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    encomium - Dictionary definition and meaning for word encomium

    (noun) a formal expression of praise
    Synonyms : eulogy , paean , panegyric , pean
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for encomium

INCOME - People of high INCOME are formally praised for their large donations.

en com ( think about M.Com) so when you would top M.com, you will be addressed speeches of encomium !

May be in future we have to praise a new metal named 'Encomium' which will be more precious than Platinum.

try to make some version of this phrase flow: in COMING HOME, the war hero was treated to ENCOMIUM.

encomium- en + comics in tamil language, 'en' means mine.. so, in order to praise people i describe people as heroes in my comics...

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We all would like praise and approval to be incoming now and then.

en+com-- enhanced cum gives high praise for oneself...No offence

looks like its derived from encore, if you perform well the audience praises you with and encore. got it? :)

The encomium should encompass all the wonderful things he did

over the intercom in the Colosseum they encourage shouting ENCOMIUMS for the victor.

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