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(noun) a publication containing a variety of works
Synonyms : collection
(noun) a concise but comprehensive summary of a larger work
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for compendium

CUM(hindi for less) PEN use karke u can just write summary of topic.

An audience always wants that whoever COMES to speak on the PODIUM should speak briefly.

Compendium=Compact Ending...!

SPLIT AS comp - end - ium. THINK OF COMPOSITION(LONG ESSAY). AND REMEMBER THE MEANING AS, end long composition. i.e - brief summary

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It is a hard job to explain you all about pentium products. So We release a compendium about coming pentiums.

memon nay com pen istamal kartay huay compandium likha


pen- used to write something(summary). pendium-resembles like pendulum,there is a brief to and a brief fro motion in a clock with a pendulum in it.

Comp(computer) + pentium >>> pentiums were the initial computers which were reduced in size drastically.. so relate this with briefing of work..



(adj) showing a cheerful willingness to do favors for others
Synonyms : obliging
Example Sentence
  • to close one's eyes like a complaisant husband whose wife has taken a lover
  • the obliging waiter was in no hurry for us to leave
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for complaisant

com + plais(please) + ant come and please the a(u)nt..lol

FOCUS ON sant(saint!), who is always obliging.

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Complacent is self satisfied and Complaisant is a person who satisfies other people

complaisant=complaint + santh ...santh agar complaint bhi karta hai toh ..he does it in an obliging way

He is a complaisant boy. Though my home is not facilitated as his, he said It is a pleasant to come here.

come please saint i.e.trying to please,obliging

its opposite to complaint

A comPLAISANT person is a "pleasant" person to be around.


(verb) behave well or properly
Synonyms : behave
Example Sentence
  • The children must learn to behave
(verb) behave in a certain manner
Example Sentence
  • She carried herself well
  • he bore himself with dignity
  • They conducted themselves well during these difficult times
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for comport

comport = com + port. All staff and High class people behave in manner. When you come to the (air)port, you need to behave with dignity.

Like Composure

If you comport then it will comfort all of us.

Comport = Come + Port When ships are landing on the port then they should be in maintained in proper positions.

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when a request comes to the port of the process then process should behave properly to execute the request

come n port yourself in good manner

You might use honey form a BEE HIVE (behave) to make a sugary compote (sounds like comport)


(noun) a feeling of deep regret (usually for some misdeed)
Synonyms : remorse self-reproach
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for compunction

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come + puncture..(punch). You will say "come and punch me" only if you are in deep regret of having done something wrong.

kampan meaning shivers.. when uve done smthing wrong, u shiver with guilt

is like COMe PUNCTure.. when a tyre is punctured, v r left wid REMORSE..

compuncture sounds like compensation..when you hav done a wrong thing you regret and offer victim the compensation..

Compuncture - Come + puncture - when ur self respect is punctured or hurt by yourself, then you feel guilty for such act by you, which eventually causes uneasiness.

(Com)Common puncture.If u puncture others , ur consciousness will puncture you back.

COMPUter stopped fUNCTION ing cuz of ur fault , u feel guilty for watching wrong site and getting viruses

compunction->KAMPANK(vibration)TION jab teacher punishment dene k liye puchta hai k kaun kasoorwar hai to jo guilty hota hai woh dar k mare kapne(vibrate) lagte hai.cuz usko guilty/regret feel hota hai.

COMPULSION....when you have compulsion of something,you are in great regret or remorse

if you puncture someones comp (com+punction) you are filled with remorse

compunction=comp-(completely)+un(undesirable)+tion(action) causing remorse or regret

COMPUNCTION:COM(KUM-LEES) PUNCH TION(SON-CHILD;imagine an odd situation when an elder feels guilt for doing somethin wrong to u , and he tells u COMPUNCTION, cos hes feelin guilty


(noun) feelings of excessive pride Definition
(noun) an elaborate poetic image or a far-fetched comparison of very dissimilar things Definition
(noun) a witty or ingenious turn of phrase
Example Sentence
  • he could always come up with some inspired off-the-wall conceit
(noun) an artistic device or effect
Example Sentence
  • the architect's brilliant conceit was to build the house around the tree
(noun) the trait of being unduly vain and conceited; false pride
Synonyms : conceitedness vanity
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for conceit

kaun(con)+ ceit(seat) . person who asks who sat on my seat is arrogant!

kaunsi site hack karu?? conceit excessive self pride..

if a poor beggar is sitting somewhere ... u say kon (CON) - bethega(CEIT) idhar...

a conceited person CONCEALS more information then asked for..i.e. he keeps on bragging

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kaunsi(CON-)seat(-CEIT)self love and vanity like political leaders for their assembly seats.

conceit- conceived pride(or a pride which is over-assumed)

when from concePt you remove P and add I where I stands for egoistic it becomes conceIt

when from concePt you remove P and add I where I stands for egoistic it becomes conceIt

self-esteem, vanity, egotism, compla


(adj) making or willing to make concessions
Synonyms : compromising flexible
Example Sentence
  • loneliness tore through him...whenever he thought of...even the compromising Louis du Tillet
(adj) intended to placate
Synonyms : conciliative
Example Sentence
  • spoke in a conciliating tone
  • a conciliatory visit
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for conciliatory

Heyy thz sounds like CONSOLING...which means soothing...

concil is pronouncing like council,in council elections the standing candidate wants to win the feelings of others

Can remember this with the word reconcile. Once u have a fight with your friend, then you do something good to appease him....so as to get back to normal friendship (or you reconcile with him) So this can be taken as a conciliatory act.

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ConCILIAtory. Cilia line our lungs to prevent particles from being logged. In the end they are HELPing you. ConCILIAtory helps.

you can conciliate by counseling.

In India always for a dispute a council is elected, so as at least to solve a dispute with peace n goodwill.. Such things are called conciliatory... ;)

conciliatory[console the military] we have to console the military to stop the violance against citizens and discuss peacefully

It resembles "silly". If you are in a meeting if you dont give conciliayory speech it would be silly.

con(together)+silna=bring friendship back together

council is going take eat i.e making friendly relationship.

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