linger - Dictionary definition and meaning for word linger

(verb) remain present although waning or gradually dying
Example Sentence
  • Her perfume lingered on

(verb) be about
Example Sentence
  • The high school students like to loiter in the Central Square
  • Who is this man that is hanging around the department?

(verb) leave slowly and hesitantly
Synonyms : tarry

(verb) take one's time; proceed slowly
Synonyms : dawdle

(verb) move to and fro
Synonyms : hover
Example Sentence
  • The shy student lingered in the corner

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for linger

Linger--- Ginger... the taste of ginger is still present in my tongue although its slowly leaving
11       3

by ajaivkamath

sounds like lingerie(fashion show)where models walk for a long time on ramp ans they never want to leave it
10       1

by manojmvsr

Just go n pick Talcom Powder kept in your house. It will definately have printed its quality as "Lingering fragrance "
1       0

by manasbapna

0       2

by ratikmittal

sounds like lunger(in hindi where food is distributed free of cost)--- people TAKE ONE’S TIME AND ARE PRESENT FOR LONG TIME
0       0

by nikhilparasher

LIMBs aRE FLEXIble.....
0       1

by Salman

linger = li (lithium) + nger(anger); lithium is anger i.e explosive so move with it slowly.
0       0

by shaktipada

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