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(verb) make sense of; assign a meaning to
Synonyms : interpret see
Example Sentence
  • What message do you see in this letter?
  • How do you interpret his behavior?
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for construe

e.g. if i construe your message correctly...

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you need to CONcentrate to decode TRUe messages.

KAUN+TRUE- let me know WHO is truely speaking.- judge said

construe = (cons)ider it is (true)...so we interpret something by ourselves

Concentrate true to decide her feelings.

Construe the abstruse concept.

cons.+true....concentrate on all of your friends action, because you need to give A TRUE EXPLANATION.........TO the monitor.

'const'rue->if a constant appears while doing maths IT IS UNDERSTOOD that it doesnt change the value


(adj) inclined or showing an inclination to dispute or disagree, even to engage in law suits
Example Sentence
  • a style described as abrasive and contentious
  • a disputatious lawyer
  • a litigious and acrimonious spirit
(adj) involving or likely to cause controversy
Example Sentence
  • a central and contentious element of the book
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for contentious

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Contentious- (Contender+Serious) One who takes competition too serious always fights and quarrels)

Remember as non-contented. One who is not contented is always quarrelsome.

contentious=content+tious(relate with malicious)..i.e. malicious content which pertains to argumentive or contravercial content..its so easy...right..?:)

Sounds like (Contagious)-The person/people/group who is causing controversy/ quarrelsome is contagious to our society

If everyone around you is content and you are not, you might start thinking of something to make them less happy.

Content+ious(ewww!U.S) If the "content" in an article is aimed at making the "U.S" look "eww" or bad, then that article will be controversial.

Crying in front of everybody can cause conspiracy!

Sounds like (Contagious)-The person/people/group who is causing controversy/ quarrelsome is contagious to our society

Contentious can be broken in content+chi(Hindi meaning shit).So if you call someone's project content as chi he will be argumentative and ready to fight with you because he disagrees with you.

If a <B>contender</B> is <B>serious</B> then they are always ready to fight.

con+tent+us:con is quarreling with us for the tent

CONTENTIOUS: CON(who)+TEN people+ THE (where)+VO(there)- he is such a Querulous person, he was asking for all 10 hoodlums who where involved in fighting.

CONTENT + VICOUS(deliberately harmful) - Hence controvertial

A person who contains more money , name and fame will be in controversy, dispute and has the tendency to argue.

Think "contender"--> One who is a competitor. A very competitive contender might become quarrelsome and argumentative.

With tensions

the one who doesnt have any CONTENT (matter) with him tries to QUERREL and win the arguments

Content with bad intentions

"Derived from CONTEND" Ye jantey huay ke khud ghalti per ho CONTEND kartey jao ge to CONTENTIOUS ban jao ge :)


(adj) feeling or expressing pain or sorrow for sins or offenses
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for contrite


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for being a conTRITE i.e lacking originality ,i REGRET

can't(CONT) I did it right(RITE)... so regretful

CON ( a convict or con artist ) TRITE ( hackneyed ) ... A con starts to regret things only if he is being caught again and again !

I feel contrite because I didn't do it right...

CONT+RITE= Cant + right= I regret that I cant do anything rite.

count right otherwise contrite

one who counts right feels pain for wrong thing done by him

This is for Spanish speakers. CON is with, and TRITE sounds like the Spanish word triste, meaning sad. So "with sadness" is contrite.

Contrite = Coulnd't right or couldn't be righteous

if u do not regret ur mistake i will pull ur "kaan(con)" tight(trite)

he said i cant do it right..he is very remorseful,sad now

Contrite -- co + nitrite conversion of nitrite... He filled with a sense of guilt for not able to perform nitrite conversions

contrite sounds like CAN WRITE..I'm so Sorry(expressing pain for offenses)that i CAN even WRITE it down on a paper.


(adj) showing effects of planning or manipulation
Example Sentence
  • a novel with a contrived ending
(adj) artificially formal
Synonyms : artificial hokey stilted
Example Sentence
  • that artificial humility that her husband hated
  • contrived coyness
  • a stilted letter of acknowledgment
  • when people try to correct their speech they develop a stilted pronunciation
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for contrived

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recollecting the game contra as in it was artificial

contrived = cont. (continue) + tried; After continue try the artificial format of human logis come with artificial Intelligence.

Con+trived=cant+tried i.e.one cant try to cheat


(adj) wilfully obstinate; stubbornly disobedient
Example Sentence
  • a contumaceous witness is subject to punishment
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for contumacious

(In Hindi language) Break the word as CON - TU - MA - CI- OUS n tat can be read as Kaun Tu Ma Ki one who says this is disobedient

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kaun(CON) hai tu (TU) , jiski mein (MA) sunu (cious),,, thus the persion is disobideint and obstinate

contumacious..taking the tum(my) part..generally police people having big tummy doesn't work


Contumacious = one hardass contaminates all fun

contu(contrary to,stubbornly disobedient) + macious (malicious)

continue to make a racous as an insubordinate rebel

with (con) tumult and viciousness they overthrew the city

con(tradiction)+ tu(to) + macious(mission)malicous, as a person (aspersion) who is rebellious, insubordinate

contumacious,can be split as KAUN TUMHARI MA,when someone fingers towards ur mother u become disobident towards then and starts resisting them.

CON + tu + MALICIOUS >>> CON yane CRIMINAL and MALACIOUS.. both break authority and are disobedient..

contumacious : cont(continous) + um(umpire) + aci (acid) + o(on) + us; i.e continously umpire giving wrong decision against us he is morally corrupt.


con+to+Mac+ious.. No windows.. only MAc!!


(noun) an injury that doesn't break the skin but results in some discoloration
Synonyms : bruise
(noun) the action of bruising
Example Sentence
  • the bruise resulted from a contusion
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for contusion

contusion - in TUITION i got several hits(BRUISES) beccause i din do homework

Con+ tuition = going to tuitions in the childhood was hidden pain.

while i was going to conTUTION i got myself hurt i.e BRUISED

contusion = cont (cant ) + us (ooz)when your bruised

tusion sounds like tution...so in tution teacher hurt/injure a child as he doesn't complete his homework

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contusion = con (who) + tusion ( tution); As your teacher felt accident yesterday who will teach for the next one month.

Contusion sounds like the sound you make when you hit the ground.

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