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    meretricious - Dictionary definition and meaning for word meretricious

    (adj) like or relating to a prostitute
    Example Sentence
    • meretricious relationships
    (adj) tastelessly showy
    Synonyms : brassy , cheap , flash , flashy , garish , gaudy , gimcrack , loud , tacky , tatty , tawdry , trashy
    Example Sentence
    • a flash car
    • a flashy ring
    • garish colors
    • a gaudy costume
    • loud sport shirts
    • a meretricious yet stylish book
    • tawdry ornaments
    (adj) based on pretense; deceptively pleasing
    Synonyms : gilded , specious
    Example Sentence
    • the gilded and perfumed but inwardly rotten nobility
    • meretricious praise
    • a meretricious argument
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for meretricious

like a merit (meret) certificate.. flashy and attractive in a way.. but of no REAL value...

Meretricious = Mere + Tricious. 'Mere' means triffle or something less important.

its not Merit, its mere tric(k)

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meretricious sounds like marriage or matrimony- clothes worn at marriage ceremonies are very flashy, gaudy

mere trick us = its a mere trick to show that she is gaudy while she is hollow

meretricious actually has no merit.

mere+precious it looks attractive but its merely precious.

If we get merit by using tricks, then it's only for display[He cant tell anything in interview]

His merit is suspicious

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