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(noun) a confidential or secret meeting
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for conclave

con+cave = conversation in a cave .. having a secret conversation in the cave

conclave- con in US resembles a convict or a prisoner, they have a private meeting in a cave(clave)..

COME+CAVE....come in the cave, we will have secret meeting there!!!!!

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Memory aid : con (conference) + clave (cave); we are going to organize a secret conference (meeting) in a cave.

conclave and collusion are synonyms. I thought I saw a con (convict) playing clave (musical instrument) in a secret inmate salsa band, but it was an illusion (rhymes with collusion)

(CON-)kaun(-CLAVE)clever.Everyone MEETS to decide whose cleverest.

Remember it as concave cave : people are having a meeting in that concave cave.

all the ppl (con) r in the cave for a conclave meeting


(adj) fitting or appropriate and deserved; used especially of punishment
Example Sentence
  • condign censure
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for condign

Condign.con+deserve,means to deserves."condign censure"

condign=deserved (of punishment) condign=co+n+dign ~> come+and+dine...imagine after a well deserved punishment, ur mother calls u back for dining :)

Condign can be split as CONvicted + Dign. A convicted person has been given punishment of digging whole day in jail which is well deserved punishment for him

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CON DIGN (convict dignity) if he accepts fitting and appropriate punishment for his crime he DESERVES to can regain his diginity

Read as Corn+Dine- As a deserving punishment, I was made to dine on corn.

if a CON DIGS a hole he should be aptly punished

condign= con+dying

COME DINE at your last meal before being executed.

CONDitionally IGNited ...

benign means kind : so condign means opposite of that => severe, deservedly severe!

cond-ign is like (cond)ition (i)s (g)ood '(n)ough...so it is well deserved

Condign punishment: a condemnation that suits the dignity of the convict


(verb) excuse, overlook, or make allowances for; be lenient with
Synonyms : excuse
Example Sentence
  • excuse someone's behavior
  • She condoned her husband's occasional infidelities
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for condone

if u use condom u will be forgiven by health and family welfare department

condone = consideration + done ~ you do not consider STH anymore

if you use condom(condone) you overlook baby

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The teacher CONDOLED her student's situation and CONDONED(was lenient for his situation) him for not doing his homework..!!

That can be done I overlooked it.

using a condom(which sounds like condone)cannot be overlooked!!


pay condonation in college if attendence is less

Sounds like condom. That means to accept the wrong. As u r going for pleasure and not the actual purpose of procreation

con is bad work and done. so con+done=bad work done. that is because u over looked it.

Forget abt con (whom) has done it take the enjoy.

its done no need further explanation.. overlooked or excused...

it means consider undone

Condone sounds like condom. Using condom is accepting the wrong. As u r going for pleasure and not the actual purpose of procreation


(verb) be confusing or perplexing to; cause to be unable to think clearly
Example Sentence
  • These questions confuse even the experts
  • This question completely threw me
  • This question befuddled even the teacher
(verb) mistake one thing for another
Synonyms : confuse
Example Sentence
  • you are confusing me with the other candidate
  • I mistook her for the secretary
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for confound

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CONFused + dumbFOUNDed

con found: cannot be found => puzzle

sounds like KAUN FOUND-- kaun (who) founded this company is a great puzzle.

Chemistry is a hell subject. I always cofound with the compounds.


this CONFOUND statement has many CONFOUND mnemonics,this CONFOUNDITY has become more CONFOUND,isn't this statement CONFOUND( so arent u CONFUSED)

Confound = make a question con (who) found that the killer that is making a confuse.

the con was found and when asked why they committed the crime their answer was confounding.


(verb) become gelatinous
Synonyms : jell set
Example Sentence
  • the liquid jelled after we added the enzyme
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for congeal

con + geal..geal...gelatinous..means to coagulate

con geal here geal sounds like jelly so congeal = co + jelly

CON(contract in size)+GELLY.....contract a substance which is in gelly(semisolid) form i.e to FREEZE it......hence congeal.....


con(together)+geal(jell)...jell together..nothing but solidify

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eal(eel)- eel is generally found in the frozen area,water that is coagulated..

congeal=con(become)+geal(gelly)...g=becoming thicker(gelatin type)....

SOUNDS LIKE ANGEER , which is a dry fruit so its thick


(noun) a hypothesis that has been formed by speculating or conjecturing (usually with little hard evidence)
Synonyms : speculation
Example Sentence
  • speculations about the outcome of the election
  • he dismissed it as mere conjecture
(noun) a message expressing an opinion based on incomplete evidence Definition
(noun) reasoning that involves the formation of conclusions from incomplete evidence Definition
(verb) to believe especially on uncertain or tentative grounds
Example Sentence
  • Scientists supposed that large dinosaurs lived in swamps
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for conjecture

sounds like 'lecture' ..assume you guess an answer for a question asked during a lecture

conclusion drawn on base of junk... conjuction

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Con+jector (Kon (who in hindi)+ actor): It is hard to infer on the basis of insufficient data, Ki KON ACTOR hai aur kon saccha hai.

conjecture:con(kon) hai jec(jack)...chal GUESS mar..

Abe! Kya? Kaun-jack-tour jaayega? Kabhi nai.. woh darpok hai. --- concluding without facts- con-jec-ture.:-)

almost looks like "conjure" (to make something up)

Sally did a conjecture and had to receive a lecture because of her guesswork

I object! Your lecture is pure conjecture.

c+on+jec+ture--- ON JUC(joke) of someone saying I haven’t studied, we cant deduce whethere he is saying truth or lie.. so we have to GUESS

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