Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for sanctimonious

saints and munis are sanctimonious... DHONGI SAADHU

saint+money...acting like a saint for money..they're false, displaying false piety

A foreigner wants to be labelled as a muni .. "I am a Sancti Muni, Baby" .. How will he do so, by displaying ostentatious devoutness .. Else nobody will fall in the trap.

SANCTIMONIOUS or RIGHTEOUS or OSTENTATIOUS - someone who makes a show of righteousness, is hypocritical.

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Sacred pandit singing MUNNI BADNAAM HUI at the same time hypocratizing not to drink and smoke

sanctimonious: sancti~santi+moni~money= the one who says peaceful words as many donga/chor swamis/saints for money are not really true, they just display themselves as pious. the one who preaches some santi words for money.ka paul

Word used in video below:
text: is judgmental sanctimonious and frankly
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