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    execrable - Dictionary definition and meaning for word execrable

    (adj) of very poor quality or condition
    Synonyms : deplorable , miserable , woeful , wretched
    Example Sentence
    • deplorable housing conditions in the inner city
    • woeful treatment of the accused
    • woeful errors of judgment
    (adj) unequivocally detestable
    Synonyms : abominable , detestable , odious
    Example Sentence
    • abominable treatment of prisoners
    • detestable vices
    • execrable crimes
    • consequences odious to those you govern
    (adj) deserving a curse
    Synonyms : damnable
    Example Sentence
    • her damnable pride
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for execrable

Execrable = exe + cr + able; this *.exe file is a 'crappy' virus and is 'able' to badly harm your computer.

Forcing the CRIPLED to do EXERCISE is EXECRABLE(very bad)

pronounce it as "x-scrabble".. we are VERY BAD in scrabble(game)

execrable(sounds like) EXCRETABLE.. so the BAD toxins are let out.. or they arent liked by anyone so detestable ,abominable and very bad

exeCRABle - "crab" looks very bad!!.

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execrable = exe + cr(curse)+ able ( or exe + curseable )which means cursed executable which means a virus which is detestable abominable

executionable, someone so bad, detestable that he should be executed

Excessive Crab is bad for health.

execrable(very bad) crabs

excretion(shit) smells bad... so bad situation

pronounce as excretable: demanding so much curse that u need to excrete on it

EXEC+ABLE Execute Able virus is utterly detestable


You Execrate something execrable.

execrable - just like how you execrete the rubble(rubbish), you rub off a person as detestable

exe(out) + crab + le.. eating crabs coming out of the sea is very bad and detestable

crab is able to ex(cut) your body i.e it can harmful for you body.

EX-SCRABBLE is a game in another dimension where your exes must play scrabble games using words about you. Whoever loses is executed. [bahahha WOAH scary scary]

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