Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for testy

If someone has described you as SHORT-TEMPERED in the TESTY(testimonial), then you will get IRRITATED looking at it.

TESTY sounds like TASTY, so if food is not tasty u get irritate, bad tempered

test+y - tests (exams) are irritable and make a person short-tempered

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a IRRITATED person says--Dont TEST my patience


if the food is not TASTY u become TESTY....!:)

Teasing Tea.

TESTY-S if sumone fidgets with it.. d 'proces' becomes short tempered..

for computer people: the software testers are very short tempered and are very irritable to the developer

my testicles are testy,i shall treat them gently!

This somehow sounds like "testis". So if someone shows your testis to others you get annoyed.

Someone wrote a bad TESTY about you and hence you got "IRRITATED"

giving a test is testy

when you see that your tests are approaching you easily get irritated

Who does'nt get easily irritated by a surprise TEST!

Split the word into TEST+TEA. if u could not TEA during TESt u get irritated...

TESTY OR FIDGETY have somewhat similar sounds. The words refer to irritability.

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