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(noun) an inoffensive or indirect expression that is substituted for one that is considered offensive or too harsh
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for euphemism

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Assuming: females are milder than males as they are more emotionally inclined. It reads like E(xpress) U(yourself) Phemism(like feminism).

you+feminisn(sounds like) girls try to avoid certain words and circumlocate... so if u practise euphemism, you act like a female

eu- <> dys- (good) <> (bad) -phemi ~ phone ~ sound => euphemism ~ make good speech instead of bad one

eu ‘well’ + phēmē ‘speaking.’

eu(r u?)+phemism(feminist) instead of saying " r u feminist" we can say " r u in favor of women rights?" because the first one seems hursh and rude :)

Euphemism = e + u + ph + emission; your phone emission i.e sound is sweet.


(noun) the act of killing someone painlessly (especially someone suffering from an incurable illness)
Synonyms : mercy killing
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for euthanasia

"youth in asia" nowadays agree with mercy killing.

euthanasia = Use Excessive Anesthasia. Using excessive anesthasia would result in killing


(adj) tending to vanish like vapor
Example Sentence
  • evanescent beauty
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for evanescent

Remember it as "I want scent. Scent evaporates like vapour.

Vanishing Scent

e-vanescent.. vanescent sounds like vanishing.. hence..

EVADE+SCENT....evading scent....

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Even most persistent sent last only for a little time and then evaporates.

Evaporated scent;just like its vapors,disappearing from sight and memory

Evaporate as Scent



(verb) give expression to
Synonyms : express show
Example Sentence
  • She showed her disappointment
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for evince

sounds like evidence which means to show clearly.

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to convince u have to evince.

EVINCE sounds like evidence, this evidence CLEARLY SHOWS that he is guilty

if evince {pronouncesd as (h)e wins} it is SHOWN CLEARLY in his face

remember convince, to convince some first evince (show them clearly the scenario)

kate vicelet evince that she will marry

To convince one must evince (show clearly) the evidence.

Remember VINCE MCMAN from Wrestling? Vince was implicated in the MURDER of eddy guerrero because the vid Evidence SHOWED CLEARLY that he committed it.

~convince ab convince karne ki liye dihakana to padega hi(show clearly)


(verb) make worse
Example Sentence
  • This drug aggravates the pain
(verb) exasperate or irritate
Synonyms : aggravate exasperate
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for exacerbate

Latin ex+acerb+ate; Latin acerb- means bitter, harsh; So exacerbate means to make bittter, to worsen.

if in an Exam u keep your hand on your head[ie SAR(in hindi)/CER]...you wil WORSEN your paper...

"Ex Her b Ate".. her ex came and ate with her family. which worsen the relation even more.

Mr.Ex(x) hit his old acer car with a bat now he worsened the condition of his car

exacerbate:ex wife sara did not cooperate,she made it worse.

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Exacerbate: Ex(Ex means old,like ExGirlFriend)+Acer(Acer Laptop)+Bate(Bat):Just Imagine ur Ex(old)Acer Laptop is not working,so u got angry and bet with a Bat(BATE),then it became more worsen,completely worsen.....ExAcerBate

Exacerbate=Ex(Extra)+ Acerbate(make worse),,so worsen

Exacerbate also means irritate means exasperate....hence Exacerbate= Exasperate...

ex:excess acer:similar like acid; so excess acid means worst

sounds extra + bate(beat) >>> as he bated him too much, it worsened his condition and he is in ICU now..

He made everything worse by chopping her head off: AXED HER PATE

ex=>extra + cerb=>service given to make something worse.

Extra Masturbate= worsen the condition of body. One feel lot of weakness after that.

exacerbate = ex + acer = too + sharp(Greek) -> not good

ex+acerb+ate; imagine 'ex' from expand and acerb- means bitter, harsh; So exacerbate means to expand the bitterness so as to worsen.

Exam sir pe baithi hain aur beta khana nahi khara raha hain.. kyunki bemar hain..

when he (ate) an (ex)pired medicine, it worsened the fever.

EX - AKAR (acer)- BAITHA (bate)- so wen u r in park baju me ex akar baitha so it made things worse


(verb) exasperate or irritate
Synonyms : aggravate exacerbate
(verb) make furious
Synonyms : incense infuriate
(verb) make worse
Example Sentence
  • This drug aggravates the pain
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for exasperate

exasperate(excess + parade)=hence u r ill and if u r asked to parade excess u will annoy and become angry as it may worsen your health condition

EXASPERATE ~ x + separate; if you are going to irritate your wife frequently, she may separate from you and will be called as your x-wife.

exasperate = expired aspirin + ate- I ate expired aspirin which worsened my health

EXASPERATE... ASPER (ASPIRIN) + ATE.... I ate an aspirin to get over my exasperation.

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exasperate= extras appu ra... you will get irritated with the extras then you will cry out extras appu ra..

when you r exasperated, you shout mujhe separate chod do

in our indian kitchen we use EXAST FAN to move out hot air.and EXASperate means to make some body hot or annoyed.

exasperate = extra + seperate: seperate the extra carrier signal signal to get the orginal one


(verb) express strong disapproval of
Example Sentence
  • We condemn the racism in South Africa
  • These ideas were reprobated
(verb) tear or wear off the skin or make sore by abrading
Synonyms : chafe
Example Sentence
  • This leash chafes the dog's neck
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for excoriate

Examiner (EX-) ne meri kori (cori)(in hindi blank) answer sheets ko dekh ke mujhe bahut harsh remarks diye.

excoriate(sounds like ex-koriate) koreans are chinese and they are good in fighting and tend to rip the skin off ( a korean ate you !)so being very severe!

If you excrete on somebody, you will get excoriated.

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split it as ex + coria + ate... so spell coria as korea now koreans are harsh and they will strip your skin off

excoriate rhymes with EXFOLIATE which means to remove (dead)skin..so in a way it is to ABRADE or FLAY

x-core hate -> hardcore hate

ex+co(ko)+ri(re)+ate (attend) karro...u break up with ur present gal friend since ur ex-gf creates a conflict between u both...so u attend ur ex-gal and scold her bitterly...excoriate her

Corriagated cardboard has deep holes in it, which is what one does to someone when they harshly denounce, or vituperate, them.

AXE+CORIATE....jab teacher ne meri cori book dekhi toh unhone axe se usko excoriate kiya....

ex+cori+ate= your ex cori ate you with her criticism and wanted to rip off your skin bc she was so mad

Ex gori gfs will always have bad opinion on you...


ex-(express)-core(h)ate express core hate by berate or vituperating someone

ex(OLD)+cori(korean)+ate-->old koreans used to eat human by "tearing and wearing off their skin"...now there is "strong disapproval" for this custom...

Apni EX ko kaise rate karoge? - critize hi karoge


(verb) pronounce not guilty of criminal charges
Example Sentence
  • The suspect was cleared of the murder charges
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for exculpate

exculpate sounds like ex-culprit = culprit...but now he has been cleared of the charges.

ex(expert)+culpate(culprit) expert culprit are always clear from blame ,,

Honor the culprit by exonerating and exculpating

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When the accused is deemed an ex-culprit / Once a jury of peers votes to exculpate, / The court of law issues a formal writ, / Evidence of the verdict to vindicate.

culpable is blame.exculpate is removing the blame

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