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(adj) expressing sorrow
Synonyms : mournful
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for plaintive

Plaintive can be split into plain(plane)+tive(relative). Suppose a relative dies in a plane crash, we mourn. Thus plaintive = mourn. Sorry for the sadistic mnemonic.

lol its so easy wtf plaintive = remove L pain + tive = mournful

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plain means to complain. one who always complain is sorrowful,mournful

plain+tv(black and white)==sad....

The PLAINTIff, in a court case, has been injured by the defendant and is feeling PLAINTIVE.

PLAINTIVE= PONTIFF..Roman catholic pope who generally attend in a funeral(mournful) ceremony

pLAintive= LAment, PlaINTIVE=laMENT

Very Plain tips. The waiter is in sorrow.


(noun) a trite or obvious remark
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for platitude

flat + attitude: something flat does not attract us as it is very common. So you will obviously give trite remarks.

or we can think of plastic: it is veru cheap and of very little value just like platitude

Latitudes vary from place to place ...whereas Platitude is common to all ..i.e. COMMONPLACE...ORDINARY ... TRITE...

Take it as (PLATE + ATTITUDE) this hungry man was throwing the PLATE on server face bcos of serving late. Chef is obviously strongly REMARKING towards his ATTITUDE.

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The word 'platitude' is derived from the word 'plat',which is the French version of the word 'flat' and means literally "a flat remark.

platitude {altitude} ..some thing related to mountain ..which is common place to every one

platitude=pl(please) + attitutde ppl r always giving weak comments

Platitude = please + attitude; please attitude is always is always shows poor behavior.


(adj) of or relating to or characteristic of Plato or his philosophy
Example Sentence
  • Platonic dialogues
(adj) free from physical desire
Example Sentence
  • platonic love
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for platonic

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Platonic - Plato (disciple of Socrates) wrote all the theoretical philosophies.

anyone who stays in pluto,are free from the physical desire and have real love...

if someone is willing to go live in plato then he must be prepared for a spiritual and non sensual life


(noun) enthusiastic approval
Example Sentence
  • the book met with modest acclaim
  • he acknowledged the plaudits of the crowd
  • they gave him more eclat than he really deserved
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for plaudit

rhymes like "applaud it"

remove 'p' u'll get LAUDIT. which can mean loud it. Victory should always be praised by loud cheer i.e. with enthusiastic approval.

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plaudit - laad (in hindi) means approval or pampering

PLausible 4 AUDience->Sth plausible 4 audience leads to applaud; Hence, enthusiastic applause or approval

plaudit-plot+it plot ing a tree will make u feel enthusiastic


PLenty people AUDITed. Must be GOOD!


(adj) apparently reasonable and valid, and truthful
Example Sentence
  • a plausible excuse
(adj) given to or characterized by presenting specious arguments
Example Sentence
  • a plausible liar
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for plausible

Plausible rhymes with possible "Something that may or may not be possible" true,but open to doubt.

plausible(posible):some thing is possible to happen if its reasonable,valid,truthful. so something resonable or valid or truthful is == plausible.

plausible sounds like (laugical)logical!!!

plausible = believable

when you are correct and truth full generally u will get applause which sounds like plausible

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most of the politicians give APPLAUSIBLE speeches but they do nothing and their speech becomes PLAUSIBLE !!!!!!!

Plausible sounds like "possible", as in "It's possible he's telling the truth".

plaus=getting applaud and plausible(pausi) telling a pause.so telling something what every one applauds but with a doubt(pause)

able to be applauded


(noun) one of the common people
Synonyms : pleb
(adj) of or associated with the great masses of people
Synonyms : common unwashed vulgar
Example Sentence
  • the common people in those days suffered greatly
  • behavior that branded him as common
  • his square plebeian nose
  • a vulgar and objectionable person
  • the unwashed masses
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for plebeian

sounds like pebble which are found every where and are very common

plebeian - sounds like play with lesbian which is very vulgar

basically this word is taken from plebs...which were the common people in ancient rome.

Playboy.. A common vulgar magazine.

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we can also link it with american millitary where the freshman is known as pleb..because fresher are generally bad dressers and unsocial.

People in LEBANON are lesbians; LEbanon contains all common people doing vulgar things..

plebeian - sounds like pedestrian, almost all pedestrians are common people

divide this like P(here it stands for people)+lebeian..sounds like Lebanon in south west asia & economy of this country is in disatrous state due to civil strife.so people of this country are not rich -only middle class people&they are commen people.


(noun) a full supply
Example Sentence
  • there was plenty of food for everyone
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for plenitude

plen(i)tude: remove i. sounds like plenty..means full.

plenty hai dude


(noun) extreme excess
Example Sentence
  • an embarrassment of riches
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for plethora

like if you go home after many days, your mother will insist that you eat more. What she will say is "Pe Le + Thoda Aur Le" ultimately, aisai lene se, it will become an excess at the end. You will be full :)

PleTHORA~(Play thoda),but child resist that he will play more and more and more,thus excessive.

Sounds like "Please throw a"...Can we PLEASE THROW A party? We have an overabundance of food that we need to get rid of before it goes bad.

Let Ho Raha we are getting excessively late


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english version of pitaara... e.g. books ka pitaara hai mere paas

Ple=Plenty of Something i.e,Excess

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