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(noun) ability to make judgments free from discrimination or dishonesty Definition
(noun) the quality of being honest and straightforward in attitude and speech
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for candor

Candor (Can + Do + r) During an interview you reflect your "Can Do" attitude to the interviewer.

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Candor (Can + Do + or + not) tell me the truth can u do this or shud i go to sm1 else ??

Derived from "candid" which means truthful and honest opinion etc.

cando-r, in gujrati kando is onion, if we make some criminal,smell kando he becomes frank and openly honest and tells us everything

Imagine my life lies behind a door. Then if I CAN open the DOoR to my life...I am open and honest...So I "CAN" open the "DOR"

CAN u come straight from DOoR?? dont come thru window...

CAN (Can't) DOR(Dar.In hindi Dar is to fear. so those who dont fear are open, frank and honest.

candidate should be candid, or have candor meaning to be honest or frank to people

Can+ dar; dar in hindi is fear...so don't be darpok, be frank..

candour UK , US candor noun [ U ] the quality of being honest and telling the truth, especially about a difficult or embarrassing subject "We really don't know what to do about it, " she said with surprising candour

candor is the door of honesty

children become stright forward and honest onlywhen you give them a candy

Imagine a can is talking to a door. The can is telling the door that he is fired, because the door is not an all-rounder. He is honestly telling the door. That is candor.

candor--> can+door if u "can" speak "truth" then all "doors" of heaven are open for u


(noun) a fungal disease of woody plants that causes localized damage to the bark Definition
(noun) an ulceration (especially of the lips or lining of the mouth)
Synonyms : canker sore
(noun) a pernicious and malign influence that is hard to get rid of
Synonyms : pestilence
Example Sentence
  • racism is a pestilence at the heart of the nation
  • according to him, I was the canker in their midst
(verb) become infected with a canker Definition
(verb) infect with a canker
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for canker

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canker relates to CANCER which is also a kind of ulcer.

CANKER has a TANKER and kills every1 who cmes in his way....so CANKER z EVIL

canker -- 'daal mein canker...'

something like kankar

Smoking is a CANKER that causes CANCER.

canker sounds like CANCER (mouth cancer) which is also a kind of ulcer.


(adj) stubbornly obstructive and unwilling to cooperate
Synonyms : bloody-minded
Example Sentence
  • unions...have never been as bloody-minded about demarcation as the shipbuilders
(adj) having a difficult and contrary disposition
Synonyms : crotchety ornery
Example Sentence
  • a cantankerous and venomous-tongued old lady
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for cantankerous

split it into can+tanker+ous : read this as 'kaan' (ear in hindi)+ taker + us, one who is irritable will always have a one below ear (slap) from us.

cantankerous (can+tanker) imagine that instead of going by a car, if you have to go by a can tanker, it can make you angry or ill-tempered.

cantankerous sounds like "cann't take it anymore" and when do we say this when we get irritated

cantankerous (cane+tanker+on+us).Though we save oursalves from cane falling on us we become ill-tempered.

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Can tanker irritate us (ous)

cantankerous==CANT+ANGER+ous someone whom u dare not anger for he is old and ill tempered

hulk cannot tackle tankers - irritable. ill humoured

hey you morons you are coming here to learn what cantankerous mean, i tell you now it means people who are cantankerous like you when you read this mnemonic.

cat angry us

one sitting in a TANK is BAD TEMPERED to kill the enemy and is UN-COOPERATIVE towards enemy

can+tanker+us pahle itna pareshan kiya ki can bhar gaya, fir tanker aur ab hum(us)

Can and tank is to be used against cantankerous person

oil can of the tank is slip on our body so we become angry

CANTAkerous, here CANTA is comparable to hindi word Kanta(throne) which is irritating when it stings. so cantakerous means irritating


(noun) a musical composition for voices and orchestra based on a religious text
Synonyms : oratorio
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for cantata

Can 'Tata Young'(of Dhoom) sing any songs like cantata?

tata in telugu means grand father..he tells stories of ramayana in the form of a song

focus on 'tata' part of it and imagine some advertisment of tata salt (indian brand) running on TV....(which may eb a kind of story set to music)

cantata- reminds me of Carlos Santana if you know him,Latin musician.

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Ratan Tata presented a cantata on the launch of Nano.

can tata(ratan tata) dance to this cantata??obviously no,he has become old..!!

chorus singing a story about can tata

cantata - cant can be pronounced as chant - chantings of tata ( tata - grandpa in kannada ), so its religious chants by old people


(verb) surrender under agreed conditions
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for capitulate

CAPtain it's too late, we will have to surrender..

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capital+ate -> if someone ate the capital that means the king of the capital has surrendered.

CAP ITU LATE : Cap(close/cover/stop) it, it is too late. Give in, yield, to stop resisting an enemy

captured by someone ----> surrendered

If u GIVE UP ur spirit , you r a CAPI TULL(kannada)

This word can be related to Capitalism which weakened all the colonies.

Capitulations of the Ottoman Empire made empire slender and end as a result of this.

The CAPtain gave up resistance and surrended under agreed conditions!


(noun) a sudden desire
Synonyms : impulse whim
Example Sentence
  • he bought it on an impulse
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for caprice

ca(kya)+price...u say to shopkeeper "abey yeh kya u go on changing price."

the government put a CAP on the PRICE of RICE..because it keeps changing

cap (~ a hat). Cap price rises so you change your mind to buy one

cap+rice: cooked rice on your new wearing cap? sudden impulse will come to your mind.

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My favorite car is a Caprice: So I remember it as: "I HAVE A CAPRICE FOR CAPRICE"

Cal saw the low price of rice and immediately was impulsed to buy some!


(adj) changeable
Synonyms : freakish
Example Sentence
  • a capricious summer breeze
  • freakish weather
(adj) determined by chance or impulse or whim rather than by necessity or reason
Synonyms : impulsive whimsical
Example Sentence
  • a capricious refusal
  • authoritarian rulers are frequently capricious
  • the victim of whimsical persecutions
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for capricious

ca(CAR) + PRIC(PRICE)...PRICE OF cars nowadays is becoming unpredictable with the launch of Tata's 1 lakh car.

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Capricorn the goat(zodiac symbol) is capricious

if u wear Capri(a dress, also called 3/4th) in place of formal dress, it will be UNPREDICTABLE, ERRATIC.

Wearing a ricious cap (cap full of cooked rice=capricious)? Angry?

CAPricious- CAP rounds (for entrance of medical or engg. courses) are so impredictable

cap of himesh reshammiya is very PRECIOUS he would be unpredictable when its stolen

A cowboy rides into town. He goes into the general store to buy a new pair of jeans. He impulsively changes mind and buys CAPRI-Pants instead. Now that's capricious!

part of this word is "Capri".. usually capri's are low waist... its very unpredictable when it may fall of ur waist.. its so loose..

CA(calcium)is precious ..it is not predictable when our teeth weakens

It sounds like cap-riches. Imagine a guy at a casino with his cap under where the money comes out of a slot machine. You never know the outcome of the slot machine. He might not get anything or he might get riches.

Being Capricious is not facetious because it happens on a whim.


(adj) tending to find and call attention to faults
Synonyms : faultfinding
Example Sentence
  • a captious pedant
  • an excessively demanding and faultfinding tutor
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for captious

First word that comes to mind -Captain, who will always find and call attention to Faults which must be altered.

simiar to CAUTIOUS...cautious people FIND FAULTS in things

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CAPTION--ppl who supervise and copyright the CAPTIONs of good TV Ads ae particularly perfectionist and fault finding


CAPTION+ous so caption is one which is catchy. so a captious person always tries to pick faults in others,FAULTFINDING.

Captured by her attack on my character, I was trapped in an argument with her.

Captions...when you give too many CAPTIONS(comments) on you friend's photos, you try to find faults

we generally give captions or names to people if we find fault with them..like Mr. stupidity etc.,

Imagine a ships CAPTAIN yelling, "Swab the decks ye scurvy scum!"

if ur CAUTIOUS U will not do faults.

CAPPI TEA polirikunnu ennu objection paranju athu ozhivakki CAPTIOUS = tending to find silly faults

its sort of like keere nikaalna. A captious person makes you cautious forcibly.

capture your faults to make you cautious

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