life picasso, that's it.

sounds like REVOLVE . so while revolving.. u move from one place to another.. or "transferring"

Per +Pic +sious=Perfect Peek Of Situation;meaning perfect understanding of situation,so keen mental perception n understanding

pers (PURSE) + picacious (relate to PEEK) : Just looking at a PURSE, without PEEKing inside, she can tell how much money it has . How insightful/penetrating sight !!

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