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    execrable - Dictionary definition and meaning for word execrable

    (adj) of very poor quality or condition
    Synonyms : deplorable , miserable , woeful , wretched
    Example Sentence
    • deplorable housing conditions in the inner city
    • woeful treatment of the accused
    • woeful errors of judgment
    (adj) unequivocally detestable
    Synonyms : abominable , detestable , odious
    Example Sentence
    • abominable treatment of prisoners
    • detestable vices
    • execrable crimes
    • consequences odious to those you govern
    (adj) deserving a curse
    Synonyms : damnable
    Example Sentence
    • her damnable pride
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for execrable

Execrable = exe + cr + able; this *.exe file is a 'crappy' virus and is 'able' to badly harm your computer.

Forcing the CRIPLED to do EXERCISE is EXECRABLE(very bad)

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pronounce it as "x-scrabble".. we are VERY BAD in scrabble(game)

execrable(sounds like) EXCRETABLE.. so the BAD toxins are let out.. or they arent liked by anyone so detestable ,abominable and very bad

exeCRABle - "crab" looks very bad!!.

execrable = exe + cr(curse)+ able ( or exe + curseable )which means cursed executable which means a virus which is detestable abominable

Excessive Crab is bad for health.

executionable, someone so bad, detestable that he should be executed

excretion(shit) smells bad... so bad situation

pronounce as excretable: demanding so much curse that u need to excrete on it

execrable(very bad) crabs


You Execrate something execrable.

execrable - just like how you execrete the rubble(rubbish), you rub off a person as detestable

exe(out) + crab + le.. eating crabs coming out of the sea is very bad and detestable

crab is able to ex(cut) your body i.e it can harmful for you body.

EXEC+ABLE Execute Able virus is utterly detestable

EX-SCRABBLE is a game in another dimension where your exes must play scrabble games using words about you. Whoever loses is executed. [bahahha WOAH scary scary]

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