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    ascribe - Dictionary definition and meaning for word ascribe

    (verb) attribute or credit to
    Synonyms : assign , attribute , impute
    Example Sentence
    • We attributed this quotation to Shakespeare
    • People impute great cleverness to cats
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Scribe means refer to ex. describe-refer to something and expalin. Monthly subscribption to a magzine means referring to the mag wil be possible monthly

ascribe ~ sounds like prescribe, so ascribe is refer

doctor prescribe medicine if u fill well u ascribe doc :)

Take ascr=oscar award;so if I will win an Oscar I will ascribe it to my parents.

ascribe : a script; We ascribed this script to it's author;

ascribe ~ describe; you should also give a small description of person whom you are going to give credit for his work.

When you describe sth, In fact you ascribe some adjectives to him. and Vice Versa

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