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(noun) a fervent and even militant proponent of something
Synonyms : drumbeater zealot
(noun) an ardent and enthusiastic supporter of some person or activity
Synonyms : enthusiast partizan
(noun) a pike with a long tapering double-edged blade with lateral projections; 16th and 17th centuries
Synonyms : partizan
(adj) devoted to a cause or party
Synonyms : partizan
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for partisan

parti(think of a political party)+san(son)...so a father who is favouring his son's political party, instead of a good party.

A partisan says, 'my party is my SON, my daughter, my mom & my dad'

just d way civism is being a good citizen, partism (reminds of partisan) is being a good(ardent) supporter of a party/group/person/activity

PARTison -> taking a PART or side

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Partisan almost sounds like "party-fan".. Someone who strongly supports partying it up :)


(noun) a person who has suddenly risen to a higher economic status but has not gained social acceptance of others in that class Definition
(adj) characteristic of someone who has risen economically or socially but lacks the social skills appropriate for this new position Definition
(adj) of or characteristic of a parvenu
Synonyms : parvenue
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for parvenu

think of praveen(of indian crkt team)who has just entered into team and nw earnng a lot.....so is a newly rich person

par(paar) means dur in hindi and venur means place.the one who has moves 'dur' from his place to a high level is parvenue

parv+enu(sounds like NEW)...SO something that has been newly started.

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parvenu=parar hogaya venu,he took all the money from every body and went,he gained economic status

helpful 4 mallus. Tell "paavam aayirunnu" in malabar dialect. It sounds like "paaveynu" which is similar to "Parvenu". Which means he "was poor". Has the similar meaning

Break the word into UPPAR meaning upper or higher class in HINDI. and then VENUE of english. So it's a hinglish word meaning a higher standard or position

venu ke par lag gaye

Think of happy gilmore! A rejected hockey player puts his skills to the golf course! PAR for golf, which he is V (the) NEWcomer

newly up to par

Farmer become rick when his nadi par venue property rose in price but he was still rustic in manners.


(noun) a musical composition consisting of a series of songs or other musical pieces from various sources
Synonyms : medley potpourri
(noun) a work of art that imitates the style of some previous work
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for pastiche

PASTi+CHE......pasti...PASTE...........we do copy PASTE......while copying we imitate the style of others and paste it where we want

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paste- we use paste to stick posters of superstars we want to imitate .

pastiche=past+stitch,stitch is also a thread art and so it has been of the past,and it has been copied

past+iche ITCHING to copy from the PAST Movie songs.

Paste + Stitch => Paste & Stiching give a picture of mixture & combining (of ideas & works)

u can read it as PAST+CHEAT..so it is a work of art that is a cheat from the past work.

PASTICHE -> PASTE + STITCH. PASTing and STITCHing connect disperate objects. PASTICHE connects to a PAST artwork.

past se lekar chipkaaya gaya...

Copy chesi PASTE chestam, ala paste chesinadaniki STYLE add cheyakapote CHE antaru...

Just imagine music composer Deva with the Tooth paste in hand.


Pastiche = Past + i + che, From the past i am watching it.



(noun) a quality that arouses emotions (especially pity or sorrow)
Synonyms : poignancy
Example Sentence
  • the film captured all the pathos of their situation
(noun) a feeling of sympathy and sorrow for the misfortunes of others
Synonyms : commiseration pity ruth
Example Sentence
  • the blind are too often objects of pity
(noun) a style that has the power to evoke feelings
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for pathos

PATHos.. is a part of the word symPATHy.. and you have sympathy for the people for whom you feel pity or who are in sorrow..

pathology is study of disease. this means pathos is related to disease. and you feel pity for the diseased

path is the root word for feeling... when we say "oh", its sound like something sad.... so pathos means a feeling that is sad... so sorrow

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We Feel Sorry for the Poor whom we see on our PATH

when we see poor people on our PATH we feel O SORRY(PATHOS) for them

PATH O(f ) S(ympaty)

Pathos -when you see someone in the pathetic situation then the feeling of pity automatically arouse upon you

Pathos = path + os; got the path to execute the os means operating system so we are in delight.


(noun) a characteristic language of a particular group (as among thieves)
Example Sentence
  • they don't speak our lingo
(noun) a regional dialect of a language (especially French); usually considered substandard
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for patois

(Sounds like potato) Some say patois, some say potato and some say aloo while all seem that round vegetable only difference of language.

pato+is...say your friend is saying you to "pataoo(flirt) isko (that girl)..by talking in her own patois.

Patois - 'pat'a nahi k'onsi' bhasha bol raha hai

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its origin from french..where patois means to handle something very clumsily.so illetrate people basically handle situation very clumsily while communicating so they don't give much importance to what they are saying hence use dilects.which are genar

haven't u heard the phrase - "pataeto potaeto" means two ways of saying potato, different dialects will have different ways

Split like PATO+IS.. PATO IS a brazillan player who speaks in his local brazillan language.

focus on PAT ..means..exactly suited to the situation....so the DILECTS WHICH are said by particular group of people , are SITUATION BASED, OR SPOKEN DURING a particular SITUATION.

The spelling is a hard part OIS stands for Other Interpretations of Sentences

patois is pronounced as "pathwa" which is similar to "Fatwa" which is given by the regional Muslim leader. Speech by regional muslim clergy. ...yeah,well no one cares what jargon muslim clergy uses

ragra paetis..maharashtran jargon and substandard one at that..perfect mnemonic

patois is pronounced as "patwa" from this pronouncing one could remember that each country read it in their own ways.. because difference in their accent.

Example:Bhojpuri dialect



(noun) a person of refined upbringing and manners Definition
(noun) a member of the aristocracy
Synonyms : aristocrat blue blood
(adj) befitting a person of noble origin
Example Sentence
  • a patrician nose
(adj) belonging to or characteristic of the nobility or aristocracy
Example Sentence
  • an aristocratic family
  • aristocratic Bostonians
  • aristocratic government
  • a blue family
  • blue blood
  • the blue-blooded aristocracy
  • of gentle blood
  • patrician landholders of the American South
  • aristocratic bearing
  • aristocratic features
  • patrician tastes
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for patrician

consider ST PATRICK'S SCHOOL those who study in that school are noble

pater = father, patres = fatehrs in Latin. So, anything with "patr" in the beginning will refer to father(ly figures).

Imagine a girl named Patricia with gowns and aristocratic dress

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patri=pati, i want my pati to be noble

a member of a PATRIARCHY.

Patrician The father of nation.

patrician~britan; They are very critical about their behaviour in public as they think they are noble and aristocratic!

PA(papa)+TRICIan(tricky)...so a father playing tricky games is an aristocrat

a person who is having patriotic feeling over his country is considered to be a noblest person


(noun) an insufficient quantity or number
Synonyms : dearth
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for paucity

pau - paav as in paav bhaji and only one "paav" for the whole city...so obviously it will be scarce

take it as somebody saying about a city as pau;in hindi PAU(pao-a small weght)i.e "ek pau ki to city hai"

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paucity=scarcity....these two words rhyme....

pa+city works has been PAused in CITY bcoz of SCARICITY

pau+city=in bangla pau means to get(pawa)In city it is very difficult to get (city te pawa khub kothin)

Paw+City, Just replace PAU/W with SCAR/E. If animals attack with their PAWs, it leaves SCARs and we get SCAREd.

In a "city", there is a "scarcity" of many things

Beautiful City called PAU (parries) is very small and scarcity of cold of minus degree temperature.

paucity: pav means a low money in telugu......so by this scarcity comes

PAUper - Poor individual PAUcity - poor state of affairs

"pau"(bread)+"city" ---> sohore pauruti nai

+city—the city in whch only paav are available LACKS in vegetables

a city where anything is not sufficient....


(noun) a petty misdeed
Synonyms : indiscretion
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for peccadillo

"pecc" (actually, pecado) refers to "mistake" as in impeccable. pecking others etc., So, peccadillo means small mistake.

no one is PUKKA . we tend to do small and petty mistakes

If you watch American pie 3 movie you can easily remember this word in this movie the heroin have this peccadillo ( penis shape dildo ) which girls use for the small offense or sexual satisfaction

pecc(mistake) + dillo(dhila)means loose,so small mistake..

peccadillo=penis-ca-dhorlo(bangla)..it means to hold penis..you can say it as handling..it is not a serious offense

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pecca means drink beer and dillo means looseness so peeke offence kar diya

peccadillo=peca +adi+l(light)+o(lo(tesko))..playing cards is a minor offence

sound like BACARDI LAO(bring)...you are asking your friend to bring bacardi....and drinking bacardi is a minor crime(morally).....

peccadillo sounds like -- puchka dhil marlo -- which is slight offence

pakka di low blow = petty act

the armaDILLO PECked my arm but I considered this only a minor offense because he could have bit my arm off

pe+ca+dil+lo....so ek person pe ke dil lo-dil lo bol rha hai....means it is a slight offense

Peccadillo means Pecca Dil Lo yani ladki ka Dil pakka lo aur "make small mistake" yani thodi galti karo

Pecca Dil Lo aur this surely will be your petty mistake in life.

pecca (playing card) + dil (deal) + lo (low offense)….

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