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   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for peevish

pee+vish( pee means asking forcibly to drink,,, n vish is poison) so irritating easily..

Someone who wishes(~VISHes) to go to the bathroom to PEE but cannot because they is no vacancy will be irritated

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pee means toilet vish means wish so peeing in any place where u wish is irritable

if children PEE on bed its irritable(PEEVISH)

If u wish(vish (really want) to pee, then u r easily being annoyed and irritated if u r not allowed to (u r in an exam for eg)

Harry Potter fans...Remember Peeves...Very irritating ghost

kisi pee(drunken)kar aye hue man ki vish(wish)puri na karo to to wo irritated ho jata hai.

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