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(noun) a chronic drinker
Synonyms : drunk drunkard rummy sot wino
(verb) fill with sublime emotion
Example Sentence
  • The children were thrilled at the prospect of going to the movies
  • He was inebriated by his phenomenal success
(verb) make drunk (with alcoholic drinks)
Synonyms : intoxicate soak
(verb) become drunk or drink excessively
Synonyms : hit it up soak souse
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for inebriate

sounds like IN+eBEER+ate...hence drunken

INEBRIATE sounds like "in beer ate" ~ drink beer and eat food;

inebriate = in + ebr (beer) + i + ate;i.e. i ate beer drunken.


(adj) stupefied or excited by a chemical substance (especially alcohol)
Synonyms : drunk intoxicated
Example Sentence
  • a noisy crowd of intoxicated sailors
  • helplessly inebriated
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for inebriated

inebriety sounds like celebrity , who always drinks

in+bar+ted ... what can ted do in a bar? drink

In+a+bra+ted Ted(male)in a bra wore bra when drunk..

In rehab ated...need to send for rehab due to drinking problem



(adj) defying expression or description
Example Sentence
  • indefinable yearnings
  • indescribable beauty
  • ineffable ecstasy
  • inexpressible anguish
  • unspeakable happiness
  • unutterable contempt
  • a thing of untellable splendor
(adj) too sacred to be uttered
Example Sentence
  • the ineffable name of the Deity
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for ineffable

in+ef+ fable. fable means story. story can be told. in-fable means something which can not be uttered such as the name of Lord Voldemort (from Harry Potter).

IN+ F(eff) + able--You cannot utter the letter F*** everywhere.There are places where it is unutterable.:)

In Eff :In Eiffel tower,you feel great joy to visit it that you can't describe in words

She is an AFFABLE(friendly) but INEFFABLE (cant describe) beauty

effe sounds like affe (monkey), which stands for something undescribable, taboo, or beyond expression.


(adj) impossible to avoid or evade:
Example Sentence
  • inescapable conclusion
  • an ineluctable destiny
  • an unavoidable accident
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for ineluctable

ineluctable -- in +luc(k)+table.. So, a person will be lucky or unlucky in his work on a particular day as per his luck-table, he can't escape from it, it's unavoidable.

Suppose a course is compulsory in a particular semester. So you are unable to 'elect' another course.

IN(not)+ELECTABLE....that cannot be elected....you don't have choice to elect because there is no option hence you cannot escape from it....

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ineluctable- in + luck + able - we are not able to avoid the fate anyhow which is in our luck

in + eluctate(=to struggle out, to escape) => inescapabale

ineluctable-[in-neglectable] unable to neglect

ineLuctable->LucK can't be avoid;not be escaped

indian elections cannot be avoided :P

LUCK - TABLE... You're playing blackjack at a table in a CASINO and your LUCK is so good, that its IRRESISTIBLE to stop playing even though you could lose all of it on one shot.

god has a list of luck table with rows as how lucky and columns as dates. This is called destiny. And Destiny is unavoidable :)

sounds like in means not reluctance not possible to stop.

In (usually shows negation ... Not ) + elu ... Try to relate this to elude - to escape ... In+elu - unable to escape ... Unavoidable


(adj) not to be placated or appeased or moved by entreaty
Example Sentence
  • grim determination
  • grim necessity
  • Russia's final hour, it seemed, approached with inexorable certainty
  • relentless persecution
  • the stern demands of parenthood
(adj) impervious to pleas, persuasion, requests, reason
Example Sentence
  • he is adamant in his refusal to change his mind
  • Cynthia was inexorable; she would have none of him
  • an intransigent conservative opposed to every liberal tendency
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for inexorable

in(not)+exhort(means to pressurize):that means a person who is inexorable cant be pressurised;he will not yield

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exor is logic gate which changes. so in exorable is that cannot be changed or stopped

inexhorable sounds likein-exhaust.. so a person who never gets exhausted by torturing people.an inhuman(as he is not getting exhausted),showing inhuman traits

Exo bar advert-Cleans even the most unyielding of stains.

Sound like inflexible- inflexible ppl are inexorable

Imagine a door that is so solid you cannot break it down even by throwing you body against it, so you cannot EXIT. The door is INEXORABLE.

exorable means jo x ka o bana de.. so inexorable means who is adamant and does not yield to making x ka o

sounds like inexporeable... i.e person cant be explored even asking his again and again..

in-x-horrible:doing x(sex) with ur gf/bf continiously/relentlessly is horrible.So inexorable means relentless

INEX sounds like INXS, the music group; ORABLE sounds like horrible. INXS used to be unstoppable until the lead singer did that horrible thing and hanged himself.

inexorable=which cannot be washed with exo(barsoap for utensils) =ziddi dag=adamant

If you doN't EXeRcise you will not be ABLE-bodied and flexible

inexorable sounds like

inexitable i.e. unyielding, determined

inexorable = in + exort(urge). You can't change it. You can't stop it.

sounds like uxorial which means connecte with wife and the behaviour of wife is inexorable :P


(adj) not permitting extrication; incapable of being disentangled or untied
Example Sentence
  • an inextricable knot
  • inextricable unity
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for inextricable

U have EXTRA CABLE of your net connection in your room which irritates u...so u knot that in a bundle...

pronounce it as inexitable!...from which there is no exit

INEXTRICABLE:addINg EXTRa CABLE....... Adding this extra cable will make this connection very strong and no one will b able to open it .....

inextricable-> In(not) and EXtricable-> "able to exit". SO Inextricable -> unable to exit.

In movies, if some one is locked up in a room, the escape (EXIT) using a (CABLE) made from saree/ cloth. INEXTRIBLE == NO EXIT


(adj) indicating a lack of maturity
Synonyms : childish
Example Sentence
  • childish tantrums
  • infantile behavior
(adj) of or relating to infants or infancy
Example Sentence
  • infantile paralysis
(adj) being or befitting or characteristic of an infant
Example Sentence
  • infantile games
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for infantile

very easy, look at the word INFANT....A NEW BORN BABY...SO SOMEONE behaving like an infant...is infantile. Be careful not to confuse with "infantry" - (ground troops, soldiers who fight on foot)

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