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    recondite - Dictionary definition and meaning for word recondite

    (adj) difficult to penetrate; incomprehensible to one of ordinary understanding or knowledge
    Synonyms : abstruse , deep
    Example Sentence
    • the professor's lectures were so abstruse that students tended to avoid them
    • a deep metaphysical theory
    • some recondite problem in historiography
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for recondite

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read recondite as "re conduct". The professor re coducted(repeated) the topic as the students could not understand properly.

recon-dite:recon sounds like reckon which means guess...if a question is DIFFICULT TO UNDERSTAND u will GUESS the answer

RECKON + TRITE (repeated) = the word was DIFFICULT TO UNDERSTAND even after REPEATED attempts to RECKON its meaning.

REC + ON +DITE ==Obviously it it is very DIFFICULT to record while ur dite(eating)...

re + condite(sounds like contact). It is DIFFICULT to contact a VIP again and again(Re).

recondite sounds like 'wreck on diet' meaning destruction while on a diet. This sounds very absurd and very difficult to understand whats going on !!

Recondite=raw(re)+ corn(con)+diet(dite),is difficult to eat, so is recondite teachings are difficult to understand.

recondite.. concentrate on CON, sounds like concealed. so recondite means something hidden, concealed.

Like "recon at night" or hard to see, hidden

RECONDITE=RECorded On NDtv ITshow..... That IT show recorded on NDTV was out of my ability to understand

Recon(RECKON…..means TO THINK)+dite(DIET)… It’s very DIFFICULT/ABSTRUSE to THINK(RECKON) about the DIET… KAREENA KAPPOR would have taken for Zero Figure in Tashan……

Picture an auto accident on a dike: a WRECK ON the DIKE: How on earth did that happen? What are cars doing on the dike? It's hard to understand.

re (resist) + con (don -> don'T) + dite (diet) -> I DON'T understand (or it is difficult for me to understand) how people go on diet and RESIST their temptations!

sounds like 'read cannot' -so abstract and difficult to understand

Your reckonings are so recondite.

It's very obscure for me, why gluttonous REC is ON DIeT ?

no one knows what to do for a klondike bar

Words with dite - Indite(write), Erudite(scholar) and Recondite .. What a scholar RECKONS to be a good read, it is abstruse(Recondite) for a laymen/laity.

re conduct it bcoz it is difficult to understand

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