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(verb) show the form or outline of
Synonyms : define
Example Sentence
  • The tree was clearly defined by the light
  • The camera could define the smallest object
(verb) determine the essential quality of Definition
(verb) trace the shape of
Synonyms : limn outline
(verb) make a mark or lines on a surface
Synonyms : describe draw line trace
Example Sentence
  • draw a line
  • trace the outline of a figure in the sand
(verb) describe in vivid detail Definition
(adj) represented accurately or precisely
Synonyms : delineated represented
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for delineate

Delineate = (Diligently and neatly) portrayed painting.


delineate sounds like alienate, and if you are attacked by aliens, you would describe the event in vivid detail in order to make people believe you!

concentrate upon de+LINE+ate....d stands for draw ,line for sketch and ate for appropriatly.it may help you

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Read as De + line + ate. You describe every word line by line to make ur child ate beet root.

de"LINEA"te.... when we spot a linea car we try to sketch the car because of its design!!!...

delineate--> de+linea+te, concentrate on the word linea(fiat car), its worth a sketch or portray.

De-lineate - BE-LINENIENT - So art teachers will not BE-LINIENT if you do not portray; depict or sketch the figure properly.

delineate = de (described) + line + ate; describe in line whatever you ate in the marriage ceremony.

deLINEATE-if u can concentrate on the highlightened one,ie lineateit tells the meaning that it is single,in a straight line,linear.so delineate is the opposite,ie to describe,dipict,potray ,sketch..etc..

Deli + ate ->Delhi me kahan Ate karna hai iska pura plan

deconstruct the concept line by line

to remember the synonym u have to jus replace LINEA with LINEAR ..... so now the word can be seperated as DE-LINE-ART...ie art by lines


delineate=daily +neat jolly is daily neat and clean so ram sketch her photo and define shape ,quality

To delineATE is with detail, but to adumbrATE is with a sketch

de-line-ate...you can see line ...so you trace the outline..

If some 1 don't know where exactly is Delhi city located you will draw a sketch of india and explain it to him.


(noun) state of violent mental agitation
Synonyms : craze frenzy fury hysteria
(noun) a usually brief state of excitement and mental confusion often accompanied by hallucinations
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for delirium

split it as deli + r(i)um... taking rum daily will cause mental disorder

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(Focus on deli in this word and relate that to Delhi) visualize the city DELHI where terrorist sometime create mental disorder among the residents...

delirium - sounds like daily rum... you will get mental disorder and confused

Sounds like delerious

deliri(l)ium..in the LIRIL advetisement every one will be bathing with excitment!!!...

a lot of DELIma causes mental disorder... so delirium means mental disorder marked by confusion :)


(noun) (law) a formal objection to an opponent's pleadings
Synonyms : demurral demurrer
(verb) take exception to
Synonyms : except
Example Sentence
  • he demurred at my suggestion to work on Saturday
(verb) enter a demurrer
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for demur

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sounds a little like Damn U R wrong!! I object!

demur --> relate with hindi word "de mar" means "beat" and you beat someone if you object him/her.

de- means "down", while mur means wall(mural), ie., to push against the wall, which could be a sign of "objection".

Your demeanor is your behavior towards others but if you try too hard people might 'question' your intentions and sincerity

The chances of me going out with you are very DIMMER as my parent will object it!

Criminal to Lawyer: DE + MUR = OBJECTION DEga toh MURega

The DEfying MURmur in the audience rose quickly into a audible demur against his suggestion.

JA MUR (go to hell)

remember Michael Douglas demurred to Demi Moore's advancements for Sex in d movie DISCLOSURE!!!


de man ur wouldbe, she hesitate raise an objection

girls will dream her wouldbe,hesitate raise an objection if we are not the one.

JA MUR (go to hell)

demu.pronounce it like abe+ murkh(insane) ye aisa nahi hai..means you are taking objection.

demur-the words can be arranged to get murder and as we know a murderer always refuses and hesitates at first to tell that he has committed the crime

dey murr in urdu/hindi, means dey (give to them) murr (turn away from or show your back to) to say you dissapprove


(adj) affectedly modest or shy especially in a playful or provocative way
Synonyms : coy overmodest
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for demure

demur is the one who objects; demure is who doest not object, who is reserved and shy

Demure(adjective) is for a shy or modest person Demur (verb) is to voice opposition..[which in a sense is not something a shy person will do] Adding 'e' makes question raising person shy and modest.

since you have objected demi moore's proposal she is demure

First thing that comes in mind on reading this is Demi Moore. Demure stands for everything that Demi Moore is not , reserved modest and shy. So remember Demure as opposite of Demi Moore

demure sounds like deMUTE, and everyone knows that when something is on mute, words are difficult to come out! =D

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DE + MU + RE = thoda sharam kar aur duusron ke kaamon me MUh mat DE RE

You demur at demure woman

demure -> de + m(u)(a)re from "mare" (dead) you can relate it to grave.

demure rhymes with sure if one is sure of theirself they are opposite of demure

demure = de(the) + mu (manchester united) + r(are) + e (energetic not arrogant).

demure-> gents(dem) when ur wife want to be Reserved, modest, and shy.

girls murmur to hubby because they are reserved & shy

The real Demi moores of our real life society are actually demure, but demi moore of hollywood is just the very opposite quite the converse


(verb) cause to seem less serious; play down
Example Sentence
  • Don't belittle his influence
(verb) charge falsely or with malicious intent; attack the good name and reputation of someone
Example Sentence
  • The journalists have defamed me!
  • The article in the paper sullied my reputation
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for denigrate

focus on the 'nigrate' part of this word and relate it to 'nigger' (which means people who have black skin) no racism plz...

DENIGRATE=DENY+GREAT.so if yu deny someone is great ,it means you BELITTLE him


When Pakistan was divided from INDIA many people DENIGRATED (attack the good name and reputation ) Mahatma Gandhi who dedicated his life for (Swathantra Bharat ) our freedom and our future

denigrate -> take out the ni de(ni)grate. now its degrade. tht s to defame or disparage sumone..

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deni-grate sounds like deni-great..takes off the reputation of great people

denigrate>> DENY+GRATEful= persons who defame someone DENY to be GRATEful to him/her.

degrade and make him defame

The NI in the centre also stands for night or black. Denigrate means to convert a white guy into a nigger by "deny"ing him "great"-ness


(noun) a person who inhabits a particular place Definition
(noun) a plant or animal naturalized in a region
Example Sentence
  • denizens of field and forest
  • denizens of the deep
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for denizen

this word rhymes with the word citizen (which can be related to the above meaning)

den is lion's resting place. the lion uses its car(zen) to reach its home everyday.

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resiDENt + citIZEN = DENIZEN

lion has made zen car as den ..so it is inhabitant and occupant of zen..


(verb) speak out against
Example Sentence
  • He denounced the Nazis
(verb) to accuse or condemn or openly or formally or brand as disgraceful
Example Sentence
  • He denounced the government action
  • She was stigmatized by society because she had a child out of wedlock
(verb) announce the termination of, as of treaties Definition
(verb) give away information about somebody
Example Sentence
  • He told on his classmate who had cheated on the exam
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for denounce

Denounce - Similar to announce. Announce is for all kind of information but denounce is to criticize...

the public denounced the King and hence he renounced his throne!!

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renounce means give up,so everybody denounced him because he renounced

remember bounce..a bouncer (ball) is criticized by the batsman..

Sounds like renounce means to reject by criticizing

announce is good speech and denounce is bad speech.... like accelerate and decelerate

Deal was announced before it was done. So Manager condemned and criticized him heavily


(verb) force to leave (an office)
Synonyms : force out
(verb) make a deposition; declare under oath
Synonyms : depone swear
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for depose

DE(MEANS REMOVE) + POSE(POSITION)..so to remove somebody from his/her POSITION in his/her work place.

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de-pose(pose) pose koduthay they will REMOVE from your position....

depose - to mean taking oath or a testimony - to remember this meaning remember it means both Take position as well as Give up position

de + pose >> mujhe office se nikaal diya yane REMOVED FROM OFFICE, firr mein politics mein gaya aur mein jitane ki wajah se mujhe OATH LENI padi..

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