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(noun) a difficult problem
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for conundrum

drum ke andar kaun hai

Hey this rock start got only one "drum", how he is going to do the show!! It's a difficult situation.


Can+ any one lift is drum?? As it is a difficult problem.

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CONUNDRUM: KAUN(who) UNDUR(indside); so whos inside...if sme one asks u this,ur puzzled since its difficult to guess

Whiche one came first? Unda(egg)? or murgi(chicken), we can spell it like "Kon unda?". Means this is a puzzle(problem) without a solution

co-nun-drums. two nuns to beat the drum. difficult thing

Drum under a cone is ok.....But a cone-under-drum is a puzzle.(Imagine cone and drum are solid structures closed on all surfaces.)

finding total volume of this 'conun' drum is very difficult.... i.e a maths conundrum


co+nun+d+rum— NUN CO RUM—making a nun drink rum is difficult and confusing problem

conundrum - riddles and puzzles 'cons' from 'under' your brain

Cone and Rhombus related problem were very difficult

con(kaun) + undr(andar)>> kaun hai andar yeh ekk puzzle hi hai....

condrum...kaun(con) drum bajaayega...its a puzzle


(adj) occupied with or fond of the pleasures of good company
Synonyms : good-time
Example Sentence
  • a convivial atmosphere at the reunion
  • a woman of convivial nature
  • he was a real good-time Charlie
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for convivial

somewhat close to carnival which also implies festivity.

con(together)vivi(bibi,wife) so if wife is with you,everything would be joyous

focus on viva==> a band of girls who played very well and thus created a festive atmosphere

CON(not)+VIVAil....convivial means (of an atmosphere or event) friendly, lively, and enjoyable...when nobody asks you personal questions and there is no viva sort of atmosphere, then the atmosphere is friendly....

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CONVIvial atmosphere is similar to CONVEnient atmosphere i.e sociable atmosphere

c+on+vivia+l--- on viva(vivia), we have to be cheerful and good natured with examiner to make an impress and score good marks


a convivial gathering to revive our frindship


(adj) rolled longitudinally upon itself
Synonyms : convolute
Example Sentence
  • a convolute petal
(adj) highly complex or intricate and occasionally devious
Example Sentence
  • the Byzantine tax structure
  • Byzantine methods for holding on to his chairmanship
  • convoluted legal language
  • convoluted reasoning
  • the plot was too involved
  • a knotty problem
  • got his way by labyrinthine maneuvering
  • Oh, what a tangled web we weave
  • tortuous legal procedures
  • tortuous negotiations lasting for months
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for convoluted

Convolution theorem was very hard to understand!!

volve is root which means to roll. con is prefix which means together.If you roll some thing completely (within it self) it becomes complicated!! and difficult to entangle it!

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Convoluted sounds similar to convalescent; and a convalescent home would require intricate and complicated medical care for its patients

Breaking into a VAULT is COMPLICATED (convoluted)

Luti lidha badhane involve karine

lUT(loot)=> in hindi loot means stealing some thing, which is too complex & not easy

this may be helpful --as kids we did reading comprehension in english.with questioins below it (its even there in gre) the ability tp undestand the passage

The convocation speech was filled with convoluted language.


(adj) large in number or quantity (especially of discourse)
Synonyms : voluminous
Example Sentence
  • she took copious notes
  • a subject of voluminous legislation
(adj) affording an abundant supply
Example Sentence
  • had ample food for the party
  • copious provisions
  • food is plentiful
  • a plenteous grape harvest
  • a rich supply
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for copious

By copying in an exam, some get a LOT of marks

COP(police)....cops are found everywhere...on streets,in bars,in rallies,on the border...hence they are plentiful...hence COPIOUS means in abundance......

Sounds like copy. I took copious notes, writing everything that was on the board

copious sounds like kuppalu (a heap of sthing) which is in abundance

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copy= photocopy of something results in bulk quantity.


(noun) a seductive woman who uses her sex appeal to exploit men Definition
(verb) talk or behave amorously, without serious intentions
Example Sentence
  • The guys always try to chat up the new secretaries
  • My husband never flirts with other women
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for coquette

woman says to man "COCK EAT"... just decipher...

coquette=a woman who "cock+wet"s men ...this might b bawdy but dude!...dnt b sucha prude!!

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This word sounds like cuty (a girl who is cute) a flirtatious girl


(verb) establish or strengthen as with new evidence or facts
Example Sentence
  • his story confirmed my doubts
  • The evidence supports the defendant
(verb) give evidence for
Synonyms : validate
(verb) support with evidence or authority or make more certain or confirm
Example Sentence
  • The stories and claims were born out by the evidence
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for corroborate

just focus on borate part of this word -- Borate test is a confirmatory test in chemistry.

sounds like collaborate => to support

visaulize ROBOT( coROBOrate) standing firm with support.

It sounds like "CARBO-HYD-RATE" , which SUPPORTS in human growth

CORROBORATE mean to give support...CORBO LORBO JEETBO...by singing this song people support KKR...

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corroborate sounds like "correlate" if two variable correlate then the causal evidence is strengthened or confirmed!

Co+Robbers. Both robbers combine to strengthen their skills.

corroborate is similar to collaborate which is again support or assistance

if u'll CO+ROB i.e rob together and then ORATE(speak publically) about ur robbings then you will confirm(CORR0BORATE) the fact that you are a robber !!!

Corroborate and Robust are built on same latin root (robur = strengthen)

sounds like cooperate--to support

Karra tesukuni burra medha kodithe adi corroborate

The police was trying to find evidence to confirm the COR(car) ROBbery

Corroborate = korro (do)+ bor (boring)+ rate; do boring is always required support of some ppl with unnecessary gossip.

carbeuretter supports vehicles

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