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(adj) being of questionable authenticity Definition
(adj) of or belonging to the Apocrypha
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for apocryphal

Apocryphal Hypocritical (of false appearance of virtue)

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Derived from root "crypt" which means "secret". So, Apocryphal means "of doubtful authenticity"

Assume a girl's cry. Cry is a part of the word Apo'cry'phal. Girl's crying is false and made up. So, Apocryphal means made up or questionable.

apo+cry+phal:ur crying so mom question's u..questionable...u say fall which is untrue

apocryphal = apo + cry + phal; so you cry realizing that your new jewellery is spurious!

APO CRY FAIL- you cry because,you fail; but that is untrue because i am sure you passed; therefore its of questionable authority...

APKO itna jyada CRY karne ka PHAL kuch nahi milne wala cozi know what ever u said is all UNTRUE,FALSE,MADE UP stories etc...

a(negative) +cryptic(secret)+phal(sounds like false) =>so it is widely known(not secret) but false

He claims to have A POCKET FULL of money, but we all know better.

Phil, the little known 13th APOstel, CRYed because his writings were deemed by the church to be PHull--of-it. The scriptures of John, Paul, George and Ringo were published but those of Phil were hidden away.

Think of the books not accepted into the Bible. They were not found in the APOSTLES' CRYPT.

APOCRYPHAL<===> मणगढ़ंत (pr. \\maNagaDhanat \\ )[Noun]

concentrate on CRY+PHAL.when ur mother asks u did u eat the PHAL(fruit)which were not ours.u CRY[u hide ur mistake ie untrue].

In the Fiction(not real/true) film if one ate that PHAL(fruit) he/she would CRY for the whole day.

apolo+cry:-remember the greek god appolo,in the situation of disaster greek pepole says that appolo is crying.but it is not true thats why we can say apolcryphal means wide spread thing but untrue

Assume writer wrote in article a girl APO CRY for PHAL(fruit) which is not seem true.. Doubtful orginity, a questionable authorship or authenticity.


(noun) a disloyal person who betrays or deserts his cause or religion or political party or friend etc. Definition
(adj) not faithful to religion or party or cause
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for apostate

apostate can be thought of as 'opposite state'.. That is changing to the opposite state, and not loyal to his current state..

Apostles do not apostate

apostate ~ apo + state; Prefix 'apo' means away; so away from state : One who's away from his state or religion. (Abandonment of religious values)

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a-po-state:: a means no,generally as we kno. po- take this meaning in tamil,that means "go". state- this is a normal state,state in a country. so, no going to state..no going to his state,or one who abandons his state..(im sorry,if it is silly)

Judas the apostle became an apostate when he renounced Jesus.

apo(ape)+state. connect it with d life of ape,who wer not intrested in any religion..they were the hunters who kill thr animals n friends for food..

BJP's Apostate to hindutva after the elections

APOlogy to the STATE, bhai maaf kar do, bahut ho gaya.. and turns his back to previously held faith and beliefs.

APOSTATE<===> धर्म रहित (pr. \\dharm rahit \\ )[Noun] Example:He is an apostate.

apo state ippo no state. he changed his mind.

when someone is apostate, he is in an ape state (in a state like apes)


(noun) model of excellence or perfection of a kind; one having no equal Definition
(noun) the elevation of a person (as to the status of a god)
Synonyms : deification exaltation
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for apotheosis

theo- theological, somthing related to god. theology elevates oneself to god hood.

Theos means god(you can remember it by THE O.S means the operating sytem that control's our live's must be god)AAP+THEOSis....aperson saying to another that aap toh god ho.....apotheosis.....

apo = up(raise) + theo(god)+ sis = is. So "god is up in apotheosis belief".

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remember ur "apo" ie ur appointment/date wid ur gf/bf...rest will take care of itself :-P..afterall Krishna's apo wid Radha is like a religious "theory"


apotheosis = apo(a person) theo(god) size(raise)~ means "to raise to the level of the god"

apo = a position + theo(god)+ (sys)size = to raise someone to the position of God size.

APOTHEOSIS<===> आदर्श (pr. \\Adarsh \\ )[Noun]


(verb) strike with disgust or revulsion
Example Sentence
  • The scandalous behavior of this married woman shocked her friends
(verb) fill with apprehension or alarm; cause to be unpleasantly surprised
Synonyms : alarm appal dismay horrify
Example Sentence
  • I was horrified at the thought of being late for my interview
  • The news of the executions horrified us
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for appall

appall (aap + pale ho gaye) - in dismay

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a+pal(in marathi it means lizard)...when u see lizard u r shocked

appall ~ app + all; all applications. I was appalled (shocked) when my teacher told me to learn all applications of a software.

~appalam means papad in telugu and tamil.This is only word relating to papad here,i m deeply shocked about it.

App(sounds like Apes)+All. think of a situation where there is a sudden attach of all the Apes, u will be in deep shock.

appall sounds like : 'up all'..say when someone says stand "up all" ...you are "shocked" at their arrogance

appall = take it as apollo, when hear somebody went to apollo hospital u will get shock, because something went wrong

A FALL- when u fall, you probably get a shock that you have fallen

Appall- application all. "If your boss tells you to learn all applications, it will be a shock for you."

APPALL<===> नाराज़ होना (pr. \\naraja hona \\ )[Noun]


(noun) a ghostly appearing figure
Example Sentence
  • we were unprepared for the apparition that confronted us
(noun) the appearance of a ghostlike figure
Example Sentence
  • I was recalled to the present by the apparition of a frightening specter
(noun) something existing in perception only
Example Sentence
  • a ghostly apparition at midnight
(noun) an act of appearing or becoming visible unexpectedly
Example Sentence
  • natives were amazed at the apparition of this white stranger
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for apparition

sounds like 'a partition'. When a soul 'partitions' from a body, u become a "ghost"

A + PARI i.e. ghost

a(one)+pari+son son of a fairy who might be a ghost

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sounds like Perish(means to die)->APPARITION=A(one)+PERISHED+ION(one)->somebody who has died and is now a ghost floating above the ground

A partition of India was like a ghostly thing to happen

APPARITION<===> प्रेत (pr. \\pret \\ )[Noun] Example:He told us stories of apparitions and frightened us.

Anil Kapoor in Mr. India movie.

just remember it as aparition(operation) phantom

Sounds like operation..we do operatoion to remove appatition(ghostly object)

appart means away from, you are away from dreams & also means unattainable.

apparition = ap + parition, ap for application of parition i.e. tension is showing on your face.


(verb) inform (somebody) of something
Example Sentence
  • I advised him that the rent was due
(verb) make aware of
Synonyms : apprize instruct
Example Sentence
  • Have the students been apprised of the tuition hike?
(verb) gain in value
Example Sentence
  • The yen appreciated again!
(verb) increase the value of
Synonyms : appreciate apprize
Example Sentence
  • The Germans want to appreciate the Deutsche Mark
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for apprise

one who will inform will get the prize


APPle+RISE......Instead of Sun, If you see an APPLE has risen...what will you do????? you will INFORM peopla, media etc to see the miracle!!!!!!

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just imagine informing someone "aapka rise ho raha hei"

relate it with "surprise" means inform suddenly-


apple price...to tell the price of apple (to inform)

The employer was apprised by the manager that the chances of the employee being appraised in the next appraisal cycle are at the discretion of the director's approbation.

After the APPRAISAL, the inspector APPRISE the manager that he will give 4.5 out of 5 stars to his restaurant

AppRise,to Rise the demand of their application Microsoft has started INFORMING through ads

if you win a prize in competition, won’t you tell everyone?

app(appeal) + rise.. sun rises to appeal its a new day!

minister informed that apple price has increased so eat pineapple

AAP ne NOTICE kiya hai har cheez ki prize kitni bad gayi hai ...that makes is AAP+PRISE apprise.

read it as ap(up)+prise(prize) which means increase in prize

the APpaisal of prise(price) neds to be INFORMED

apprise= up rise when you rise up in your life.you tend to inform others about this.

to inform ke AAPKO mila PRIZE.....

consider it as appraisal..

ap(apply)+prise(prize)-apply for prize,is like informing to section board

APPRISE<===> सूचित करना (pr. \\suchit karana \\ )[TransitiveVerb] Example:The press reporters were apprised of The Cabinet Ministers decisions.

apprise: relate it to rise...an increase...smthing that increase the value ...

I praise you if you apprise me about your appraisal of the prize!


(noun) official approval Definition
(noun) official recognition or approval
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for approbation

Ap+PROBATION: You get CONFIRMATION/APPROVAL in your job after your Probation period

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APPRO-bation something related to approve or approval

The employer was apprised by the manager that the chances of the employee being appraised in the next appraisal cycle are at the discretion of the director's approbation.

approbation can be remembered as approval and approval are grneraly given in offical and authority matters.

approbation ~ approb (approval) + at + ion (Ion technologies company); job approval in some company.

PROBE into the matter for APPROBATION of the person's PROBITY

approved your confirmation

Approving Commendation

approval of BAIL; remember approval

just change 'b' into 'v', so we have approvation (approve) ;)

APPROBATION<===> मंजूरी/अनुमोदन (pr. \\manajuri/anumodan \\ )[Noun] Example:The approbation committee passed the bill willingly.

ap-andhra pradesh pro-corrupt bation-bowl


(adj) of an appropriate or pertinent nature Definition
(adv) at an opportune time
Example Sentence
  • your letter arrived apropos
(adv) introducing a different topic; in point of fact
Example Sentence
  • incidentally, I won't go to the party
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for apropos

apropos sounds like "Propose" This issue is faced by many teenage boys/girls :) When is the right time to propose to a Girl/Boy you love? Hence apropos is an opportune moment or right moment/time.

apropos ~ apro + pos ~ appropriate + position - appropriate + situation...

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split it like a+propos.sounds like..propose...and you propose a plan in your office related to or concerning to" how to increse sales of product.."

apropos=a+pro(program)+pos(position) a program conducted by a news paper in order to inform position of some xyz person.

APROPOS OF<===> के संदर्भ में (pr. \\ke sanadarbh men \\ )[Noun]

sounds also similar to purpose.... so if you have .a. purpose .or aim.to do something you wait...for the opportune time to come..

A means one, pro always means bettter , pos means position is always good for right person

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