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(verb) weaken mentally or morally Definition
(verb) disturb the composure of
Synonyms : faze unnerve unsettle
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for enervate

ENERV(w)asTE whwn you waste you energy you become weak

break it as e + nerve(nerv) + ate... what happens when our pulse reduces; we WEAKEN.

can also be broken as ener(energy) + vate (wait) when energy is waiting somewhere else....you have less energy left in yourself

enervate ~ evaporate

E=emergency Nervate=nerves Rushing nerves to the ER is a sign something bad happened...like a stroke..potentially paralyzing , weakening.

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Enervate: ener(ENERGY) + vate(evaporate) Ur energy is evaportaed, so u feel weak


INNER WEIGHT- if your INNER WEIGHT is very high i.e. you are very fat then you get ENERVATED very soon.

assume that ENER=ENERGY VATE=WAIT If You wait for a long time we lose our energy and WEAKEN

ener(inner)+vate(weight) : if ur inner wt increases u feel weak....

enervate = energy is being (v) ate by sunlight so he is become weak.


(verb) devote (oneself) fully to
Example Sentence
  • He immersed himself into his studies
(verb) flow over or cover completely
Example Sentence
  • The bright light engulfed him completely
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for engulf

en+gulf(gulp)..so how much do you gulp or swallow in a day....??

gulf has swallowed such quantities of petrol that other countries from outside are relying on it

Golf courses swallows huge area of cultivable land.

gulf is swallowed by south indian people. You can see south indian people everywhere. Just to remember the word

ENGLUF sounds lyk aloof,jab hum log aloof(lonely) hote hai tab engrossed or absorbed hokar kam karte hai


(verb) fix firmly
Synonyms : settle
Example Sentence
  • He ensconced himself in the chair
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for ensconce

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ensconce sounds something like iskon (lord krishna's temple which is a peaceful place..hence can settle comfortably ... (feel like staying their only and settle down in such peaceful place..)

a child gets his ice cream CONe which makes him settle down comfortably.

en- "make, put in" + sconce "small fortification, shelter,"

Ensconce - en (IN) sconce (SECONDS) when return home, IN SECONDS you can 'settle down comfortably'.

ENSCONCE : contains the word CONC which is a short form of CONCENTRATE..so when you concentrate you fix yourself very firmly, so it can be used as an hint

sound like CONE...if you put the cone upside down on the floor..it remains stable and settles comfortably.

EN(In) Science quizzes you have to settle yourself comfortably, safely, secretly....


Ensconce Ens(Ans) + Once hence boy says to gf Ans me Once do you love me and l will not move from here till you say yes


(verb) speak, pronounce, or utter in a certain way
Example Sentence
  • She pronounces French words in a funny way
  • I cannot say `zip wire'
  • Can the child sound out this complicated word?
(verb) express or state clearly
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for enunciate

e+nun+ciate....sounds like A NUN CITEd....something she proclaimed about the church rules and regulations...and that is what the word means....citing means announcing something to be true..or proclaiming something.


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same idea.. "A NUN SHE ATE"..u enunciated so clearly dat "A NUN ate smth"

rhymes with communicate..which is nothing put to speak or utter..

Saw virgin territory? Hero screwed the nuns and he could speak.


(verb) extend on all sides of simultaneously; encircle
Synonyms : border ring skirt surround
Example Sentence
  • The forest surrounds my property
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for environ

environ..resembles enviroment...and our enviroment is SURROUNDED BY MANY GASES.

putting barb enVIRE(WIRE) ON, that can ENCLOSE & SURROUND ur land

EN (TO become)+VIRION..(VIRUS)....A virus becoming attched to a cell via its receptars and then it surround the cell and degrade it.


(noun) anything short-lived, as an insect that lives only for a day in its winged form
Synonyms : ephemeron
(adj) lasting a very short time
Example Sentence
  • the ephemeral joys of childhood
  • a passing fancy
  • youth's transient beauty
  • love is transitory but it is eternal
  • fugacious blossoms
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for ephemeral

sounds like e-funeral. Electric funeral is SHORT

'fermi' is a very small secientific unit [10 ^(-15)] So think of fremi second with ephemeral (e-phermi-real)

elephant+marela hai..he lived short! :|

sounds similar to epidural, which would make giving birth go by much quicker

epHEMeral contains the word HEMI, which means half. (It takes half or a shorter time)

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apheme (which is a drug) ka nasha bahut hi ephemeral hota hai

ephemeral sounds like effervescence...which is momentary bubbling of a gas

PERENNIAL-lasting for a long time....perennial rivers which carry water round the year..EPHEMERAL rivers..which carry water for a short period

ephemeral = if(ep) he murder( mer) all, if the the cat is able to murder the rates then rats life will be short span.


(noun) a defamatory or abusive word or phrase
Synonyms : name
(noun) descriptive word or phrase
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for epithet

Concentrate on the latter part of the word, epiTHET (Threat): If someone threatens you, he's going to use abusive words.

epithet = a + pithet -> a pathetic (person)...pathetic is an adjective.

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E+PIT+HET~>A PET name that HURTS...

api+thittu (telugu) IF a singer is bad, you api (to stop) and then tittu (scold). you give him an epiteth.

Concentrate on the word PIT and gives a meaning defamatory.

A pathetic person hurls insults at others rather than speaks his truth.

E-PIT(beat)-THAT- that person was pita gaya(beat) and abused too.

Epi(appy)+thet(theft) - Appy ko theft karne par abusive word



(noun) a standard or typical example
Synonyms : image paradigm prototype
Example Sentence
  • he is the prototype of good breeding
  • he provided America with an image of the good father
(noun) a brief abstract (as of an article or book)
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for epitome

Epi(EPIC)+tome(TOMB)...there is a EPIC about the TOMB of Mumtaz Mahal (TAJ MAHAL) that it takes nearly 200 years to complete that’s why it’s A PERFECT EXAMPLE of MUGHAL ARCHITECTURE

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epitome,at d end it sounds like TOM-remember tom n jerry r d "perfect example" of EPIc.

e+pi+tome: tome is a book, mathematical pi is concise. So epitome = a concise prologue or epilogue of the book. Also means example

epi+tomb(tome)...qutubshahi tombs contain dead bodies of emperors therefore these bodies are EMBODIED into them and these tombs are still in a perfect condition hence they ARE A PERFECT EXAMPLE

a happy home is a perfect example for everyone of living life blissfully.

EPITOME: E+PIT+OME, Don't fall in pit by not doing home work like Rahul(Example)

A BIT OF ME - epitome: a standard or typical example

e(he)+ pito(marna) + me(mujhe).. so usne mujhe mara, it is a 'perfect example' that he is a gunda!

epitome=optimum optimum designs are always epitome

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