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    crotchety - Dictionary definition and meaning for word crotchety

    (adj) having a difficult and contrary disposition
    Synonyms : cantankerous , ornery
    Example Sentence
    • a cantankerous and venomous-tongued old lady
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for crotchety

crotchety-crow(crot)+chutney(chety).. r u insane sharthjntu???? something chutney of crow is odd & eccentric.... (in hindi Kauwa BIRYANI..)

crotch=part of garment covering genitals so if ur CROTCH is DIRTY then u'll become a CROTCHETY !!!

pronounced as "kroch-i-tee".... rhymes wit crow shit....so when there is a crow shit yu become eccentric and bad tempered

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no offense.. infamous derag. word which has the same meaning as crotch is used when in bad temper

akbar birbal la kawale mojayala sangato, mhanto "crow kiti" ?

crochety is probably a westernised version of chirchira or chitrchitra (with a hard r) if you know that word in hindi/urdu. Its spoken of children however usually less of old people

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