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(noun) court-ordered support paid by one spouse to another after they are separated
Synonyms : maintenance
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for alimony

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Ali+mony mony==All I need is Money and not my husband.

Its opposite to matriminy.Alimonmy=money for seperation.

Ali(name of the person) + mony(money), Imagine, Ali giving money to his ex- wife every month.

Ali gave mony to hez exx wife named mony...!!

alimony sounds like "harmony"...so to achieve this husband needs to pay his wife after divorce :)

ailment of matrimony: when matrimony fails you have to pay back......

Ali(an)+mon(e)my : When u become alian with ur husband u get money

all money no matrimony,

ALIMONY<===> परित्यक्ता पत्नी के लिये वृत्ति या जीविका (pr. \\parityakta patni ke liye vaRatti ya jivika \\ )[Noun] Example:The alimony that she is getting is insufficient for h


(verb) lessen the intensity of or calm
Synonyms : ease relieve still
Example Sentence
  • The news eased my conscience
  • still the fears
(verb) satisfy (thirst)
Synonyms : assuage quench slake
Example Sentence
  • The cold water quenched his thirst
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for allay

allay allay allay rote nhi chup ho jaao

ALL- LAY- lay down and calm down..

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Allay = Alleviate

al + lay ~ Ali (name of a person) + lay; Ali lay down on bed to calm down his body and mind.

allay sab rakh le pr calm down

ai lay sab rakh le pr please calm down

Take a lay to calm down

ALLAY(ale) ab jo bhi ho.. ALLAY(ale) ho jane do.. ALLAY(ale) hum befikar chalte rahe!!!

allay-imagine ali of dhoom is laying on the chair to lessen his tension caused due to Abhishek Bachhan

ALLAY<===> दबाना{शांत कर देना} (pr. \\dabana{shanat kar dena} \\ )[TransitiveVerb] Example:My mothers consolation allayed doubts about my own abilities.

alay~relay~relax= when you relax, you try to calm down your mind from unnecessary thoughts.

allay = al (everybody) + lay; everybody laid in bed i.e. the situation is calm or peaceful.


(noun) the act of binding yourself (intellectually or emotionally) to a course of action
Example Sentence
  • his long commitment to public service
  • they felt no loyalty to a losing team
(noun) the loyalty that citizens owe to their country (or subjects to their sovereign)
Synonyms : fealty
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for allegiance

We have heard the fancy stories of ALI and his GIN... his gin is COMMITTED and LOYAL to him.. hence ALLE + GI(A)N + CE...

sound like reliance. so, when will u rely on anyone, simply if he is loyal to u. :)

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allegiance = alleg + ia + nce..read it as allege n..alag nahi (in Hindi)..and hence loyal or binded.

allegiance sounds like a league. after joining the league he was pretty loyal to it !

allegiance ~ alleg +ef + iance: This sounds together like alleg(ALLEGE)+iance(sounds like fiance)....you allege your fiance of not being loyal to you.

ALLE+JEANS- this jeans u put on for all time, binding with u.

calling “allah ji” instead of “allah” shows loyalty

ally+giance,ally means friend and a good friend is always loyal

come from: liege (mean: king, loyal) . allegiance ~ all + liege = all for the king = loyalty

this word brings in mind the word ,elegance,isnt it ? well,if so- loyalty is for elegance,vice versa.

ali gyan se loyal hai.... this may be the mnemonics for the word coz i use this mnemonics for my stu...

all jeans (ALLEGIANCE) have expensive LOYALTY.

We owe allegiance to our study.

ALLEGIANCE<===> निष्ठा {राजभक्ति} (pr. \\niShTha {rajabhakti} \\ )[Noun] Example:They swear allegiance to the flag. ALLEGIANCE<===> निष्ठा (pr. \\niShTha \\ )[Noun] Example:They swear allegiance to the

All in Jeans = always in Jeans= show allegiance to jeans


(verb) provide physical relief, as from pain
Synonyms : assuage palliate relieve
Example Sentence
  • This pill will relieve your headaches
(verb) make easier
Synonyms : ease facilitate
Example Sentence
  • you could facilitate the process by sharing your knowledge
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for alleviate

ALL (all)+ EVI (evil)+ ATE (has been eaten up) so hence you are relieved of the pain and you feel relief

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alleviate ~ elevator: It sounds like elevator and elevator helps us reduce leg pain while walking or climbing stairs.

alleviate= ALL+LEVIS+ATE , people of old age r wearing dhoti while they ate as it gives relieve to them,bt nowadays ALL youngsters r wearing LEVIS JEANS while they ATE n r saying that it gives us RELIEVE while we eat.

Alle(Ginger in marathi) khane ke baad daat ka dard kam hota hai


ALLEVIATE = Allegation is going to ate i.e relieves the pain.

ALLEVIATE<===> कम करना (pr. \\kam karana \\ )[Verb] Example:The govt. has introduced schemes to alleviate poverty.


(adj) remote in manner
Synonyms : distant upstage
Example Sentence
  • stood apart with aloof dignity
  • a distant smile
  • he was upstage with strangers
(adv) in an aloof manner
Example Sentence
  • the local gentry and professional classes had held aloof for the school had accepted their sons readily enough
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for aloof

aloof:aloo(potato)+f..u like aloo so mom keeps it "apart" for u..it is "reserved" for u

Aloof (ALOne in the rOOF), when some is alone in the roof, he is at distance from other members of house.

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aloof~ a roof; Alone on roof top !!

aloof- imagine you cant call anyone you are lone and apart so first while you call someone you say "alo" no answer so you say "of" nobody answering you are apart and reserved - alo+of

consider aloof is pronounced as a+lu...we always keep lu area apart from the home so that it will not create any problem in daily life


ALOOF<===> अलग/दूर (pr. \\alag/dur \\ )[Adjective] Example:He keeps himself aloof from politics. ALOOFNESS<===> दूरी (pr. \\duri \\ )[Noun] Example:He is subjected to criticism due to his aloofness from his collegues.

u r aloo(potato) so f*** o**

aloo+off...stay away fom aloo..keep distance from aloo,or else you will become fat

aloof=a+loofer as he is a loofer he is seperated from others


(noun) noisy quarrel
Synonyms : affray fracas
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for altercation

A little bit of basic chemistry understanding is needed for this : Alter + cation : if you alter (change) cation, it will become anion... and there is always a dispute between cation and anion. (Both are of opposite nature)

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When taken alteration of physical things like, cutting of clothes,marble,wood(by carpenter) there is always lots of noise. Isn't it?

altered ~ alter (means to change); When things are altered without telling the elders, then there may arise a noisy quarrel.

ALTERCATION (Altering conversation) Imagine a peaceful conversation altering into a noisy quarrel (as in group discussion)

alter something without asking gets mother angry

Altercation also means " an angry argument". All those words in that definition begin with the letter, a. In that case, it is alliteration. alliteration sounds like altercation.

ALTER+CAKE...when your birthday cakes are altered, you will be having disagreement or quarrel with the owner of the bakery....

altercation- imagine you alter your cat with another animal because it make noisy quarrel with your dog

altering opinion makes altercation

For the crazy couple, the alternate form of love conversation is fight.

ALTERCATION<===> झगड़ा (pr. \\jhagaDDa \\ )[Noun] Example:Altercations between Neena and Tina are quite common.

Altercation - Alter(other)+Cat = Two cats are fighting


(adj) showing unselfish concern for the welfare of others
Synonyms : selfless
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for altruistic

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al+tru.. someone who is always true i.e. somelike Gandhiji.. unselfish concern for welfare of others

all tru(i)st. i.e. all trust to such a person who is unselfish or selfless

altruistic ~ all + true; a person with true heart for others is altruistic.

Someone who is AL(l)TRU(e)-ISTIC . i mean who is all true is always more concerned in general welfare like our Great Mother Teresa .

ALTRUISTIC<===> परोपकारी (pr. \\paropakari \\ )[Adjective] Example:She is an altruistic social worker.


(verb) to make better
Example Sentence
  • The editor improved the manuscript with his changes
(verb) get better
Synonyms : better improve meliorate
Example Sentence
  • The weather improved toward evening
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for ameliorate

Ameli (Imli) improves the taste of food.

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In movie Amelie, Amelie tries to improve other's life.

Take the suffix 'rate'. With the increase in product rate it's quality will also improve.

"ae"+ "melio"+ "re"(meet me) lets meet to improve relations

Aam(Mango)+ lio(Take) + rate(@ less rate).. Cheap mangoes.. makes it Better ;)

Sounds a bit like deteriorate which means 'to lessen or degrade'. Here 'a' negates the meaning. Hence it means 'to better'

deteriorate = degrade ameliorate = improve

AMUL RATE- with shortage of milk, AMUL is increasing milk RATE

AME(she)+LI(literacy)+RATE...(shes improving literacy rate by teaching..

Amelio-rate is to make it more-great

Amelia R. ate Kate's improving cake to help her make it more great!

After polishing off the meal we ate, Amelia rated Its overall quality, saying it might be ameliorated If dusted with imported Parmesan, freshly grated And by having the entrée more attractively plated. JBG 12/27/10


AMELIORATE<===> सुधारना (pr. \\sudharana \\ )[Verb] Example:The army has been called to ameliorate the city situation.

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