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    malediction - Dictionary definition and meaning for word malediction

    (noun) the act of calling down a curse that invokes evil (and usually serves as an insult)
    Synonyms : imprecation
    Example Sentence
    • he suffered the imprecations of the mob
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for malediction

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MALEDICTION=MAL+DICTION. MAL means 'evil or ill' and DICTUM is 'saying'. So to say something evil is to CURSE.

male+(edict..sounds simillar to addict)....and imagine a situation where there is only one male in family who earns and if he becomes addicted to all bad habits like gambling,robbery,and alcoholism......he is curse on the family and society

Slang :: To see sheMALE(Chakka's) DICK(penis) is a CURSE for many of us.

living in a male dominated country is like a curse

male+dictionary has curses is in it. similarly, 1) malefactor=male has criminal factor in him 2) malevolent=male is voilent(evil) sry!It was just to remember

mal(bad)+ediction(addiction)...hence any bad addiction is a CURSE by god..or some1

MAL means evil & DICTION means to speak, thus evil speak = MALEDICTION

Opposite of BENEDICTION (i.e blessing) .....so this MALEDICTION is curse.


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