recondite - Dictionary definition and meaning for word recondite

(adj) difficult to penetrate; incomprehensible to one of ordinary understanding or knowledge
Synonyms : abstruse , deep
Example Sentence
  • the professor's lectures were so abstruse that students tended to avoid them
  • a deep metaphysical theory
  • some recondite problem in historiography

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for recondite

read recondite as "re conduct". The professor re coducted(repeated) the topic as the students could not understand properly.
84       1

by msanthosh2004

recon-dite:recon sounds like reckon which means guess...if a question is DIFFICULT TO UNDERSTAND u will GUESS the answer
18       31

by kruthikamurthy

RECKON + TRITE (repeated) = the word was DIFFICULT TO UNDERSTAND even after REPEATED attempts to RECKON its meaning.
7       8

by findktk

REC + ON +DITE ==Obviously it it is very DIFFICULT to record while ur dite(eating)...
4       3

by 100_percentiler

re + condite(sounds like contact). It is DIFFICULT to contact a VIP again and again(Re).
2       12

by kartextremes

recondite sounds like 'wreck on diet' meaning destruction while on a diet. This sounds very absurd and very difficult to understand whats going on !!
2       2

by saikiran

re (resist) + con (don -> don'T) + dite (diet) -> I DON'T understand (or it is difficult for me to understand) how people go on diet and RESIST their temptations!
1       3

by khushi5

RECONDITE=RECorded On NDtv ITshow..... That IT show recorded on NDTV was out of my ability to understand
1       3

by vatsaljain

Like "recon at night" or hard to see, hidden
1       1

by Yank

Recondite=raw(re)+ corn(con)+diet(dite),is difficult to eat, so is recondite teachings are difficult to understand.
1       1

by rakei

recondite.. concentrate on CON, sounds like concealed. so recondite means something hidden, concealed.
1       2


Recon(RECKON…..means TO THINK)+dite(DIET)… It’s very DIFFICULT/ABSTRUSE to THINK(RECKON) about the DIET… KAREENA KAPPOR would have taken for Zero Figure in Tashan……
1       1

by lebshah

Picture an auto accident on a dike: a WRECK ON the DIKE: How on earth did that happen? What are cars doing on the dike? It's hard to understand.
1       1

by Jackery

sounds like 'read cannot' -so abstract and difficult to understand
1       0

by mdhineshm

Your reckonings are so recondite.
1       0

by roozbeh33

It's very obscure for me, why gluttonous REC is ON DIeT ?
0       0

by analaarun

no one knows what to do for a klondike bar
0       2

by swang012

Words with dite - Indite(write), Erudite(scholar) and Recondite .. What a scholar RECKONS to be a good read, it is abstruse(Recondite) for a laymen/laity.
0       2

by rahularoradce

re conduct it bcoz it is difficult to understand
0       0

by h.pathrabe250487

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