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(adj) causing disapproval or protest
Synonyms : objectionable
Example Sentence
  • a vulgar and objectionable person
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for obnoxious

Hayden recently said Bhajji an 'obnoxious weed' pertaining to the event of him calling symonds a monkey.

ob(viously)+noxiousi.e offensive

ab aur nahi .. i will protest

"noxious" means physical/mental injury. So Obnoxios means aao-injury which is not approvable.

AGAIN THE ROOT NOX ...means harm...so some gases are very harmful/ or a person who is offensive can be HARMFUL to us.

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if asked again will knock us.(offensive disagree)

noxious means harmful....so noxious talks r always offensive

abe no oxigen(obnoxious) h sas kaise lega jo hmare liye hanikark h

ob-NOX-ious NOX are harmful gases which causes pollution of environment so emission of these gases should be objected


(adj) attempting to win favor from influential people by flattery Definition
(adj) attentive in an ingratiating or servile manner
Example Sentence
  • obsequious shop assistants
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for obsequious

or obse(ssed)-Qui( yes in frech)-ous=always obsessed with saying yes to it all

ob + SEQUI + ous .. sequi means sequence where one thing "follows" the other.. and servants follow what their masters say..

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seq = Suck, uio = Your, us = Ass. He sucks your ass, therefore he's obsequious.

Think "seek" because when you seek something you show attentiveness to find it.

sounds like AP+SEEK+QUOUS.......when you seek help,you are attentive and your manner is servile

ob ( to) sequi ( to follow) and ous ( full of) so obsequious is full of following after

in hindi 'oab seakh ese' If u wanna learn anything u shoult be attentive

Sounds like obedient. obsequious obedient servants

obsequious - obey sequence of work in office(obedience, dutiful).

OBSESSION: The domination of one's thought; OBSEQUIOUS: The domination of one's respect (over-respect)

ab(ob)se qosis karunga aisa bol ke chaplusi karte ho father se ye obsequious hai.

ob+serious = not really serious

Imagine a boy or Suise Q obse(ssed) with boot licking her king's sexual needs (I know...);

Latin: Ob = after and sequi = follow. Think “follower”, with sequi as “sequence”

Note: suffix 'ious' means full of..Ob (obey) + seq(seek)+ u+ ious= if u are full of seeking to obey then u are submissive

obstinate in getting a yes (qui) from everyone

O(office mein) B(boss ki) SEQ(secretary)kaan lagake sunti hai meaning she listens slavishly to him.


(verb) persist stubbornly
Example Sentence
  • he obstinates himself against all rational arguments
(adj) tenaciously unwilling or marked by tenacious unwillingness to yield
Synonyms : stubborn unregenerate
(adj) stubbornly persistent in wrongdoing Definition
(adj) resistant to guidance or discipline
Example Sentence
  • Mary Mary quite contrary
  • an obstinate child with a violent temper
  • a perverse mood
  • wayward behavior
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for obstinate

obs+tin+ate he ate tin so he is stubborn fellow as he is hard to control

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ob+stin+ate.. stin means to stand.. and a stubborn person will always stand by his view..

obs+tin(ate), obsessive teens,they are stubborn,hard to control

ob-steyn-ate.. remember dale steyn.. hez a very stubborn bowler. keeps staring nd taunting at batsmen

un - abstain (unable to control )

A tin is hard so obs 'tin' ate .. hard headed

sounds like ABSTAIN from change of opinion;unyielding

to b thin stubborn not to ate


(adj) noisily and stubbornly defiant
Example Sentence
  • obstreperous boys
(adj) boisterously and noisily aggressive
Example Sentence
  • kept up an obstreperous clamor
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for obstreperous

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the word can be broken into ob+STREET+PERU..streets in peru are very noisy because of traffic.

obstetrician is the one who deliver babies...obstreperous sounds like obste+pair ous so pairing all those obstreticians and delivering the babies all at a time then all the babies after deliever they make a lot of noise....

OBSTRE- word is used for small babies in obstretrician. Small babies are very noisy and bossy(they want things done their way).

strepsil (medicine) cures uncontrolled sore throat or blocked nose

read as 'ob(obviously)+ stereo(stre)+ per(perous) songs sunege ' so it causes noise

ob( oppose) + streper ( stripper) + ous (us-our). = ppl opposed to have strippers as their neighbors by making noisy protest.

obstreperous=obviously strep(sils)removes kich kich...i.e boisterous

Ob(out )+stre(stream)+perous(pore)---give loud noise as it gushes out..

AP+STRIP erous....when u strip, the crowd turns obstreperous

ob+stre+perous obscenely putting on the stereo high which is porous to ears

abe strip karege thn ppl ll roar.make noise

obst(inate) + reper(rapper) is quite noisy and stubbornly defiant

Ma kan mod degi if you disobey

lassitude is an "attitude" which forces us to drink "LASSI".

obs(absolute)+tre(tree)+perous(peru tree)...monkey have climbed the peru tree...its boisterous and noisy

Obstreperous - when you're trespassing you need to be very silent and not boisterous

obstreperous = ob + strep + per +o +us; reversely strip per on us i.e we are going to make more noise for this teachers are doing this to us..

of + strapper + ous ---> Unfortunately the people with psychological disorder are sometimes bound with straps. And they are sometimes very noisy too. :(

noisy and uncontrollable when yu go steeper in mountain or hight

ob-STREP(sils) orous we take strepsils when ve have a noisy cough that is difficult to control


(verb) do away with
Synonyms : eliminate rid of
(verb) prevent the occurrence of; prevent from happening
Example Sentence
  • Let's avoid a confrontation
  • head off a confrontation
  • avert a strike
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for obviate

obviate - viate sounds like deviate, deviate yourself from studying(happen something)....

ob+viate .. viate can be rhymed with void.. and making void means removing something.. hence getting rid of..

if it is obvious you can obviate it easily (you can prevent it), obvious and obviate sound similar

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obviate = ob-'prevent' + viate 'via [=way]' prevent the way ~ we don't go that way

OBVIously i ATE poison bcoz i wanted to GET RID OF my life..!!!!!!............:D

Obviate : A-void-it

Relate it with "obvious"...

ob = obese ate = eat obese person avoids to eat

ob+viate(sounds like violate) which means get rid off something.

obviate sounds like obliviate spell in harry potter which is used to remove the memory of someone so get rid of

ob+vi+ate--- if we are OBese(fat) then VI(we) should be OB(against) ATE(eating), i.e., we should PREVENT AND AVOID eating too much

obviate=obvious+ate a necessary thing is obvious and to eat it makes it unnecessary

obviate sounds like ob (ab - now ) violate thus avoid

Dont go to iOB bank it is not safe for money transfer avoid it.

OOhhh..Deviate ..and prevent it from happening


(verb) block passage through
Example Sentence
  • obstruct the path
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for occlude

when you include someone they are welcome and the gates are always open but when you OCCLUDE(rhymes with EXCLUDE), they are unwelcome and hence the gates are SHUT or CLOSED on them.

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Occlude - sounds like conclude. Means close or shut something...

Harry Potter fans may remember occlumency which is the subject that helps to close one's mind.

clude originates from claudere.. which means close..

occlude which is opposite of include.

exclude the forms bcoz we r colsed

Make a chain like this Include::Exclude::Occlude

you conclude when you occlude - shut or close something


(noun) supernatural forces and events and beings collectively
Synonyms : supernatural
Example Sentence
  • She doesn't believe in the supernatural
(noun) supernatural practices and techniques
Synonyms : occult arts
Example Sentence
  • he is a student of the occult
(verb) cause an eclipse of (a celestial body) by intervention
Synonyms : eclipse
Example Sentence
  • The Sun eclipses the moon today
  • Planets and stars often are occulted by other celestial bodies
(verb) become concealed or hidden from view or have its light extinguished
Example Sentence
  • The beam of light occults every so often
(verb) hide from view
Example Sentence
  • The lids were occulting her eyes
(adj) hidden and difficult to see
Example Sentence
  • an occult fracture
  • occult blood in the stool
(adj) having an import not apparent to the senses nor obvious to the intelligence; beyond ordinary understanding
Example Sentence
  • mysterious symbols
  • the mystical style of Blake
  • occult lore
  • the secret learning of the ancients
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for occult

diffiCULT to understand

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in slang.. cult means to flick.. or rob.. and the person who cults is always mysterious, secret..

The occult is of the supernatural, which is always hard to understand or see.

can be related to CULTs - which believe in strange supernaturals

Occult is the past tense of occur, so the ugly things which happens in the longest past is always darken in memory no body favor it to remind.

our culture is secret and mysterious.

occult (questions with no result) (occur no result)


(adj) unequivocally detestable
Example Sentence
  • abominable treatment of prisoners
  • detestable vices
  • execrable crimes
  • consequences odious to those you govern
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for odious

hate people with bad odour(odious) and high audio(odious)

the word reminds us of ODOUR, when we get bad odour from someone ...we tend to DISLIKE or DEVELOP AN AVERSION for that person..

originally it is taken from latin word odisse means to HATE....ODIOUS MEANS something detestable, hatful...abhorrent

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remember garfield and odi...?? garfield HATES odi. so anything with the prefix odi+ is detestable

ODI+oUS ....ODI MATCHES.afterTHE test match in aus...BUCKNER IS-the most HATED umpire among indians...so we dont want to see him DOING UMPIRING IN ODI matches ..so a strong feeling of HATRED against BUCKNER in US.

after the arrival of T-20...everybody hated ODI now...!!!

Kannada: Odi => Run ... U run away from what u hate!.

ODIOUS rhymes with adieu(which means goodbye)..Everyone loves "hellos" and everyone hates "goodbyes"...so odious=hateful

odious -> odi( ran in tamil) ous(lovers) are arousing strong dislike; hateful by parents

odi-us is like odor-us because-you-stink!

You hate(odious) to do 'odd' jobs.

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