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(adj) poor enough to need help from others Definition
(adj) completely wanting or lacking
Synonyms : barren devoid free innocent
Example Sentence
  • writing barren of insight
  • young recruits destitute of experience
  • innocent of literary merit
  • the sentence was devoid of meaning
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for destitute

desi+tit+cute like prostitute ->they r poor thats why they det into prostitution.... no hard feelings

Break it as DE+INSTITUE...that means the person whi has never been to any INSTITUTE..i.e. who is ILLITERATE is very poor

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destitute ~ desi (indian) tutors are always ready to teach students in destitute condition for free.

sounds like desi tute(tution)....so a guy who is attending tution in desi langaues shows he is very poor.

Dave's attitude (homophone of destitute) looks like a poor's.

Destitute sounds like 'this institute'; Imagine someone advising you "It's not worth studying in this institute, as it's difficult to get a job after studying from there and hence will destitute you (make you poor)."

Person who is not astute ends up being destitute.


(adj) marked by lack of definite plan or regularity or purpose; jumping from one thing to another
Example Sentence
  • desultory thoughts
  • the desultory conversation characteristic of cocktail parties
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for desultory

De-result...Obviously a haphazard or desultory approach will result to nothing.

desultory think like de story-> moving away from the main story

desult...de(means without)+sult(RESULT)+tory( a member of conservative party in britain known as TORY)....so if the tories DID NOT WIN ANY ELECTION THIS TIME becoz of their desultory attitude..or since they lacked any definate plan to win election..t

Imagine a thirsty, hungry man in a DESoLaTe DESert wandering aimlessly from one mirage to another.

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..or since they lacked any definate plan to win election..they were WITHOUT any good RESULTs THIS TIME. and now THINK a MEMBER OF TORY party jumping to another party to join it and than to another.

Think: Desolate Story... Desolate=(Empty) Story=(Chain of Events)...an empty or purposeless chain of events and/or jumping from one thing to another

if u work DESULTory then u will INSULted

de salute = a person in army who does not salute to his superior surely does not have an aim

De + resultory >> If you do not go according to a method, you will always get wrong result...

de(down)sult(result) ory(tending to)root word meaning so if result ofur is down(fail) u will jump from good boy to bad boy in school.

As it is SULTORY outside, Aimless or Haphazard people fill DIESEL in the car and go out for a drive

desultory=দেশান্তরী;so aimless,jumping around

de+result--- if you LACK IN CONSISTANCY OR you are UNFOCUSED, it will result in DE-RESULT

desultory(desert+salty)the thirsty man in salty desert walking aimlessly for water

the slut stories are always not planned :P

aimless result


(verb) deprive of freedom; take into confinement
Synonyms : confine
(verb) stop or halt
Synonyms : delay stay
Example Sentence
  • Please stay the bloodshed!
(verb) cause to be slowed down or delayed
Synonyms : delay hold up
Example Sentence
  • Traffic was delayed by the bad weather
  • she delayed the work that she didn't want to perform
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for detain

the train

remember 'detained'relating to exams. when detained, education is delayed.

de(not)+train.. hold train not to depart..


(noun) something immaterial that interferes with or delays action or progress Definition
(adj) tending to deter
Example Sentence
  • the deterrent effects of high prices
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for deterrent

DETER + RENT. A high rent IS ALWAYS A discouraging factor FOR TENANTS.


[hindi] dete bola rent, nahi diya.. bechara discourage ho gaya, sala rent lene mein itne hindrances..

you can also imagine deterrent as detergent + ant ; if you put detergent in front of ant it will obstruct and hinder its path

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sounds close to deteriorate

Deterrent = detergent. Detergent always hinders or discourages the dust/viruses on the clothes or other materials.

Think of deterrents as the wrong answers on the mutliple choice of the GRE. These "deterrents" discourage you from choosing the right answer.

sounds like shattered!!! "Our hopes were shattered(deterred)!"

Abe O!!! De Tera Rent... :D


(adj) deeply religious
Synonyms : god-fearing
Example Sentence
  • a god-fearing and law-abiding people
(adj) earnest
Synonyms : dear earnest heartfelt
Example Sentence
  • one's dearest wish
  • devout wishes for their success
  • heartfelt condolences
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for devout

Dev...Dev... bolkar head 'out' ho geya; how pious he is!

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people devout(devote) their time to pious and religious deeds with sincerity and earnestness.

DEVil+OUT one who devil is out of him/her

devout is derived from devot; someone devoted to god

Dev: as Dev referring to God;out; so going out to pray to God,showing sincerity and deep respect to Gods


(adj) skillful in physical movements; especially of the hands
Synonyms : deft dextrous
Example Sentence
  • a deft waiter
  • deft fingers massaged her face
  • dexterous of hand and inventive of mind
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for dexterous

dexter, a cartoon charecter is someone ,who is very skillfull and uses his hands and minds in a very skillfull manner.

THE+EXTRA+RUS(juice)- the people who drink extra juice are very dexterous


(adj) showing the cunning or ingenuity or wickedness typical of a devil
Example Sentence
  • devilish schemes
  • the cold calculation and diabolic art of some statesmen
  • the diabolical expression on his face
  • a mephistophelian glint in his eye
(adj) extremely evil or cruel; expressive of cruelty or befitting hell
Example Sentence
  • something demonic in him--something that could be cruel
  • fires lit up a diabolic scene
  • diabolical sorcerers under the influence of devils
  • a fiendish despot
  • hellish torture
  • infernal instruments of war
  • satanic cruelty
  • unholy grimaces
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for diabolical

di + aboli(abolition)....process of destroying something usually done by devils

DAI(midwife)+BOLI(spoke)- DAI at the time of birth BOLI that kid is going to be very DIABOLICAL(wicked).

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bolica- assume to be a devil

concentrate on DIABLO ie. a bike used in ROAD RASH game..which was meant for develish people.

diabolical=dian(Hindhi,Bitch)+boli......so evil

dia+bol+ical-> two persons playing with a ball is extremely cruel.


the lamborghini DIABLO....is very majestic ... horrifying...cruel ...devilish in look!.... like the bull

The ppl who r telling dia boli that means have two meanings in his word is always danger to other ppls.

the letters sound like devil, iblees, beezelbub


(noun) thunderous verbal attack
Synonyms : fulmination
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for diatribe

diatribe = di-tribe = two tribes fighting...criticize

dia+tribe:the lower ranked tribe(in caste division) always face thunderous verbal attack from upper caste people.

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Diabolic Tribute

Denounced In an Abusive manner by TRIBE. [TV Ref: Survivors] (my book's def. for Diatribe = a harsh and abusive denunciation.)

Think of the prefix "Dia" as Dynamite! A dynamite verbal attack against a tribe of crazy Indians. [note to whoever wrote this: u sound dumb and racist. the end.]

tribute = respecting dead ppl tribe =social division of ppl diatribe = bitter letter for somebody so, in tribute(funeral) relatives come(tribe/of same cast). And diatribe the some diatribe the GOD for doin this.

dia-circle,tribe-tribals..if you are stuck in the middle of tribal people you would have to face bitter scolding!

dia(do) tribe hain, unme ladai ho gyi.. and they diatribe each other

Dia(Mirza)-scolds,attacks verbally on tribal people for misbehaving with her :)

dia+tribe:people from the lower ranked tribe(in caste division) always face thunderous verbal attack from upper caste people.

take tribe in it where tribal people are always abusive and scold each other

Diatribe = di means two; atribe ( attribute); There is controversy who has given the attribution.

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