insolent - Dictionary definition and meaning for word insolent

(adj) marked by casual disrespect
Synonyms : flip , impudent , snotty-nosed
Example Sentence
  • a flip answer to serious question
  • the student was kept in for impudent behavior
(adj) unrestrained by convention or propriety
Example Sentence
  • an audacious trick to pull
  • a barefaced hypocrite
  • the most bodacious display of tourism this side of Anaheim
  • bald-faced lies
  • brazen arrogance
  • the modern world with its quick material successes and insolent belief in the boundless possibilities of progress

Memory aid to help you memorize this

sounds like insult-ent => A person who insults evryone is UNRESTRAINED, IMPRUDENT AND SHAMELESS
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INSOLENT = INSULting + arrogANT.
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