haggard - Dictionary definition and meaning for word haggard

(noun) British writer noted for romantic adventure novels (1856-1925)
(adj) showing the wearing effects of overwork or care or suffering
Synonyms : careworn , drawn , raddled , worn
Example Sentence
  • looking careworn as she bent over her mending
  • her face was drawn and haggard from sleeplessness
  • that raddled but still noble face
  • shocked to see the worn look of his handsome young face

(adj) very thin especially from disease or hunger or cold
Example Sentence
  • emaciated bony hands
  • a nightmare population of gaunt men and skeletal boys
  • eyes were haggard and cavernous
  • small pinched faces
  • kept life in his wasted frame only by grim concentration

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for haggard

Hagrid, a character from Harry Potter is very huge HEALTHY and gigantic..haggard is the opposite of it..gaunt i.e very thin..
40       5

by jc

"Hago" means to shit or go to toilet for throwing stool. A haggard suffers from disentry (always go to toilet) so gaunt, worn out and thin. May God save him!
27       6

by sanjeev

mathew hoggard is an effective bowler despite his haggard (or)gaunt appearance
9       6

by imajeeth

hug the guard (looking ill or tired, often with dark skin under the eyes)
5       3

by arshnagpal

3       3

by coolgal82

a laggard(lazy) person always haggards(wastes) time
1       0

by berkeley

HAGGARD = hag + gar + d; The room is wasted due to toilet.
0       0

by shaktipada

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