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    controvert - Dictionary definition and meaning for word controvert

    (verb) be resistant to
    Synonyms : contradict , oppose
    Example Sentence
    • The board opposed his motion
    (verb) prove to be false or incorrect
    Synonyms : rebut , refute
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for controvert

Introvert - one who does not mingle with anyone. Extrovert - one who mingles with everyone. Controvert - one who opposes everyone with arguments.

contro+vert..contro[oppose] and vert[verbose]..controvert means oppose with words[arguements]

think it as CONTROVERSY

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celebrities are always Controverting (denying, refuting) scandals and controversies


Legendary Mnemonic: Controvert=Contra+Verse=>Verse Against You=Contradict ...doesnt get simpler

a controversy is basically when some people start controverting against each other on certain issues

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