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(noun) large southern European spider once thought to be the cause of tarantism (uncontrollable bodily movement) Definition
(noun) large hairy tropical spider with fangs that can inflict painful but not highly venomous bites
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for tarantula

tarantula is like Dracula

There was an English movie called Tarantula about wild spiders. In general, Tarantula, Godzilla, Gorilla all end with "la" - and mean some gigantic creature.

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Tarantula (a venomous spider) and Tarantella (an Italian whirling dance)have the same sounds but the words have conflicting emotions. While one makes you whirl in enjoyment, the other makes you writhe (get uncomfortable) in pain.

taRANtula:RAN(run...run...tarantula is beside u)


(verb) be about
Example Sentence
  • The high school students like to loiter in the Central Square
  • Who is this man that is hanging around the department?
(verb) leave slowly and hesitantly
Synonyms : linger
(adj) having the characteristics of pitch or tar
Synonyms : pitchy resinous resiny
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for tarry

like when Tar gets stuck to your boot, it leaves the boot slowly....

tarry sounds like the hindi word deri.....so a delay in doing something..

consider the word TARIFF which means paying taxes.. So the merchants will attempt to TARRY the TARIFF

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tarry sounds like tardy,so if you tarry, you will be tardy.

tarry sounds like hu(a)rry..hurry is the antonym of tarry

ataTARI chala ...khup late zalele ahe......

Tarry can be thought when a girl says "aa rahi hun"..which means to delay..

boss: y r u late? me: taarey gin ra tha :P

After consuming tarry(tarry in bengali language means wine) you are walking slowly & in curved way

Tarry and Early have a similar sound but they have opposite meanings. Tarry is to dwadle and get late whereas early means, to be punctual or be somewhere before the scheduled time.

john terry always comes late on the football field


(adj) pulled or drawn tight
Synonyms : tight
Example Sentence
  • taut sails
  • a tight drumhead
  • a tight rope
(adj) subjected to great tension; stretched tight
Example Sentence
  • the skin of his face looked drawn and tight
  • her nerves were taut as the strings of a bow
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for taut

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taut sounds like taught.. and if all the teachers want to taught(teach) lessons at the same period it will be tight..

Teacher needs to be tight to teach (taut)

Taut sounds like Got. My muscles got taut (strained) after all that strenuous exercise.

like TIGHT

taut sounds like taught...you were taught a lesson last night n were asked to write a test but u forgot.....so you are TENSED........

Tauta (totta) means Maal(sexy looking girl), and tauta tightens few muscles.. tauta means maal then taut can be considered as muscular male who is tight and ready

taut = tota (hindi word for maal ladki) so a <br> 1. tota is always neat and trim <br> 2. and when taut comes around you, you become nervous and stressed

Picture tater [tot]s tightly packed together in a fast food restaurant. :)

Think=Thought; Tight=Taut


(adj) repetition of same sense in different words
Example Sentence
  • `a true fact' and `a free gift' are pleonastic expressions
  • the phrase `a beginner who has just started' is tautological
  • at the risk of being redundant I return to my original proposition
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for tautological

tota (parrot) repeats what u say !!

TAU+TAU+logical....tau is coming twice at different places...

(for biological students)Remember tautonomy= practice of naming animal having same Genus and species name. ex: spotted deer=Axis axis

Tautology and Monotony have somewhat similar sounds, but they have the same meaning i.e to happen repeatedly.

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For computer students, discrete mathematics contains step to prove one equation is same as other.

Addition to Userdce's mnemonic...... Tau + Tau + Logic - Repeating the same logic using different repeated words

Thatha in tamil means grandfather.. old people repeat the what they say all the time

Tauto - Logical-- Taut students logically, don't repeat the chapter every time.

strut- truck

what do u find looking at the mnemonics stated for this wors...? mr.sravan unnecessarily repeating the same thing..


(adj) tastelessly showy
Example Sentence
  • a flash car
  • a flashy ring
  • garish colors
  • a gaudy costume
  • loud sport shirts
  • a meretricious yet stylish book
  • tawdry ornaments
(adj) cheap and shoddy
Synonyms : cheapjack shoddy
Example Sentence
  • cheapjack moviemaking...that feeds on the low taste of the mob
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for tawdry

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TOWEL+DRY......In a public locker room, a person who dries his body with a towel in front of everybody is vulgar and gaudy.


taw - Toy which is cheap and Dry - Means it is dry showy - Not proper elegence.

tawdry sounds like rowdy..a cheap person indeed!!

Tawdry sounds like Laundry -> clothes -> gaudy/showy/cheaply shining clothes

Sounds like Taadi in marathi..taadi are cheap alcohol shops

any1 who asks dowry from their bahus is a <b>fucking</b> tawdry

sounds like toddy.. toddy shops are cheap liquor shops.. hence the meaning cheap gaudy..

TAWDRY = TAsteless + gAUDY.

Sounds like "To Oddly Dry" yourself in a way that others can see your body (It could be both Showy and Immoral)

Tawdry is Vulgarity - to be showy, garish or flashy - something that is unpresentable and ungraceful.

Dry lands r cheap so tawdry means cheap

TAWDRY sounds like "TODDY" means white water it is very cheap compare to all wines....


(noun) the feeling of being bored by something tedious
Synonyms : boredom ennui
(noun) dullness owing to length or slowness
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for tedium

tedium....stadium.......bored of sitting in a stadium...... especially during test matches...for 5 days..!!!!

Just think of the cognate 'tedious' which means annoying. Tedium annoys too.

Tedium (boring) and Humdrum (dull) are rhyming words and they also relate to each other. If something is dull it is bound to be boring.


(noun) fearless daring
Synonyms : audaciousness audacity
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for temerity

Temerity (boldness) is the opposite of timidity, which means fear or shyness.

T+ marry+t...if u will break d word like dis den u will find out meaning...Think like dis dat v need alot of BOLDNESS to marry,v hav 2hold our NERVE b4 dis step

: te+merit+y—if you have merit(academic excellence) then you will be excessive confident and fearless

remember the word tremor.. meaning shaking with fear so a temer person doesn't have tremors...

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temerity is opposite of timorous which means timid in nature

teri mitti mein kadam rakhne ki BOLDNESS hai mujhmein

Use the verb "temper" which means to restrain/ control. Fear nor danger could TEMPER his TEMERITY.


THIMURU - in tamil.. those who know.. u can work out the remaining

Remember of Rakhi Sawant she has such foolish boldness (temerity)..... lolzzzz

sounds like tees maar khan who is very bold and rash.

temerity ( team and rift ) when you are in team you are bold and do not afraid from people who have rift with you

temerity = Team has merit, so we are fearless daring.

TEMERITY = the + merity; The merit people is always fearless daring.


(adj) characterized by violent emotions or behavior
Synonyms : stormy
Example Sentence
  • a stormy argument
  • a stormy marriage
(adj) (of the elements) as if showing violent anger
Synonyms : angry furious raging wild
Example Sentence
  • angry clouds on the horizon
  • furious winds
  • the raging sea
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for tempestuous

TEMPESTUOUS can be split as TEMP + PEST + OUS, so how will your TEMPer be if someone keeps PESTering you. It will obviously be VIOLENT.

Tempestuous and Tumultuous have similar sounds and they both refer to turbulence or disorder.

tempestuous can be related to tempting, if something is very tempting to us, we become violent and agitated to get it...

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guys this one is simple. tempestuous and impetuous mean the same. when a pet(dog) irritates u become impetuous or tempestuous. meaning violent and rash

focus on TEMP ..so not even (temp)orarily at rest...very stormy.originally posted by dancing shiv

temp(temporarily)+est(sounds like rest)……now think of rakhi savant(a dancer)..when mika (her friend and singer)..kissed her..she turned violent,she got bad tempered and villified him in media,and she does it almost every month,in short she never tak

n short she never takes rest and always makes the news.

we all know about the play "TEMPEST"

Tempest is a violent wind or storm.... So tempestuous is violent anger

sounds like "time pass" + ous.. If we do time pass during exams then our parents are sure to get violet, stormy on us..

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