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    dauntless - Dictionary definition and meaning for word dauntless

    (adj) invulnerable to fear or intimidation
    Example Sentence
    • audacious explorers
    • fearless reporters and photographers
    • intrepid pioneers
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for dauntless

Dauntless - Daunt + less .. If daunt(Fright or FEAR) is less , it means you are bold and dauntless.

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+auntless=d-sounds as "the"and auntless. i am afrid of my aunt.when my aunt went out i am fearless in my home

d+auntless=d-sounds as the and auntless. many people having no aunt are fearless

DON'T LOOSE your nerve

Dauntless - Danger+aunt+less->It means you are bold and no FEAR.

Dauntless for this word no need to think too we know the daunt means frighten... so dauntless means there is no frighten soo dauntless=not to be daunted.

here "daunt" get resembles "daud"(hindi)bhaganabecause of fear ..so daunt+less= fearless

sounds haunt + less >>> if u r haunt less, then nothing can frighten u... means u r bold..

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