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(verb) spur on or encourage especially by cheers and shouts
Example Sentence
  • The crowd cheered the demonstrating strikers
(verb) force or impel in an indicated direction
Synonyms : press urge urge on
Example Sentence
  • I urged him to finish his studies
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for exhort

My friend EXHORTED us that we go for the EXORCIST movie and we EXCORIATED him for such an EXECRABLE idea.but then we EXCULPATED him.

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exert -> to do something; exhort -> to urge someone to do something

my ex gf is vry hot(hort)...she urges men ....

extra + hot...ll urge evry1.

simply remember 'escort'

exhort very close to exhaust...ex..(exhaust)+hort(resort)....when you get exhausted by staying in hotels...you encourage or urge your dad to stay in a resort...........

exhort:ex+heart to urge by strong appels (to urge by heart)

Exhort- EX, snORT. Many EX-crackheads have the urge or exhort to snORT crack.

exhort sounds like exhaust; if you’re extremely exhausted, how will you exhort the crowd to cheer louder? You need lots of energy to exhort the crowd.

exert someone to do something

reah exhort like eh + heart your heart always urges you to do things

Exhort = ex (cut) + short,i.e cut the shortage help it to overcome.


(noun) a pressing or urgent situation
Example Sentence
  • the health-care exigency
(noun) a sudden unforeseen crisis (usually involving danger) that requires immediate action
Synonyms : emergency pinch
Example Sentence
  • he never knew what to do in an emergency
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for exigency

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exigency ~ exit + emergency; you remember the emergency exit, only when at the time of an urgent situation.

Exigency and Emergency rhyme.......

think of urgency/emergency



(verb) pronounce not guilty of criminal charges
Example Sentence
  • The suspect was cleared of the murder charges
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for exonerate

ex(purani)...ones (one) rate(value) vapas mill jana...means to get back ur lost pride by gettin ridd of d charges...

EXONERATE ~ break it as EX (gone) HONOUR (pride) ~ to bring back your gone or fallen honour by getting the blame off you.

Ex - honourate get back your honour by getting yourself free from the charges.

Onerate -> Responsibility; Ex - Onerate -> Release from burden.

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ex means previous + oner(honor) so getting back ur ex honor means free from blame

Exonerate:Exo+Nerate(Narrate=Narrator),Just Imagine Exo(Exo Dish Wash Bar) is Narrating(Nerate) this story....As I killed lot of gems,but court didnt punished me,they pardoned me(absolved from blame) because i killed bad germs.

reiterate honor which means acquitting of all charges and getting back your pride/honour

I want to exoner-ate because it's not your plate, and you are not to blame

exonerate...consider aerate..when you get aerated you feel relieved so you feel relieved when you are pronounced not guilty of criminal charges

exonerate - since the EX-culprit OWNed up his crime, they RATED him and removed his blame

exonerate-ex- naresh imagine that your old friend naresh is released from the death row because he was found innocent


(verb) expel through adjuration or prayers
Synonyms : exorcize
Example Sentence
  • exorcise evil spirits
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for exorcise

remember the movie EXORCIST...in which priest WHO DRIVE OUT EVIL SPIRITS suicides in the end

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exorcism is practice of removing an evil spirit from a body/house Exorcise means the same

exercise to drive out evil

exorcise - ex-corpse-cise = cut the ghost which was an ex-corpse

Exercise removes bad things (fat) from your body, and exorcise removes bad /evil spirits from your mind

excorcise = cise meanse to cut, so ex'sour'cise is to cut the sour spirits

exercise to drive out ex things(evil).

poda goiya

ex or cize; cut or cize means to make trim & neaty.


(noun) a person who is voluntarily absent from home or country
Synonyms : exile expat
Example Sentence
  • American expatriates
(verb) expel from a country
Synonyms : deport exile
Example Sentence
  • The poet was exiled because he signed a letter protesting the government's actions
(verb) move away from one's native country and adopt a new residence abroad
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for expatriate

read EXPATRIATE as EX-PATRIOT, now no more a patriot, as the person withdrew from his native land and settled somewhere else.

ex ~ out and patriate ~ patriotic; someone who is not patriotic towards his country should be EXPATRIATED (~ expelled)

Expa(TREE)ate-Lord RAMA went to EXILE where he found only TREES(forest)..called exile


(noun) a means to an end; not necessarily a principled or ethical one Definition
(adj) serving to promote your interest
Example Sentence
  • was merciful only when mercy was expedient
(adj) appropriate to a purpose; practical
Example Sentence
  • in the circumstances it was expedient to express loyalty
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for expedient

pronounce it like "experienced"...an experienced person is always SUITABLE for making decisions..

expedient : expert + obedient ,,, they are the most "suitable" person

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Expedited plane trips are expedient (suitable or practical) since they take little time.

u plan 2 go on an expedition so u make sure if it is expedient i.e. suitable n practical in time n money's context.


Expedient = ex means cut the ped; Make it more speedy.


(verb) speed up the progress of; facilitate
Synonyms : hasten
Example Sentence
  • This should expedite the process
(verb) process fast and efficiently
Example Sentence
  • I will try to expedite the matter
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for expedite

EX(exceed)+PED(read it as speed)+ITE......hence to speed up means to expedite !!!!!

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EXPEDITE ~ Exped (sounds like speed) + It; so expedite means to speed up the progress of something.

EXPEDITE sounds similar to EXPERT ADVISE using which we can speed up things,as it will facilitate in finishin things fast..!

Ex (Mr. X) + Pedi (foot). so you can presume that when you walk you make "progress" and with Mr. X you walk so you are assisting him.

ex(extreme)+pedite (pedaling).....extreme pedaling leads to expedition

Expedite: Think of Fed-Ex (FEDEXpedite) Since it speeds up your shipping!

extra speed for you dite: i.e. speeds up your diet

similar to expedition(a journey on some mission or pleasure) >>> imagine a military expedition... it finishes t task fast n makes it more convenient for normal life..


(verb) make amends for
Synonyms : aby abye atone
Example Sentence
  • expiate one's sins
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for expiate

Rhymes as Ex Pirate. An ex-pirate always tries to expiate his guilt.Ex pirate becomes pious.

i was her 'pia' once.... and now i am her ex-pia.... if i dont make amends i wont get her back :(

Her ex, P, ate all the cookies and made amends with flowers.

expiate : ex + pia(spouse) + date; if u wanna hv date with ur ex then u need to make some "amendments"

expiate......you pray to god and you EXPECT THAT god will amend for all your crimes or sins..

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sounds like expiry date:-if u buy anything which is already expired then the person selling that will make amends and give you the fresh piece.

EXPect and ask someone ( amend ) to get it.....means EXPiate

expat returning homeland TO AMEND home ties

suppose you are a pious person but you lose your faith in your god coz something bad happened to you, you would turn to love sex and dhokha but when you regain your piety you will make amends to your sins by confessing to the prst

ex-pee-ate : A criminal has to expiate or he has to eat his own pee

expiate= out(ex) of p(PAP) and i(sIns)

Expiate = ex (cut) + i + ate; cut from my salary whatever i ate.

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