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(noun) sharpness of vision; the visual ability to resolve fine detail (usually measured by a Snellen chart) Definition
(noun) a quick and penetrating intelligence
Example Sentence
  • he argued with great acuteness
  • I admired the keenness of his mind
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for acuity

a-CUIty,CUI seems like SUI{needle} in hindi,sui is sharp and penetrating...INTELLIGENT people are such-SHARP QUICK & PENETRATING

acuity....sounds like acute-means intelligent and quick and intelligence is nothing but sharpness of mind.

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acuity .. when u tell it , it kinda sounds like ACUTE and hence the meaning

acuity ~ a +cute; just imagine a cute girl you met in train who only have external beauty but doesn't have sharpness of mind.

Everyone at party was impressed by her cuteness (look) as well as acuteness (brain).

ACUITY= sounds like accuracy which menas sharpness.

acuity: a+cute: (cute) beautiful girls are often said as dumb,so they lack SHARPNESS in mind and senses

equity, we have to sharp in mind,hear,sight in investing wright one.


(verb) mix up or confuse
Synonyms : muddle puddle
Example Sentence
  • He muddled the issues
(verb) become rotten
Example Sentence
  • addled eggs
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for addle

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addle can be heard as "add----all" ,so add all and get confused

ADDLE ~ sounds like riddle which is usually confusing and hence we get confused.

Ad + dull..for a dull person everything is confusing...

i am a fool=addle

addle-baddle (hindi meaning on one side and then on other side) so someone who goes on changing sides

a+ dull : rotten eggs always look dull.

Addle sounds like idle. If something is idle for a long time, such as food it becomes rotten.

addle sounds like idle ; idle means sitting without any work and hence as if confused by something.



(noun) someone who is dazzlingly skilled in any field Definition
(adj) having or showing knowledge and skill and aptitude
Example Sentence
  • adept in handicrafts
  • an adept juggler
  • an expert job
  • a good mechanic
  • a practiced marksman
  • a proficient engineer
  • a lesser-known but no less skillful composer
  • the effect was achieved by skillful retouching
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for adept

a+depth, a person who has deep knowledge

adept is close to adapt so an adept batsman like sachin adapt himself quickly on any kind of pitch.

inept means unskillful, ADEPT means SKILLFUL

A + dept : dept ~ department; our chemical engineering department consist of expert professors in every topic.

a dept(depth)so it can be as-person depth in a subject ia an expert.

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A department of Experts.

Adding to above mnemonic, DOD- that is Department of Defense in USA has group of experts working for it..

ept sounds like apt means aptitude so if a person has aptitude he would be very skillful

A-dept.... deptartment given A grade for its knowledge and skill


(verb) admonish or counsel in terms of someone's behavior
Synonyms : discourage monish warn
Example Sentence
  • I warned him not to go too far
  • I warn you against false assumptions
  • She warned him to be quiet
(verb) warn strongly; put on guard
Synonyms : caution monish
(verb) take to task
Synonyms : reprove
Example Sentence
  • He admonished the child for his bad behavior
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for admonish

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in the add of "eak choti si love story" monisha koiralla on orkut and she shall admonish u/warn u for doing so

adm(in)+on(e)+(pun)ish : (net)admin in the company is one step away (Giving strong warning now) from punishing you.bcoz you are accessing prohibited network sites.

to avoid A DEMON-ish act, a mother Warns her naughty child [Note: A face of a demon as the warning Sign]

Admonish--->Ad(Advertisement)+Monish(person's name)--Direct Monish was warned by Censored board for making Uncensored Advertisement. Hope this helps.:)

admonish ~ ADD MANISH -- Add Manish in the list of guys whom we will WARN to stay away from her.

Admonish spounds similar to Admission Before giving addmission into bar guards admonish (warn)youth

Th cop warned the rash driving BRITISH and ADDed MONey to the fine.

Add + Punish= since scolding, reproving, or berating is a form of punishment, think add punish = admonish

Ad+ monish: monish means warning, so ad+ monish, warning

monish --> admonish

Adamant Monica was punished

ad+moni+sh=moni always warns us for some misfortune.

ADMONISH<===> डाँटना (pr. \\DaNaTana \\ )[Noun] ADMONISH<===> गम्भीरता से सलाह देना (pr. \\gambhirata se salah dena \\ )[Verb] Example:He was admonished to open a bank account for himself. ADMO


(adj) quick or skillful or adept in action or thought
Example Sentence
  • an exceptionally adroit pianist
  • an adroit technician
  • his adroit replies to hecklers won him many followers
  • an adroit negotiator
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for adroit

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Remember with Detroit which is famous for its motorcycles,which are made by able, adept, artful, brainy, canny, clever, cunning, deft, dexterous, dextrous, expert, facile, finished, good, handy, ingenious people

Androids are a mix of human and machine, hence they are more dexterous than humans

adroit ~ a + draw it : sounds like draw. for drawing something you must be skillful.

if u wanna dro.. draw something u hav to be adroit.

add draw it adds are drawn by skillful people

adroit sounds like android... so to learn android you must be adroit...

android apps needs clever mind and skillful hands

"Add Right" skills to action & thought


(noun) servile flattery; exaggerated and hypocritical praise
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for adulation

adult boy flattering with his girlfriend.

add+u+later:she told me that she will add me later in yahoo messenger,so i need to FLATTER her to add me.

adulation ~ ad + u + late; To act in an ad (advertisement) you came late, so producer became furious...in order to cool him u need to FLATTER him.

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adulation: additional congratulations...

ADmiring congratULATIONs = ADULATION.

u get a word lesson sounding like that.. so when a kid doesnt do his lesson homework his mother butters him by saying that she would give him ice cream..so adulation

m: add+you+late---if someone ADD YOU LATE in team, you have to ADMIRE / FLATTER him

adulate: adults + late ,this can be memorise as adults always reaches their gf late,n after that adults flatter them

add u lotion, a girl add lotion to her body,so that she luks gud nd guys admire her beauty...

in a dull nation everyone FLATTERS the best no one works

ad(add) u(you) late(lat)-to get added later in list u have to praise other person i.e flattery

ADULATION<===> चापलूसी (pr. \\chapalusi \\ )[Noun] Example:Syeophants are experts in adulation. ADULATION<===> चाटूक्ति (pr. \\chaTukti \\ )[Noun] Example:Syeophants are experts in adulation.


(noun) kindly endorsement and guidance
Synonyms : auspices protection
Example Sentence
  • the tournament was held under the auspices of the city council
(noun) armor plate that protects the chest; the front part of a cuirass
Synonyms : breastplate egis
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for aegis

sounds like ages of empire.. the game where the soldiers wear that shield.. for protection

aEGiS, EG means and EGG and S stands for SHELL, which is a SHIELD,that PROTECTS

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In warcraft DotA game, there is an item called Aegis of Immortal which protects one from being killed by enemies..

aegis - sound like "a gas" you should defense yourself from a gas by mask or any other thing due to it is harmful to your respiration system

in the anime series 'Tower of Druaga - Aegis of Uruk' , its about the legendary shield of Uruk

Ageis sounds like Achilles(movie TROY).he was the protector and so aegis means protector.

aegis | age + is, in order to get aegis (protection) he collected all the vowels of age (aeg) before the enemy |

sounds like "Jesus!". u say that when u face danger or r afraid.Thus, u need some kind of protection

aegis ~ age is; if your age is too much (old), you need some protection for your body.

(HUMAN-HANUMAN)hanuman bhi ek manav hai

aegis of immortal from dota

AEGIS<===> रक्षा/बचाव (pr. \\rakSha/bachav \\ )[Noun] Example:A team of doctors was flown in under the aegis of the Red cross to cure people injured in the blast. AEGIS<===> कवच (pr. \\kavach \\ )[Noun]

u need a protection from Aegis agypti mosquito.


(adj) diffusing warmth and friendliness
Synonyms : amiable cordial genial
Example Sentence
  • an affable smile
  • an amiable gathering
  • cordial relations
  • a cordial greeting
  • a genial host
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for affable

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affection+able=affection to others

affable= f + able, => that the teacher is able to give f grade to the students , so students are always trying to maintain a warm n healthy relation with the teachers, n also students always approaches their teachers.

Someone who is affable is laughable!

aff+able able means sumthin possible so a friend is easily approcahble able to approach a fren in distress

aff-able,relate aff to affectionate.. its always easy to talk to an affectionate person who will obviously be friendly

sounds like affection that means kind=love=affable


aff (affair) + able : You will be able to have an affair with a girl only if she is affable.

AFFABLE<===> मिलनसार/सुशील (pr. \\milanasar/sushil \\ )[Adjective] Example:I found your parents very affable unlike what you told me. AFFABLE<===> मिलनसार (pr. \\milanasar \\ )[Noun]


(noun) a state of great suffering and distress due to adversity Definition
(noun) a condition of suffering or distress due to ill health Definition
(noun) a cause of great suffering and distress
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for affliction

sounds like infection, which causes a state of distress, irritation and suffering

lic(lick)-refers to tongue rite,so if we all remember ,a proverb says - tongue is the root cause for many family problems,so think b4 u talk.hence ,wen there is a problem,there is a state of distress.

it can be a combination of two words..affection and conflict....so when there is a conflict in affection its a cause of great distress and suffering.

Affliction - flic(flick) is the middle word which means to steal in slang. So if you steal somebodies things, they go to a state of distress

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fliction sounds like friction.. so a state of friction causing stress

Split "affliction" into "AFter conFLICTION" btw parents in family => usually results a affliction, state of distress

conflictions may bring affliction

affliction is a friction in heart.. A very heavy feeling.. A fr(L)iction..

Afflication+infection.so you can take affli from affliation and ction from infection.When there is infection in affliation then it is state of distress.

sounds like 'affection', we show great affection for sm1 suffering miserably

AFFLICTION<===> रोग (pr. \\rog \\ )[Noun] Example:Deafness is a terrible affliction. AFFLICTION<===> दुःख (pr. \\du:akh \\ )[Noun] Example:Deafness is a terrible affliction.


(verb) add details to
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for aggrandize

grand- this resembles to somthing huge,great,wealthy.

aggrandize ~ aggregate + grand; aggregating things...is similar to adding details

aggrandize,AGG always related to INCREASE in size

aggrandize = [agg]ressive + grand + ize means: increase sth excessively, IZE means it's a verb

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aggendize sounds like a grand eye, like person watching painting with a grand eye finding some lacking therefore adding details

grand in the middle sounds like grand father.so,we will get fame from our grandparents popularity sometimes.

Ag-grand~grind which means convert in powdery form .. which means to intensify the concentration .. and so is the meaning :increase or intensify

aggrand = en-grand (enlarge)

aggrandize ~ ag+grand+eyes = make someone seem grander/greater in others eyes by raising power etc.

AGGRANDIZEMENT<===> शक्ति अथवा पदवी बढाना (pr. \\shakti athava padavi baDhana \\ )[Noun] Example:Her sole aim is personal aggrandizement.

aggrandize = a GRAND SIZE

To make sthing GRAND, AGGRANDIZE it

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