Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for embellish

emBELLish--we add BELL to the Christmas tress to adorn it

belle is used to describe beautiful girls.. they generally adorn themselves

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concentrate on the middle section of this word - belli (Belly), which is said to be one of the most sexiest part of the female body. So girls usually adorn it (by Belly Ring) to enhance its beauty.

emBELLish- BELLY of a girl makes her more beautiful!

Women beautify,enhance their skin by applying different cosmetics , after that their skin BLEMISHES ( to remember embellish)

em"BELLA"ish...if u know twilight movie...bella is so beautiful girl

a BELLY dancer is beautiful

think of the priests who come to your house in navratrs with a adorned bull(bell) and ask for money

Embellish = the food is prepared by gorgeousness Emb (foreign) llish fish.

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