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(adj) good at remembering
Example Sentence
  • a retentive mind
  • tenacious memory
(adj) stubbornly unyielding
Example Sentence
  • dogged persistence
  • dour determination
  • the most vocal and pertinacious of all the critics
  • a mind not gifted to discover truth but tenacious to hold it
  • men tenacious of opinion
(adj) sticking together
Synonyms : coherent
Example Sentence
  • two coherent sheets
  • tenacious burrs
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for tenacious

Sounds like ten Asians. Ten developing Asian countries if united together, can not be pulled apart.

Using the similarity to "Asian" again, you can use the stereotype that Asians are good at school... thus good at remembering/ retentive. You can even stretch it to the "stubbornly persistent" def."

REtenacious... one who retains things..

A man named ROCKY was sent to jail for throwing acid at his wife. He came out of jail several years later and you know the first thing he did? He threw the acid again. This thing repeated 10 times. Finally he was called tenacious

TENANT-DOESNT LET GO OFF a flat he gets , very easily.. TENANTs are TENAcious

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even if there are ten meanings, a tenacious person will remember all

Tenacious reminds of Tentacles of Davy Jones in the movie Pirates of Caribbean, they stuck together and didn't yield by any possible means.

Humans have ten fingers to hold on to something persistently.

ten means push in greek

tenacious = ten + ac + io + us; We( us means we) indeed oblige(i for indeed & o for oblige) ten air conditioner for the hall anyhow otherwise you will not get your money.


(noun) persistent determination
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for tenacity

tenacity : teen's consistant activity ie determination to continue what he/she 's doing.

tenacity : ten aina chestha - not giving up

in search of job i am PERSISTENTLY living in A CITY like mumbai for TEN years......still no job!!!WTF!!!......:D

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Tenacity and Frailty are rhyming words with opposite meanings. While tenacity stands for firmness,strength, frailty refers to weakness or fragility (fragile).

Tenacity=Tenant+City means tenant in a city is not oersistant


(adj) having or marked by a strong tendency especially a controversial one
Synonyms : tendencious
Example Sentence
  • a tendentious account of recent elections
  • distinguishing between verifiable fact and tendentious assertion
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for tendentious

Rearrange the words to make - Tend or Tendency + ious or bias. So, TENDENTIOUS is a TENDENcy towards one viewpoint over another.

tendentious:(tendency+Us~United states):the tendency of US is to support/tend towrds the controversial country, thats why it supports pakistan to crub india through financial and military/weapon aids.so supporting a controversial

Split like: TEN DEN ( Ten people discussing at a single den raise to controversial views)

tend = tendor,so when tendor is provided a pratiality is made btwn two......

Tendency+ tension= tendency to bring out the controversial topic which gives tensions


(noun) a religious doctrine that is proclaimed as true without proof
Synonyms : dogma
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for tenet

TENET rhymes with TENANT...so the tenants were given a set of DOCTRINE by the owner before they could occupy the house

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teen + net. teen should not be allowed to sit in interNET for long time. this is the common PRINCIPLE or DOGMA among parents

The Ten Commandments

TEN+IT=when TEN(a group) say something every1 follows IT(as a principle)

teeneger + net ... teeneger shld be given proper "teaching" to use net

A Tenet is a Statement of a strong religious belief or principle.

tenant one who holds property, tenet mens similar about principals of religious or political belief

KAS-KE(tighten) keep the things kas-ke or they would fall out of order.

tenet = ten + eat; The food should be taken before ten for good health thiis a doctrine without proof.


(adj) having thin consistency
Example Sentence
  • a tenuous fluid
(adj) very thin in gauge or diameter
Example Sentence
  • a tenuous thread
(adj) lacking substance or significance
Synonyms : flimsy fragile slight thin
Example Sentence
  • slight evidence
  • a tenuous argument
  • a thin plot
  • a fragile claim to fame
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for tenuous

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this word sound very close to TENNIS....and most of the female TENNIS PLAYERS ARE VERY SLIM AND THIN...

TENUOUS can be split as TEN+US,so TEN of us goin to USa together,the chances are very SLIM and it'll be a RARITY

Tenuous comes from Attenuate. Attenuate means to make thin.

tenous...this word it extracted from Latin tenuis means...thin, slight...

split it "Ten+of+us". It is a rare possiblity that ten of us will accomodate in car

this word is delibrately mispronounced some times as tenyeas....tenyears....so your ten years daughter is very thin.........and slim.....

tenuous can be related to tension..in tension a person is weak....

Tenuous and Bulbous are rhyming words with different meanings. Tenuous is something slim or thin while Bulbous is something fat and round .

Read TENUOUS as 'TEN of U vs twO of US', so when ur only two against ten, u become "WEAK AND INSUBSTANTIAL"( Insubstantial : lacking strength and solidity ).

tenuous sounds like "Thin" and fragile

me playin TENNIS is a tenuous idea

TEN+US....the plane we hired to go to gre could manage only 10 people because the plane was TENUOUS

though ten of us are thin ,its very rare to fit in the car

TEN of US can only cook a TENUOUS dish... for too many cooks spoil the dish..

tenuous = tenis. tenis players(female) are thin and generally lack substance - they are more hype.

ten u or us:so doubtful,uncertain; tender: easily broken so must be thin

tenuous-sounds like strenuous. under strain we become fragile and thin

Tenuous sound like tender, and tender meat is soft/flimsy

think about Tin can which is thin


(adj) moderately warm
Synonyms : lukewarm
Example Sentence
  • he hates lukewarm coffee
  • tepid bath water
(adj) feeling or showing little interest or enthusiasm
Example Sentence
  • a halfhearted effort
  • gave only lukewarm support to the candidate
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for tepid

tepid sounds like torpid which is sluggish ie, inactive

te(tea) and pid(dip):ypu can dip ur hand into tea only when it is lukewarm

tepid..sounds like rapid....when u have half hearted approach for sth u do things rapidly..means u want to just finish ur work u have no interst in doing it...

~tea+Pee'd:: you can have hint from either TEA or PEE, in either case it's luke warm

Tepid can be thought of as "Tap" which gives lukewarm water..

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tepid=tap+it....introducing the new "TAP IT gyser"...tap it once and u shall get LUKE WARM water...tap it twice and u shall get hot water.......:D

Tepid refers to something Mild, lukewarm or not too hot.

tepid = tea + pid; i.e. pid is having low control power which has little interest.


(adj) brief and to the point; effectively cut short
Synonyms : crisp curt laconic
Example Sentence
  • a crisp retort
  • a response so curt as to be almost rude
  • the laconic reply; `yes'
  • short and terse and easy to understand
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for terse

terse...sounds like TERESA..Here all her achievements,efforts everything has been consolidated, confined and put into a single word "MOTHER"..So TERSE means brief,concise

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TERSE rhymes with VERSE.jus a verse is always CONCISE and PITHY

write mother teresa as terse....so u r riting concise and brief!

TEARse....when you tear your cloth it becomes brief,concise...

Terse is when you Converse in a curt or concise manner.

<B>Time</B> spent in a <B>hearse</B> is brief by comparison.

read it as T-erase.... we erase unnecessary lines to make it short and concise


(adj) easily irritated or annoyed
Example Sentence
  • an incorrigibly fractious young man
  • not the least nettlesome of his countrymen
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for testy

If someone has described you as SHORT-TEMPERED in the TESTY(testimonial), then you will get IRRITATED looking at it.

TESTY sounds like TASTY, so if food is not tasty u get irritate, bad tempered

test+y - tests (exams) are irritable and make a person short-tempered

a IRRITATED person says--Dont TEST my patience

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if the food is not TASTY u become TESTY....!:)

Teasing Tea.

for computer people: the software testers are very short tempered and are very irritable to the developer

TESTY-S if sumone fidgets with it.. d 'proces' becomes short tempered..

TESTY OR FIDGETY have somewhat similar sounds. The words refer to irritability.

Split the word into TEST+TEA. if u could not TEA during TESt u get irritated...

Who does'nt get easily irritated by a surprise TEST!

when you see that your tests are approaching you easily get irritated

giving a test is testy

Someone wrote a bad TESTY about you and hence you got "IRRITATED"

This somehow sounds like "testis". So if someone shows your testis to others you get annoyed.

my testicles are testy,i shall treat them gently!

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