palliate - Dictionary definition and meaning for word palliate

(verb) lessen or to try to lessen the seriousness or extent of
Synonyms : extenuate , mitigate
Example Sentence
  • The circumstances extenuate the crime
(verb) provide physical relief, as from pain
Synonyms : alleviate , assuage , relieve
Example Sentence
  • This pill will relieve your headaches

Memory aid to help you memorize this

it can be like pale(faint coz of disease)+ate so eating the pain.i.e. reducing it.
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palli+ate.I was hungry,had pain in the stomach,so ate some palli(groundnut).It eased the pain but didn't cure it.
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a friend = a PAL will ALLEVIATE your pain.
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PALL+I+ATE..ease pain.. PALL means become borin.. u got bored of the pain..fed up of u ATE ease the pain..
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pal(friend) + ate(lessen) >>> a friend always LESSEN OUR PAIN when it grows a lot
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now here a latin root could help fix few words. Pallere means concealed. cloaked hence something which has become pale . u can find this root in words: palliate: to ease or cloak pain without curing. pall: become pale >less intresting after much
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Pall when sick I ate something and i felt better ... same will happen with you.
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