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(adj) without fault or error
Synonyms : faultless immaculate
Example Sentence
  • faultless logic
  • speaks impeccable French
  • timing and technique were immaculate
  • an immaculate record
(adj) not capable of sin
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for impeccable

im+pecca(pakka.it was there in our science book in class 2)...pakka house is always faultless as compared to kutchcha house.

Picking on somebody means to finding faults. Hence Im Pickable means, no fault can be found

remember bird WOODPECKER.....he can drill the wood with his beak....hence create flaws ....imPECKable or flawless

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pakka+able: means work will be done definitely. only possible when a faultless man do

He packed the cable wire impeccably.

nothing to pick out

impossible thing must be done without fault.

it is IMpossible to PICK a flaw

pecca means fault so impeccable is faultless and peccadillo is minor fault


(adj) not having enough money to pay for necessities
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for impecunious

pecu (read as pesu means money). impec(s)unious who doesn't have money.


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It is IMPossible to C U IN US "Without Money"

Read it like: Inpe kyu nahi yash(money).

IM(not)+PECUNIA is a root for money...hence impecunious means having little or no money.

I just remember and Imp has no money. Its and Imp.

imPEcuNIous..the letters in caps form PENI ie PENNY..so penniless

PE-paise CU-kyun NI-nahi hain with US?

it sounds like iMpeKUNIous->KUNI means murder in hindi...so we can make a story like"IMPportant KUNI is done by US coz we didnt have money"

im+pecunious: pecunious means rich, so impcunous memans without money

: im+pecunious: pecunious means rich, so impecunious means without money


(adj) having or showing arrogant superiority to and disdain of those one views as unworthy
Example Sentence
  • some economists are disdainful of their colleagues in other social disciplines
  • haughty aristocrats
  • his lordly manners were offensive
  • walked with a prideful swagger
  • very sniffy about breaches of etiquette
  • his mother eyed my clothes with a supercilious air
  • a more swaggering mood than usual
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for imperious

imperial(emperor) imperial army wil be alway have "ghamand" so they aare arrogant,overpower

I+M+PERIOUS(pari jaisi)....jo ladkiya sochti hain ki wo pari jaisi hain, wo ladkiya arrogant and domineering hoti hain.....

remember imperious curse in harry potter!!it is used to command others to do something!!


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every morning PERI-pona us. somwsuperior always expects lowers should bent in front of him

pari to god:"though I M an indian PARI still i am going TO THE US.."; GOD TO PARI:"NOW THATS BEING IMPERVIOUS.."...:)

sounds impervious >>> which means not affected by something, such people are unaffected by other people's emotions and are arrogant.

Read imperious as = I'm + (all) empires. (statement alone is arrogant and domineering)


(adj) characterized by a lightly pert and exuberant quality
Synonyms : irreverent pert saucy
Example Sentence
  • a certain irreverent gaiety and ease of manner
(adj) not pertinent to the matter under consideration
Example Sentence
  • an issue extraneous to the debate
  • the price was immaterial
  • mentioned several impertinent facts before finally coming to the point
(adj) improperly forward or bold
Example Sentence
  • don't be fresh with me
  • impertinent of a child to lecture a grownup
  • an impudent boy given to insulting strangers
  • Don't get wise with me!
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for impertinent

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we its ending words "tinent" sounds like tenant-> so whena imperial owner talks to his tenant he doesnt give any respect...

IMproPER tenant(tinent) are rude and insolent

well... its jst the opp of Pertinent: relevant, related; appropriate, fitting

I+M+PERT+INSOLENT...impertinent means rude hence the word itself tell us the meaning(pert,insolent means rude)

its like a child not giving 'perk' chocolate to his elders...so disrespectful,insolent,impudent of him!

when u pronounce this word rudely you will get the meaning .like imPHERtinent,MEANS RUDE.

impertinent = im (not) + pertinent. not from common teritory.

impertinent - mostly in india husbands(parti)are bold and rude


(adj) characterized by undue haste and lack of thought or deliberation
Example Sentence
  • a hotheaded decision
  • liable to such impulsive acts as hugging strangers
  • an impetuous display of spending and gambling
  • madcap escapades
(adj) marked by violent force
Example Sentence
  • impetuous heaving waves
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for impetuous

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im(not)-pet-tuo(to)-us...a dog which is not our pet will be very VIOLENT and RASH.

im+petu => i am petu (in hindi which means who eats a lot), so if you don't give me enough food, i'll get violent,harsh, rough etc.

sounds like impatient, an impatient person will be impetuous

impetuous - imm+pet+u+ous means saying like "you are our pet", so the person will get violent and take hasty decision to beat you.

Impetuous..I am Piitu (Hindi for Beat) uous = use (him)..That means I will beat him...Who says that?? One who is very violent..

IMPETUS = impulse. Impulsive decisions are IMPETUOUS.

IM(not) petuous(pet)...an animal which is not pet is rash...

Impet ~ Impact uous means "full of" Full of Impact, very forceful

IMPET--> impatience.. hence violent and rash

ek petu admi ne kaha "I AM NOT PETU".. the way he said is so violent,

IMPetuous -- IMPulse; reacting without thought

impetuous,without thinking for sudden impact of somthing.doing things is rashly way


(noun) a factor whose effects cannot be accurately assessed
Example Sentence
  • human behavior depends on many imponderables
(adj) difficult or impossible to evaluate with precision
Example Sentence
  • such imponderable human factors as aesthetic sensibility
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for imponderable

IM + PONDERABLE sounds like IM + POUNDS = w/o pounds = weightless

IM means UN....... PONDER means THINK...... pondeerable-Capable of being "thought/considered/weighed........ so imponderable means..... Difficult or impossible to evaluate with precision

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imponderable=i+m+pond+erable......."OMG!I M in a pond..and i m floating like a tube as if i am WEIGHTLESS...how cum?"....even experts CANNOT EVALUATE on this magical pond WITH PRECISION..........:)

split it as IM(in)+POND(ER)+ABLE....therefore IN PONDS u'll be ABLE to find fish which are WEIGHTLESS

u cant calculate the natural value given by a 'pond'. so 'imponderable' is which cant be valued.


(verb) beg persistently and urgently
Synonyms : insist
Example Sentence
  • I importune you to help them
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for importune

Im (not) + portune (fortune). Someone who doesn't have fortune BEGS PERSISTANTLY.

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Some countries have great misfortune because they have to beg for everything, such as food,electricity,etc. They have to plead to other countries for their necessities.

Imp+or+tune: Relate the word with IMPLORE. Hence importune is to implore or beg

When you hear the word "IMPORTUNE", think about "INTO TOON" A kid, that is so into cartoons, begs his mother to let him watch his/her fav show, becoz it's urgent. and won't sleep without watching it.

remember"import"from importune... all countries beg & import petrol from saudi.

IMPORTUNE is to IMPLORE because of bad FORTUNE.

Importune sounds like Important. If the thing is important for you....you might as well beg for it!

Important things are worth nagging and begging for.


IMPORT & TUNE. These days young kids are BEGGING their parents to IMPORT and TUNE MOTORCYCLES.

Think of Chinese people begging to import their stuff to the US


(noun) the act of calling down a curse that invokes evil (and usually serves as an insult)
Synonyms : malediction
Example Sentence
  • he suffered the imprecations of the mob
(noun) a slanderous accusation
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for imprecation

IMPRECATION=IM-PRAY-cation. The prefix IM- means opposite. The opposite of PRAY is CURSE (The latin root word "precari" means pray).

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im+precation(relate it to precaution.....so you must take a precaution before saying somebody a curse, or using any offensive word.

sounds a lot like IMPLICATION...one must tihnk of the implications before cursing.. :|

I M PREGNANT....u deceived me and hence Its my imprecation that ur life will be ruined

improvising prev mnemonic..., im + Precation. im and precaution. U must take precautions before cursing someone, else it may back fire.

YOU MUST take a precaution to SWEAR in front of someone, as swear is considered a offensive word in civilized society.

A Flamabble substance without any (IM)PRECA(u)TION given is a CURSE in disguise..!!

May your daughter be IMPREGNATED by a sea slug

We must have an imprecation - our vaCATION was supposed to be IMPossible to wREck

If u negatively rate this mnemonic, u will b cursed.

the word sounds like im+ prick + cation. to prick is to hurt/decieve someone.

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