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    abominable - Dictionary definition and meaning for word abominable

    (adj) unequivocally detestable
    Synonyms : detestable , execrable , odious
    Example Sentence
    • abominable treatment of prisoners
    • detestable vices
    • execrable crimes
    • consequences odious to those you govern
    (adj) exceptionally bad or displeasing
    Example Sentence
    • atrocious taste
    • abominable workmanship
    • an awful voice
    • dreadful manners
    • a painful performance
    • terrible handwriting
    • an unspeakable odor came sweeping into the room
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for abominable

abominable means think as boman irani(vilan in 3idiots)...so he is bad,hated by all,his face was extremely unplesant (in dat picture)

abo + min + able : this work is not even above (ab) my minimum (min) ability (able) level.. so it's exceptionally bad.

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ab+omin(OMIT)+ABLE means "away from omit". if sth can not be omitted it is forced to us and we should tolerate it and gradually we would hate it

abo=> above min=> minute able => able so hated so can't resist above a minute

ever heard of abominable snowman??...its an apelike wild animal ....so its unpleasant

abominable= a bomb + able: nobody likes what a bomb can do. Its extremely unpleasant

a+bom .. when bomb blast its very displeasing

Read it like ABOOOMINABLE... so boo{hindi word for bad smell} is coming n u r not able to smell it....

Abominable= ab(away) omit, we usually omit thing we hate and put the away

ab+omin(OMIT)+ABLE......now think of our indian cricket team ,right now are we able to omit any one? no !because everyone is playing good

a+bomi+nable...bomi in bengali means vomitting.hence abominable can be linked to somethin which provokes u to vomit...hence detestable

A-Bom(b)in(g)-able!! No one wants this, everyone's worst nightmare.


sounds like vomitable=VOMIT+ABLE i.e. vomit is detestable

ab -> Negate omin -> O-mine ab-omin-able = that can't be mine =detestable

abominable=ab+omit+able..means know ur painful and able to omit it

a bomb is dropped so it's very unpleasant.

abominable=ab o(or) min(mint) able(not able to eat) bcoz i hv eaten it alot during my childhood n now i hate it

ab=abroad,omin=omen,able=unable.so,i am unable to go to OMEN coz people there are unpleasent

ab+ominable. omit sounds like womit. ab means away. we tent 2 move away from womit because its detestable

someone vomits on you and you feel very disgusting.

bomb+bull:The bombs coming out of bull smell exceptinally bad.

'AB(prefix meaning Not-remember Abnormal)'+'OMIN(sounds like Amen)'+'able'->somebody who isn't able(is reluctant) to say 'Amen' after the prays is considered bad,detestable and unpleasant

a + minable >>> a mining place has UNPLEASANT climate and has VERY BAD smell in it..

ab+omin+able...think of "omin" as "omen" which is highly unpleasant

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