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    dearth - Dictionary definition and meaning for word dearth

    (noun) an acute insufficiency
    Synonyms : famine , shortage
    (noun) an insufficient quantity or number
    Synonyms : paucity
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for dearth

earth is big. de-earth.....(read as dearth) means small...small in quantity..or scarcity

dearth sounds like death. high death rate can result in scarcity of man-power

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Dearth - deers + earth. Deers in earth are getting insufficient in number

earth is full of things, dearth means lacking of things

dearth = death + r (reason) reason for death is scarcity(of food, shelter,health) thus dearth is scarcity

De-Earth means to dig...because of scarcity of water we started digging.....

earth is full of things, dearth means lacking of things

due to shortage of resources man started de-earthing(digging and looking under earth) for them...

For want of food, they were starving and tried eating DIRT.

death is a result of dearth (scarcity of food)

dead+earth food,water all are scarcity.

DEARTH = dead + earth; dead earth is always insufficient in quantity.

dearth leads to death!

dear+th ->dear ones are there far away scarcity to find such one

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